Voom Pod Mod Review – the Ideal Disposable Vape Replacement? 

The Black Voom Pod Mod Vape Kit

The vape industry is at a crossroads. Does it continue down the path of disposable vapes, which are convenient but waste millions of batteries every week? Or could manufacturers turn their attention towards a more sustainable future with more innovative pod kits? Voom has an answer to the end of disposables and hopefully cigarette use with the Voom Pod Mod kit.  

In this review, we will explain how the Voom Pod Mod bridges this gap with its key features, including an overlook of the appearance, different flavours and whether it’s value for money. Read on to discover everything you need to know! 

Key Specifications

  • Up to 600 puffs per non-refillable pod 
  • 12 different flavours 
  • Rechargeable 500mAh battery capacity 
  • 20mg nic salt content with mesh coils 
  • Fixed wattage device with 1.2 Ohm resistance 
  • Created for mouth-to-lung vaping 
  • Charges to 100% in roughly one hour 

How Does the Voom Pod Mod Kit Perform?

It’s actually a surprisingly smooth delivery of high nic salt (20mg) vapour that produces more vapour than you would expect. Not all but most of the 12 flavour options are sweet and satisfying (check out our flavour review below for our top picks). It’s a very easy-to-use pod kit and even though it’s called a ‘pod mod’, there is not too much to modify.  

This is because it’s auto-draw with prefilled non-refillable flavoured pods. There is a fixed wattage too, with no adjustable airflow, so the draw is easy and consistent thanks to a high 1.2 Ohm mesh coil preinstalled. It’s a very nice loose MTL draw, or a slightly restrictive direct lung (although we don’t recommend it for the best results).  

Can it Be Used as a Transitional Device for Smokers?

The point of this website is to provide reviews and information that help smokers quit, and we believe that vaping is one of the best tools to reduce nicotine levels and give up cigarettes for good. With the Voom Pod Mod, it’s exactly the type of compact vape kit that’s required to make the switch, but it also depends on your habit as a smoker.

What most smokers seek is a device that provides a similar throat hit, different flavour options, and most importantly enough nicotine to get a similar satisfaction, while hopefully reducing the levels to eventually quit both. 

However, the Voom Pod Mod in our opinion is only a worthwhile recommendation for a heavy smoker who smokes more than a pack of cigarettes a day and is used to a high level of nicotine. This is because of its high strength 20mg nicotine salts content.  

While it’s smoother than freebase nicotine, as benzoic acid is added to reduce the PH level and therefore, the throat hit harshness, 20mg with the Voom Pod Mod would be too high for a social smoker that doesn’t smoke as many cigarettes. However, for heavy smokers, we believe this is the perfectly little affordable device. Or for those who initially used disposable vapes to quit smoking but are seeking something more sustainable and better value long term, because you don’t need to constantly buy a new battery, but fast charge instead! 

How to Use the Voom Pod Mod Kit: Quick Setup Guide

As we have come to expect from Voom, the packaging is on point and highly professional when delivered to your door, with a nice plastic sealant around the device to keep it protected, in addition to the individual pod that comes with the device.  

There is also a lanyard too, which you can attach to the pod mod, and then around your neck for easier accessibility.  

Once you have opened all the packaging, setup is super simple. Just remove the bung from the pod and slot it into the contacts on the top of the device. It should have some charge already but there is a type-c slot at the bottom for a full charge when needed.  

The battery indicator is also located at the bottom, which flashes white when vaping and fully charged, blue as a half charge and red as a warning when in need of a battery refresh. 

Because it’s auto-draw with a fixed wattage and no adjustable airflow, it’s so straightforward to use and aimed at beginners. Just inhale on the mouthpiece when you’re ready to vape and once the pod is empty, simply swap for another flavour or keep your favourite! 

Appearance and Best Layout Design Features

We love the layout – it’s no thrills but beautifully designed, with a smooth texture on the outside and a bunch of stunning colour themes, which are different based on the flavour you pick.  

The strong contact from the pods ensures there is no wiggling or rattling while you vape, which is handy! And it’s very small at 72mm in height, 40mm in width and 17mm in depth, weighing just 44mg! So it’s super light and easy to hold in the hand. Perfect for vaping comfortably and discreetly on the go! 

Review of the Best 12 Prefilled Pod Flavours:

Voom offers an interesting mixture of fruity flavours to try something different from tobacco after you switch from smoking. Because the pods are so cheap and you get one with the kit anyway, it’s a great way to experiment and see which flavours you prefer. The list below is in no particular order, other than alphabetical: 

  1. Blackcurrant Lemon – Bit of a soapy taste with this one, more like a medical throat sweet taste of flavours than juicy blackcurrants and tangy lemons. A weird combination but something that vapers may like. 
  2. Blueberry – A little hint of ice with a nice loose MTL draw, that’s smooth and not very restricted. 
  3. Cherry Ice – An uber-sweet vape sensation that tastes a little like cherry and apple candies. A little synthetic in its taste, but something you would expect from a prefilled vape pod.  
  4. Cola Lime – More of an icy throat hit just like disposables. Plenty of vapour and a mixed balance of cola and lime flavour. 
  5. Grape Ice – Not so much a synthetic mixture of grape flavours, actually quite close to the juicy fruit. Think it’s more like dark grapes than green ones. 
  6. Lemon Lime – An acidic burst of citrus flavours as lime and lemon combine well. I would say more of a lemon tang than lime, but a lovely mix nonetheless. 
  7. Mix Berry – A tiny amount of ice with a dark berry fruit-inspired taste. 
  8. Pink Lemonade – Fantastic flavour that’s very close to the summer fizzy drink. 
  9. Sour Apple – An awesome kick of apple flavours which is very close to the real thing. Sweet and crisp notes. 
  10. Sour Blue Raspberry – A decent textured vape that’s not too sweet, and not too sour either. Just the right blend of fruit and tangy taste! 
  11. Strawberry Ice – Gentle cooling effect with a very sweet strawberry taste that is close to candy flavours more than the summer fruit. 
  12. Watermelon Ice – Tastes a little like watermelon but is not the best one we have had to try. A nice icy throat hit though.  

Advantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Awesome value 
  • Better for the environment than disposables 
  • Lovely feel in the hand 
  • Compact design with a smooth finish 
  • User-friendly vape kit – ideal for beginners 

Disadvantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Shame you can’t refill the pods 
  • Battery capacity isn’t huge at 500mAh but generous considering the size 
  • Would be great in different strengths other than 20mg, aimed more at heavy smokers like most disposables 
  • Nearly impossible to see the battery level when vaping as the LED indicator is based at the bottom 

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a lovely starter kit device or one for advanced vapers who need a trusty backup. Considering the prefilled level of nicotine salt, it’s advised for heavy smokers only but a super useful device if you wish to switch from smoking and need something with very little setup required. It looks stylish and needs no maintenance whatsoever, thanks to the nature of the prefilled pods. The 1.2 Ohm mesh coils deliver fantastic flavour which is generous and consistent throughout, so you have a very useful vape kit that creates a smooth switch from smoking or disposables for a fraction of the price!