Voopoo Argus Z Review: Compact and Practical 

Blue Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit

Voopoo is a brand predominantly known for two juggernaut series of vape kits that redefined the industry.  

You have the Drag series, the first kind which gave us fantastic mods like the Voopoo Drag X and S with their push-fit PnP coils.  

And then you have the Argus range, which is now a complete set of six different types! For the purpose of today’s review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Voopoo Argus Z and what it can do for vape enthusiasts looking to drop their nicotine levels.  

What to Expect From the Device and Brand 

The brand itself has been around since 2017 and truly innovated the industry with its PnP coils. While the Drag series focused on more advanced vaping with Sub-Ohm cloud technology, the Argus series is your quintessential pod kit for beginners.  

The Argus Z itself is a versatile and reliable device that is compatible with the Argus P1 pods, so you can transfer them between the other Argus vape kits such as the Argus Pod, the Argus Pod SE, the Argus G and the Argus P1. 

What separates the Argus Z from the rest is the unique U-shaped airflow design, which although fixed offers a very smooth vape experience from start to finish.  

Key Features

  • U-shaped airflow  
  • ITO atomisation technology  
  • Auto-draw  
  • Side fill method 
  • Max 17W  
  • 900mAh battery capacity 
  • Compatible with Argus pods 
  • Side fill leakproof refillable 2ml pods 
  • Type-c charging 
  • Weight: 38g 
  • 92mm x 27mm x 15mm 

How Does it Vape? 

After using it for some time, we can say that the Argus Z is geared towards mouth-to-lung vaping and is a perfect fit for beginners. There is not too much to point out from a negative point of view, as there are lots of bonus points to using this device. 

The Argus Z coils ramp up really quickly upon auto-inhale activation super fast thanks to the airflow, so the warm-up time is reliable.  

In addition, the flavour from your chosen e-liquid will always be consistent in taste, so that’s a great bonus. This is because of the unique airflow design, which ensures the same delivery time after time. 

Plus, the vapour production is a nice amount. Not too much that it’s overbearing (because of the low 17-wattage maximum output) but still kicks out a generous volume for vaping MTL.  

It’s more of a smooth loose MTL than a traditionally old-school tight MTL draw in our opinion! 

Overall, there are no complaints in terms of performance. The delivery is great, the flavour is nice, and there is a comfortable contoured mouthpiece for standard MTL inhalation. 

Appearance and Practicality 

There are lots of things to like and appreciate about the design of the Argus Z from Voopoo.  

As we have come to expect from the brand, the appearance is of a high quality, with a nice finish and smooth textures. It’s produced with zinc alloy material for a strong and yet surprisingly light pod vape kit.  

Not much more in weight than a disposable! 

It fits in the palm of the hand comfortably and the colour schemes look lovely.  

Another great bonus is the pods being completely transparent, which allows you to see your e-liquid levels at all times. Ideal especially for beginners who are unaware of how much they are vaping! 

Better yet, the position of the USB type-c charger port means you can do pass-through vaping, meaning it can stand up and you can vape at the same time.  

How to Operate the Device 

Operating the device is pretty straightforward, as we would all hope for with a device aimed at beginners! 

Because it’s auto-draw, there is no button to activate and no menu or grand features means you don’t have to worry about any setup, other than filling the e-liquids. To do so, simply: 

  • Take the pod out of the battery once it’s empty/before first use 
  • Remove the silicone stopper from the side of the pod 
  • Squeeze the dropper from your e-liquid bottle into the pod and reseal the stopper securely 
  • Allow the vape juice to sit for 10 minutes before vaping! 

There is no battery indication, which is not ideal. But there is an LED which illuminates green when in use. When charging, the LED will be solid blue and turn green once it’s fully charged, which takes roughly 90 minutes for a full charge. 

Are the Pods Refillable? 

Yes, the pods are refillable, and designed with a leakproof system, which is ideal if you’re switching from disposables because you will be saving tons of money with longer coil use. And because the coil is fixed inside the pod, you can not change yourself for another one. Unfortunately, when the flavour quality diminishes, this is a sign that you’ll need to get a new pod. 

How Long Do They Last? 

The pods should last at least a week with regular but not-so-frequent mouth-to-lung use. You can vape this device with a restrictive direct lung, but the performance is not intended for this style, so the battery will reduce faster and the e-liquids will go faster too. 

It all depends on your habits and how much you need to vape during the day.  

What is the Best E-Liquid for the Pod Kit? 

For the Voopoo Argus Z, we recommend high PG e-liquids or nicotine salts for the best experience. This is because the thinner e-liquid consistency will prolong the life of the Argus coils, in part thanks to the airflow. The choice of flavour though is completely up to you! 

Advantages of the Voopoo Argus Z 

  • Clear e-liquid pods so you’re always aware of how much is left 
  • The unique U-shaped airflow system is great for getting a consistent vape 
  • Nice flavour and just the right amount of vapour for MTL 
  • Its compact and lightweight nature, which is easy to carry around (will barely notice it’s there) 
  • Pass-through vaping capability 
  • Leak-proof pods thanks to the four airhole inlet design at the bottom 
  • Comfortable mouthpiece for regular MTL use 

Any Disadvantages? 

  • Voopoo states this device will last two days on a full charge, but this depends on personal use 
  • 90 minutes may seem a bit long for some people to charge, but pass through vaping sidesteps this issue 
  • Could do with a battery indicator notifying how much is left of its charge 
  • Subjective but only really suits loose mouth-to-lung enthusiasts 


Overall, the Voopoo Argus Z will certainly deliver excellent flavour and reliability for beginners and those seeking a trustworthy MTL compact vape. Its size, level of cloud production and features such as the airflow and visible pods will certainly please those seeking minimal fuss. Best of all, the consistency is there from the beginning to the end of the coil. You get true value and production with this device and pod combination. So, kudos to Voopoo and the Argus Z!