Importance of Buying High Quality E-Liquid

The experience you have when you vape will generally be down to two things. One – how decent your e cigarette device is. And two the quality of the e-liquid that you are actually vaping. Let’s take a look at the latter and the importance of buying the best e-liquid you can.

How Do You Know What Quality E-Liquid Is?

We’ve all been there. The sight of a new, colourful e liquid on display at your local shop vying for vaping attention. ‘On Sale’ you notice. ‘Introductory Offer!’ it says emblazoned on the neon sign. ’10 for the price of 1’.

The appealing affordability of the cheap e-liquid at hand might seem like a tempting one. Though it’s important to tread with a little caution if you don’t want to be caught left with a nasty tasting e-liquid.

The rise in popularity of vaping and the lucrative market that it yields has led to some nuisance purveyors trying to get a slice of the action. This leads to choosing to use cheaper, synthetic ingredients to create e juice that isn’t that ‘juicy’.

Leaving a somewhat sinister aftertaste, cheap e-liquids might not be what you’re looking to quit stop smoking and seeking a pleasurable vaping experience.

Ultimately you should source your e-liquid from a well-established, reputable seller who has garnered a host of glowing reviews by real customers.

Look for flavourings derived from natural ingredients that have been suitably tested. Those with nothing to hide will be happy to share with you the ingredients that you can then research yourself.

Should they be a reputable and honest seller, they will follow the Tobacco Products Directive regulations. This will cover all things ingredients and testing before those products becoming available to you the consumer.

Consistent Flavours

When you smoked cigarettes, the consistency of the flavour of your tobacco was never really in question. You would light up, and it would taste the same every time.

Buying cheap imitation e-liquids, more than likely manufactured with cheap ingredients – is never a good start.

The likelihood that you might not always get the same flavour when you vape is also high when you go down that route. Besides, how do you know what’s in it?

By buying e-liquid made from the best possible ingredients you’ll stand a better chance of enjoying a consistent flavour profile every time you vape.

Enjoying the experience and flavour of your vape is key to you remaining smoke-free. Even if it might cost a little more than the e juice found at the petrol station at the end of your road.

A poor quality e-liquid made with cheap ingredients will only result in a nasty aftertaste that may just put you off the idea of vaping altogether.

You Are What You Vape

The annoying sound of your parents declaring “you are what you eat” as you tuck into your fourth bowl of ice cream. These may be the words you used to loathe, but to an extent they were right. From late brunch to a liquid lunch, what we consume naturally plays a significant role in our functions.

Eat too much sugar and you’re prone to diabetes, too much dairy can create dairy intolerances, and too much of anything will have its own set of ensuing consequences.

Vaping e-liquid is 95% less harmful than smoking. However, the technology and use of e cigs simply haven’t been around long. Certainly not long enough for scientists to observe any potential long-term damage.

Avoid e liquids with lengthy lists of synthetic ingredients and ensure the e-liquid you use is fit for your consumption.