How to Get Nicotine Satisfaction Without Nic Salts

nicotine satisfaction without nic salts

Nicotine satisfaction. If you vape or smoke, a predominant feature of your experience is going to be down to satisfy that craving for nicotine.

Whether you’re a veteran vaper seeking more satisfaction, or a seasoned smoker looking to quit smoking and start vaping, understanding how to get excellent nicotine satisfaction should be a top priority. If you’re serious about becoming smoke-free, then this blog is for you.

Staying Satisfied and Smoke-Free

As traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes vary in their nicotine strength, it’s only logical that the nicotine-based products that you use with your vaporiser should provide you with a similar experience, right? But what happens when your expectations aren’t met, and your vape experience leaves you wanting more?

The likelihood is that you may actually end up vaping more to satisfy your needs, or in the worst-case scenario, return to the highly toxic cigarettes that you’ve been trying so hard to resist.

Until recently, nic salts have been a go-to for vapers or ex-smokers of stronger tobacco cigarettes, seeking a satisfying hit of nicotine to stay smoke-free. Using natural nicotine salts from the tobacco plant, nic salts use a concentration of benzoic acid to simulate the throat hit that you get when you smoke. While in most cases, this provides vapers with a satisfactory hit of nicotine, due to the properties of tobacco, the distillation process means that there will always be some impurities that remain. However, now there’s a new kid on the nicotine block, which will provide you with both a satisfying hit of nicotine as well as the throat hit to match – free from the impurities found in nicotine including benzoic acid that is extracted from tobacco. Our Riptide Ripstick review shows it to be the best performing small scale vape there is.

Ride the Wave with RipTide

Let us introduce you to the RipTide UK and their incredible device, the RipStick. Using RipStick that features NicTech – a revolutionary synthetic non-tobacco based e-liquid that is 99% pure nicotine – the RipStick ensures that you can stay satisfied for longer, without vaping more than you actually need to and without the need for benzoic acid.

Curb Cravings and Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

Since vaping is all about staying smoke-free and leading a healthier lifestyle, it makes sense that the e-liquid you use should keep you satisfied for as long as possible. Staying satisfied should mean that you vape less and subsequently reduce your nicotine intake. If you’re vaping an e-liquid that doesn’t keep your nicotine cravings in check, it’s highly possible that your nicotine intake may actually go up. If your body gets used to more nicotine in its system, then you may fall foul to a perpetual cycle of vaping more to stay satisfied.

If you intend to be smoke-free, then being free of nicotine and free from addiction should be a shared ambition. Because Riptide’s RipStick Pods, used together with the RipStick itself provide vapers with a hit of 99% pure nicotine, an independent study has revealed that vapers are likely to be twice as satisfied using a RipStick Pod filled with synthetic nicotine than they would be using leading competitors products.

In Short: Staying satisfied means vaping less, which will lead to less nicotine in your body.

If you’ve been used to smoking strong cigarettes, rolling tobacco or are simply not getting the nicotine hit you crave, why not give RipTide a try? You may well end up leading a significantly healthier lifestyle sooner than you thought.

Derriford Hospital Bans Smoking & Promotes Vaping

derriford hospital bans smoking

Derriford Hospital in Devon, a large portion of Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, announced this week that whilst smoking is banned entirely on-site, vaping is welcomed with open arms.

The fact that vaping is 95% safer than smoking has been thrown around at every opportunity since that statement was released back in 2017 – and for good reason. So it comes as no surprise to realise that it’s no longer health professionals stressing this finding, they’re putting it into practice too.

Vaping Allowed in Hospital

The hospital took a big leap by allowing its premises to become “vape-friendly” and permit vaping everywhere (within reason), but requests users don’t vape by the entrances and bus stops where many people would congregate.

Its plan is to make the hospital tobacco-free, instead of smoke-free, targeting the real reason why a person’s health can rapidly decline.

Along with granting both staff, patients and visitors the go-ahead to vape on-site, they are also considering issuing out disposable e-cigarettes to help the public cut down and quit smoking.

How to Give Up Smoking

If, like Derriford Hospital, you believe it’s time to stop smoking and consider transitioning from smoking, we fully support you. A fantastic beginner kit to get you started on the road to regaining your health is Vapour2 UK’s Starter Pack – which contains an e-cigarette battery, cartridge, USB charger and choice of e-liquid.

Start with a high strength nicotine to begin with, and experiment with flavours to step away from tobacco and look for something that suits your palate. Over time, you’ll find you do not need as much a nicotine hit and you can lower the strength of your e-liquid whilst still enjoying the flavoursome tastes available.

For more information on how to stop smoking, please feel free to contact us.

