Best UK Vaporizers

#1: V2 Pro 3 Vape Pen

Best Vaporiser; V2 Pro Range
91.0 Total Score
  • Versatile. 1 pen vapes all
  • Excellent Vapour
  • Great for CBD, dry herb & e liquid
  • Magnetic = no leaks
  • Cons
  • Sub ohm option would be good
  • Update. The V2 Pro 3 Vape Pen!
  • Battery Life 85
    Build Quality 93
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 95

    Who are V2?

    In the UK and EU they are branded V2 Cigs UK. They were the USA’s Number 1 on-line e cig and vape pen brand for many years. It was one of the first E-Cig companies to have its own dedicated manufacturing facility ensuring complete control over quality. This is probably what put them ahead of the competition.

    The V2 Pro is a top quality vape pen that is easy to refill and has reasonably prices new tanks/cartridges.

    However, although it has this additional functionality, it is without doubt the number one vape pen for vaping e-liquid! It is equipped with smart technology that automatically recognises each cartridge type and adapts its voltage dependent on which material you are using – it thinks!

    V2 Pro 3 Vape Pen Kit Content

    • V2 Series 3 Vaporizer device
    • Magnetic E-liquid tank
    • Magnetic USB charger
    • Manuals Etc

    The Technical Bit

    • 650 -750 mAh Battery
    • 2- 4.2 Voltage (Automatically changes depending on what you are vaping)
    • Weight 54g (Empty tank)
    • 14 cm Length

    Our Thoughts

    The V2 Pro Vaporizer has a sleek and luxurious design. Its very stylish and stands out from other Vaporizers. The unique design is definitely a talking point. The tank + charger magnetically “drop” into the V2 Pro and to take it apart again you just pull on the top and it snaps back out. There is no leakage whatsoever.

    Advanced Cartridge Technology

    We like the superior quality of the smoking experience, if you are smoking 20+ cigs a day this is an ideal vaporizer e cigarette. You can actually purchase a “loose leaf” tank/cartomizer which you can use to Vapourize Loose Leaf Tobacco or herbs, you avoid all negative health impacts of combustion and inhaling the chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes. It also won’t burn the tiny hairs, cilia, in your lungs which traditional cigarettes do!

    As a result of all the advantages the Pro 3 has, this is our most recommended vape product for people looking for a quality vaporizer at a reasonable price tag. The UK’s best vape pen at the moment without doubt.

    Price: £49.99 (Normally £74.99)

    You can Buy the V2 Pro 3 Vape Pen here.

    #2: The XEO Void Vape Pen

    #2 Best Vaporizer; Xeo Void
    85.3 Total Score
  • Solid German design
  • Sub ohm coil option
  • In-built e juice tank so no leaks
  • Child proof lock
  • Cons
  • A bit chunky if you want to be picky
  • Battery Life 86
    Build Quality 90
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 80

    The XEO Void vape pen is somewhat different to the vast majority of the vape devices out there. Like the Pro 3X this device offers sub ohm vaping in a vape pen design and there are not many pen devices that offer this. Most devices are designed and manufactured in China and tend to be much the same. The Void however is designed in Germany, and this defines the quality of the Void which is far superior than the competition. It also looks absolutely stunning with a unique curved triangular shape. Firstly it doesn’t roll of the table when you set it down and second it does feel very comfortable in your hand!

    Void Vape Pen Features

    The vaporizer kit comes with both a standard coil (1 ohm) and a sub ohm coil (0.6 ohm) so that the user can vary the vaping style. Either “mouth-to- lung” using the standard coil or “direct-to-lung” using the sub ohm coil. The German design is fastidious, everything is tight and solid and this makes it leak-proof. It also has a child proof function!

    There is also a neat, almost invisible air intake adjustment dial which allows the vaper to control the intensity of the vapour by allowing more or less air into the mouth when vaping. This also affects the draw resistance. Some like a tight draw meaning as you inhale you can feel the resistance in much the same way as smoking a cigarette. Other vapers prefer a freer draw, less resistance.

    These two features combined with the two types of coil means that you can vary the overall vaping experience to your exact specific needs. And this is important when you are quitting smoking. You need to feel comfortable – the vaping experience should replace the need to smoke so getting the right “feel” is important. If it doesn’t feel right or replicate your smoking habit it will mean you are less likely to quit.

    Vape e-Liquid

    There are three window slits along each side of the vape pen which allow you to know how full your e juice tank is too. To ensure longer life of the coils you should always keep the e liquid level above empty. Most noteworthy, the e juice is held in the body of the vape pen and not in a separate tank which is a big advantage as you do not have to replace any tank! In addition you have the added advantage of having a powerful 1500 maH rechargeable battery, you can charge your Void vaporizer overnight and be confident that your vape device will give you all day vaping with solid battery life and never be out of e liquid.

    Void Vape Pen Kit Content

    • 1 x XEO VOID Vaporizer (1500mAh) with a 2ml Tank
    • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 0.6 Ohm for Sub-Ohm vaping (vape to lungs)
    • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 1.0 Ohm (mouth to lungs vaping)
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 1 x Micro USB Cable

    Our Thoughts

    Like the Pro 3X you have big advantages over the majority of vape pens in that you have both standard vaping and sub ohm vaping capability and this gives you flexibility to try different vaping style to see which best suits you.

    In your endeavour to quit smoking getting the right device can mean the difference between stopping smoking or going back to old habits, the device you use is critical. And this is where the likes of the Pro 3 and Void come out on top. Like many things in life, you pay a bit more for quality initially, but longer term you avoid regret!

