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The Best Weed Vapes – Our Top 3 UK Dry Herb Vaporizers

UK Dry Herb Vape review for 2020 

There are many factors to consider when buying a dry herb vaporizer. Most people are willing to spend around £50 – £200 and for this price range there are so many options. I’ve narrowed down the competition to give you my top 3 UK dry herb vaporizers for this price range using my own experience, the product information given by the website, and other peoples’ reviews to make my list as comprehensive as possible. I have also chosen 3 different vaporisers for different needs.

I would also point out that I could have easily included the Khan herb vaporizer in the #1 spot for a dedicated herb vape as it is an excellent piece of kit but eventually decided on the Vie. I wanted to include the Torpedo in the top 3 herb reviews as it offers the best quality herb vaping on a budget. Both the Khan and Torpedo are manufactured by Mig Vapor. So here we have top of the range Vie, the versatile Pro 7 and the budget Torpedo.

See a full Khan Herb vaporizer review here for more details.

Best 3 Dry Herb Vaporizers and Why You Should Care

To the uninitiated the world of dry herb vaporizers can seem expensive, gimmicky or unnecessary. However, it is something everyone who smokes herb should consider for three main reasons; first of all, anything burning or combusting creates fumes that are harmful to your lungs, both the rolling paper and the product you are smoking will create harmful smoke particles which are inhaled and offer no benefit but can put you at risk of some serious health risks long term.

Why vape weed and not smoke it?

When vaporizing your product, no combustion occurs which means none of the fumes or harmful chemicals that can damage your lungs are produces, instead only the desired chemicals are absorbed (eg. THC and CBD), and these chemicals are absorbed at a much more efficient rate. Secondly, this boost in efficiency means you use less herb per session and thus switching from smoking to using a vaporizer will save you money long term. Finally, not only does vaping stop your lungs from becoming damaged and save you money, but it also enhances the flavour of your herb.

Before I started vaping I had no idea how pleasant some strains can taste in a vaporizer, some are sweet, earthy, fruity and much more, often times you can get the earthy flavours through smoking but in order to get the more subtle sweeter or fruity flavours a vaporizer is the way to go.

According to Science Daily “Vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking cannabis….” too.

How I ranked the herb vapes

I have ranked the herb devices from 1-3 and not based on my needs which may differ from yours (for example, I generally don’t vape e liquids so don’t need this functionality that the Pro 7 offers). Each of the three herb vape devices reviewed below will not disappoint and are all the “best of the best”. Purely from a herb vape perspective there is very little difference as far as THC absorption is concerned. However there are slight differences and, depending on your personal needs one or other will offer you the best solution.

#1: The Vie Dry Herb Vape Review

This is my favourite dry herb vape – and the one I use most frequently – the Vie. I don’t vape e liquid so don’t require this functionality from my vaporizer! This vaporizer offers some serious portability, a sturdy battery pack and a choice of 4 heating temperatures and 3 different modes. The versatility and quality of this vape makes it a really top choice.

Vie build quality

The Vie vaporizer is made primarily form polished aluminium with a premium and nicely sized plastic mouthpiece. It’s discreet looking and comes in a range of three colours, black, red or silver. Personally, I’ve got the black vaporizer and the simplicity of the design is really refreshing, it has one V logo on the body and a control button which lights up in different colours depending on the mode and heating stage. On the bottom of the vaporizer there is a small button and 4 lights, pressing the button changes the temperature and this is reflected by which lights are on. All the materials feel extremely solid and this translates to a really enjoyable user experience.

Vie vape modes

The Vie dry herb vaporizer has three different modes, one for loose leaf capsules, one for loose leaf with no capsule, and one for concentrates. These modes can be easily navigated by pressing the two buttons. The versatility of this vaporizer based on these modes is one of the key features of the vape. The mode I find myself using the most is the loose leaf capsule mode, this is because the vaporizer comes with 3 loose leaf pods or capsules which you can fill with 0.3 g of herb. These pods can be carried in a smell proof metal tube and offer some of the best flavours I’ve ever experienced with a vaporizer, the vapour is also thicker than a lot of the competition and is really smooth. Pack your 3 pods and you are ready to go for up-to 3 sessions.

The loose leaf mode is good and offers a larger chamber for you to fill with herb, and because the chamber is larger you get thicker vapour and longer sessions per re-fill. However this mode feels a little bit redundant because the capsule mode offers such good flavour and in my experience feels a bit more efficient, I think this mode is intended more for when you are using the vape with other people around because sometimes a 0.3 g cartridge isn’t enough.

The final mode is a concentrate mode, this is an impressive bonus to see in a vaporizer at this price point and offers a super strong alternative to dry herb if concentrates are available to you. The vapour from this mode doesn’t feel hot and comes out nice and thick. Sometimes it can escape from an airflow opening in the bottom of the vaporizer but this is a very minor loss and unless you blow into the vape you shouldn’t have this issue.

Vie features and benefits

As mentioned, the vaporizer comes with a “smell-proof” metal tube to store all the pre-prepared capsules. This is such a useful accessory, it ensures you don’t lose the pods as they are all in one place but more importantly allows you to take multiple capsules with you throughout the day and means you can enjoy a few sessions without having to carry around your grinder and extra herb. The battery is pretty solid and from a full charge allows 4 sessions at the medium temperature setting, this looks slightly disappointing on paper but in reality how often do you have more than 4 sessions in a day without going near a plug. While using the vape I am yet to be in a position where I want to use it but don’t have enough battery life.

Vie summary

The combination of build quality, vapour flavour and portability is staggering at this price range and in my opinion, this is the best vaporizer for this price range and its price point is on the less expensive side of things which is a huge bonus.