    The XEO Void’s small form, leak free and well designed features with high specification makes the Void a vaporizer to be reckoned with.

    Price: £36.99 (Normally £50.00)

    You can Buy the XEO Void here.

    Joint #2: RipTide’s Ripstick

    Joint #2; Ripstick
    89.7 Total Score
  • The next Generation vape
  • Fast nicotine hit
  • Tobacco Free nicotine
  • Small form
  • Excellent vapour production
  • No Benzoic acid
  • Cons
  • A few colour options would be nice
  • Battery Life 84
    Build Quality 89
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 96

    The Best Next Generation Vape?

    This is something a little different, well a lot different if you look under the hood. Whereas the vast majority of vape devices use e liquids that contain nicotine derived from tobacco, this new pod system uses NicTech e liquid which uses nicotine that is NOT derived from tobacco. It uses pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

    The device is not quite cigarette sized, a small yet extremely powerful next generation vape pod device that will take some beating.

    The Ripstick has over twice the battery power and twice the e liquid volume of the Juul yet is packed into a similar size device. In a Juul V Ripstick showdown there is only one winner!

    What does this all mean?

    Firstly, the laboratory process of extracting nicotine from tobacco has a number of side effects and limitations. E liquid manufacturers using the conventional methods have a number of restrictions because the process of extracting nicotine from tobacco limits what they can and cant do in a number of ways.

    1. They are left with a number of unwanted byproducts like benzoic acid and Vitamin E Acetate which are not desirable when ingested into the lungs.
    2. The e liquid IS a tobacco based product that many vapers would prefer if it was not.
    3. Restrictions in infusing flavours resulting in chemical aftertastes and insipid flavours.
    4. Restrictions in the speed at which nicotine is absorbed into the body resulting in dissatisfaction in many who try vaping. Nicotine from smoking is absorbed quickly so smokers feel the hit very quickly, not so with conventional e liquids.

    The Ripstick pod system uses NicTech vape liquid, a proprietary breakthrough in nicotine technology which avoids these conventional limitation. This translates to:

    1. A far cleaner pure vape, no benzoic acid, no acetate.
    2. Non tobacco related for tobacco free vaping.
    3. Considerably fuller flavours with no aftertaste.
    4. Significantly heightened nicotine satisfaction as a result of quick absorption and significant levels of vapour production.

    The Ripstick starter vape kit

    • 1 x Ripstick Battery
    • 3 x NicTech pod (option to buy more)
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x User manual

    The Technical Bit

    •  Battery – 500 mAh
    • Consistent 10 watt power output
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Battery level indicator
    • No-leak magnetic connection

    Ripstick and pod – Features

    Our Thoughts

    There is no doubt that these little vape devices will become extremely popular once people start understanding what they can do and what they represent. It is a new nicotine technology that is not just better than the old, it is a world of difference.

    Many smokers have tried unsuccessfully to transition to vaping, a lot of this failure was the result of poor quality products, particularly because they did not facilitate nicotine absorption fast enough for the user to feel satisfied.

    Now the Ripstick and NicTech technology removes the problem.

    This is a game-changer and it is set to become the best vape pen in the UK for next gen vaping.

    Price: £20-£40 based on options selected

    #3: Jac Vapour Vapourizer

    The Next Best Vape Pen?

    This is our reserve choice of “best vape pen UK ” brand and deserves a place as one of the top 10 e cigarettes available in a vape pen style. Nothing really comes close to the V2 Pro technology or the Ripstick’s small yet extremely powerful vape capability but the Jac Vapour does have a number of features we also think are good. It does not however have the ability to vape anything other than e liquids.

    Who are Jac Vapour?

    Jac Vapour are one the the UK’s leading E Cig brands, they operate from Scotland and they do aspire to make good quality product.

    The Jv vaporizer kit

    • 1 x Series E Battery
    • 1 x Aero Tank 1.8 Ohm
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Beauty Ring

    The Technical Bit

    •  Battery – 1000 MAh
    • 3.7-4.8v (Adjustable)
    • 510 Ego Thread connector

    Vape Tank Components

    Our Thoughts

    The beefy Jac Vapour Aero Vaporizer is a good quality product, it feels good to hold, if not a bit too bulky. For vapers looking for a more powerful and much smaller device the Innokin Jem is a reliable all day alternative. Compared with the competition the Jac Vapour build quality and design is actually very good. The design is simple, but it works. The vapour production is pretty good as well. In the vaporizer/larger device space the vast majority of companies play safe and offer a very generic vaporiser. A different look perhaps but same basic components. There is not much difference between them in terms of quality or technology. The Jac Vapour design sticks with the 510 thread system, so there is nothing stopping you popping on our favourite Aspire Cleito or any tank you currently own, unlike the V2’s unique innovative system. The downside to this is that the Jac Vapour and the vast majority of vaporisers are inferior systems. Far too many parts resulting in the risk of leaks. You have to replace coils, seals and a number of other components as they have a life span. As a result this involves opening up the e juice tank and removing the old components to replace it with the new. This means it can all gets a bit messy with e liquid and fiddling about with bits. Some review sites do like the Aero but none have it marked as their best UK Vape Pen. Again V2 is the pack leader here. V2 are brave enough to push through new design and technology barriers with their magnetic device. This means it does not require internal coil/component replacements. Jac Vapour is good but its not the V2 Pro!

    Price: £50-£75 based on options selected

    #4 Best Vape Pen
    80.0 Total Score
  • Good overall quality
  • Well designed
  • 510 compatible
  • Cons
  • To many "moving parts", leak risk
  • Too generic
  • Battery Life 85
    Build Quality 80
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 75

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