  • 3 herb pods
  • 1 concentrate pod
  • Excellent build quality
  • Pass through vaping
  • Excellent value for the money

#2: Vapour2 Pro 7 Herb Vaporizer Review

The Vapour2 Pro series 7 is, in my opinion, the best-looking vaporizer. It has solid build quality and reminds me of the PAX (a significantly more expensive vaporizer). It has the same versatility as the Vie and the similar form factor and battery to the Torpedo. This vaporizer does a lot of things exceptionally well but isn’t the best at any one thing. However, it does allow for e liquid vaping which the other two do not so if that is relevant to you it’s a pretty solid bonus feature. It is the most versatile of the bunch and if you vape more than one medium like weed and e liquid it is the one to go for.

Pro 7 build quality

The Pro Series 7 has a high premium build quality, it comes in three different finishes, blue, black and silver, all of which look very nice and have a simple clean aesthetic. The Pro 7 is also offered with various herb attachments under the Prohibited herb vape range. The Pro Series 7 has 3 lights on the front as well as a silver button with a back light, the three lights display the temperature setting you have picked and the back light gives feedback based on how you press the button, e.g. 3 clicks and it’ll turn on with a flashing white light, and 3 clicks and it will turn off with a red light. This vaporizer also has a neat magnetic charging port which is easy to use and feels very slick, overall this is the best feeling and looking vaporizer in this price range.

Pro 7 vape modes

The Pro Series 7 has 3 heating modes similar to the Torpedo which allows efficient use of your herb. Unlike the other vaporizers the Pro Series 7 has interchangeable cartridges and comes with both a loose-leaf cartridge and a e-liquid cartridge; wax cartridges are available but not included. These cartridges are magnetic and slot into the top of the vape, this interchangeable cartridge feature feels very premium and slick but compromises portability as the cartridges are quite large.

Personally I use this one quite a lot on the low heat setting while I draw, work out or watch TV, this is because the low setting is perfectly adequate for vaporizing your herb but is extremely efficient and one cartridge will last longer than with the other vapes. Another thing to consider about the interchangeable heads is that there are also special cooling attachments that you can buy, whether it be a “bubbler” or a dab rig. I think rather than being viewed as just a portable vaporizer, this could be viewed as an extremely versatile vaporizer which you can scale to have more punch and less portability, or more portability and less punch, depending on your needs.

Pro 7 features and benefits

The vapour quality for this device is slightly lower than the other two but as mentioned, attachments can enhance this. At the lower temperature the flavours are good and the vapour is cool, running it at higher temperatures gives bigger clouds but compromises on flavour. The heating chamber is entirely stainless steel, with stainless steel screens, this continues the Pro Series 7’s impressive streak of having great build quality. The draw resistance can get quite tight if you don’t regularly clean out your screens, however if you provide the vaporizer with regular maintenance it isn’t an issue.

Pro 7 summary

The V2 Pro Series 7 is a jack of all trades; if you like vaping weed, e liquid and concentrates it will probably be the vape for you, however if you only vape loose leaf herbs you may be better off with one of the other choices. Don’t get me wrong, this vaporizer is super premium feeling, excellent at doing everything and is extremely versatile.

  • The most versatile vape, e liquid, herb and concentrates
  • Pass through vaping
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • Quick-click magnetic pods for each medium you vape
  • Excellent build quality

#3: The Mig Vapor Torpedo Dry Herb Vape Review

The Mig Vapor torpedo is one of the most popular vaporizers on the (US) market and for good reason, it is a solid, well built vaporizer with a huge chamber and one of the biggest batteries you could ask for. Mig offer a range of herb vapes including the top of the range Khan herb vaporiser (£120) but at almost half the price, the Torpedo is better value for money.

If your budget can stretch to the £120 level then the Khan is the better herb device. The Torpedo at under £60 costs less than the other herb vaporizers reviewed here. The Mig Torpedo is now available in the UK.

Mig Torpedo build quality

The Torpedo comes in a choice of two finishes, red and black, the design is tall and slim with a pretty comfortable mouth piece. It has one button to activate the device and change settings, a light which displays relevant information regarding heating and it also has a logo which is green and slightly clashes with the rest of the design. Overall though it is inoffensive and a solid looking and well made herb vape. It is slightly larger than the Vie but the battery is significantly larger and it is still very portable, it fits nicely in a pocket or bag and isn’t annoyingly heavy or bulky.

Torpedo features and benefits

The two key features of this device are its battery and its chamber size; the battery is 2200 mAh which is huge in comparison to the competition, this allows for many long vape sessions without the hassle of a recharge. This may be important to you if you like to travel and still have the option of vaping on the go. As well as its staggeringly large battery it also has a huge heating chamber at 1.7 ml, this chamber does only allow for dry herbs but the size of it allows really heavy sessions and gives a thick vapour because of it, the flavours are good but not as good as the Vie. The chamber supports three heating modes, low, medium and high, which ensures you use up all of your herb as efficiently as possible and don’t waste anything.

Torpedo summary

The Mig Vapor Torpedo is a solid option and the one thing it does (vaporize massive chambers of herb) it does really well, if you only need a device for loose leaf vaping and don’t care for concentrates then this might just be your best option. If you don’t want a really big chamber, or don’t need to vaporize so much herb in one sitting you might want another option as there is no way to make the chamber smaller. This however is a pretty good problem to have when you think about it, to have the option of a large chamber all the time.

  • 2200 mAh
  • Alternative mouth pieces
  • Solid build quality
  • Large heating chamber

Last Word on the Best UK Herb Vapes

All three of the dry herb vaporizers reviewed above are well worth the money. They are all very well made and fit for purpose, they do the job and do it very well.

There are herb vapes out there that are a lot more expensive. But don’t be fooled, barring a few basic fundamental criteria regarding temperature control, THC extraction from weed is not rocket science – so save your pennies.