Smoking Ban Declared Greatest UK Public Health Achievement of 21st Century

smoking ban declared greatest achievement

A recent report published by public health experts has declared 2007’s ban on smoking in public spaces and workplaces to be the greatest UK public health achievement of the 21st century.

A formidable feat to be admired, let’s take a look at how vaping has helped the cause for a smoke-free future and how it can help you quit smoking today as a way to help combat the ban.

The Public Smoking Ban of 2007 and Aftermath

There was a time when you’d walk through the doors of any high street pub or restaurant, only to be greeted by plumes of thick tobacco smoke. If dining out, it was likely that you would have been asked if you if you’d like to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section of the restaurant. With often only a single metre, divided by roped bollards, to separate the two distinctly different sections of the dining area, the thought of such an environment is now obsolete thanks to the smoking ban of 2007.

Fast forward to 2020, and the effects that the smoking ban has had on the health of our nation is overwhelmingly positive. Everybody knows that smoking is terrible, but did you know that in 2016 smoking-related deaths accounted for 16% of all adult fatalities in the UK? A figure that has steadily decreased since 2006, the smoking ban in public spaces and workplaces has been credited for the number of heart attacks and cardiac conditions, reducing by over 20% during the first ten years since its introduction.

With a significant shift in the countries smoking culture taking place over the last decade, it comes as no surprise that the recent report published by the Royal Society for Public Health places the smoking ban at the top of the UK’s public health achievements in the 21stcentury.

As the number of smokers declines, it’s fair to say that while cigarettes are still available, smoking will continue to be a problem for our public health.

How Vaping Can Help You Stop Smoking

If you are one of the estimated 7 million UK smokers still puffing away on your cigarettes, it’s feasible that you may have made some resolutions to finally quit in 2020. The addictive nature of smoking means that you may be finding it harder to quit than your first imagined. Whether you’ve gone cold turkey or are trying to reduce the amount you smoke gradually, there’s no escaping the fact that quitting smoking is one of the trickier obstacles that one faces in life. If you’ve yet to try vaping, then you might be missing out on one of the best tools available to you.

To provide a smoke-free future for generations to come, the introduction of e-cigarettes has proven to be a particularly useful tool in helping smokers become smoke-free. Public Health England published independent evidence in 2015 that shows e-cigarettes to be up to a staggering 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and offers the potential to help smokers finally quit and become smoke-free.

More recently a global team of researchers from multiple universities, led by Queen Mary University London, found that vaping proved to be up to twice as effective as other stop-smoking tools such as nicotine patches and gums.

If you need help finding the right vaping products to help you make the switch from a smoker to a vaper, then you’ve come to the right place. With a wealth of knowledge and a market with a brilliant array of starter vaping kits (that come complete with everything you need to start vaping), why not explore your options online and take a step in the direction of a smoke-free new you?

vapour2 starter kit

View our Reccomended Starter Kit

Vaping is a much less harmful alternative to smoking and should only be taken up by smokers who are looking to quit.

Save Money and Buy Your Vape in Bulk

Not only will vaping reduce the harm you pose to your body every time you would’ve lit up a cigarette; vaping will also benefit the health of your finances. Depending on what kind of device you choose, vapers can expect to spend up to 60% less than smokers.

To further increase your savings, a top tip is to buy your e-liquid in bulk. While you might go through an element of trial and error in finding your favoured e-juice flavour, once you’ve identified an e-juice that you palate takes pleasure in, buying a bulk order of e-liquid cartridges will save you some significant money.

Choosing something like Vapour2’s premium e-liquid cartridges in bulk means that you can spend up to 25% less than you would if you were buying them in smaller packs. The more you buy, the more money you save – simple!

Lets Stop Smoking in 2020

Many of our readers may be thinking about quitting smoking and if they already haven’t done so 2020 is the year to make a determined effort to succeed and finally stop smoking – clear the way for a healthy 2020.

Ways to Stop Smoking

Stop smoking and Start VapingIt’s easy to say at Christmas, or at New Year that you want to give up and stop smoking but the secret is not only to mean it but to take positive action. For the lucky few this can mean going “cold turkey” and just stopping, for others it can mean cutting back so that instead of getting through a packet of cigarettes a day you make a pack last a day and a half, then two days, then two and a half days and so on until you find that you are only smoking once a day or even less frequently. If you are doing this try to avoid places where you feel you should smoke to “fit in”, be that pubs or other social settings.

Another method that some people have used to stop smoking is to use e-cigs (e-cigarettes). These, as you may know, or have read elsewhere on this site, often look like cigarettes but instead of being filled with tobacco have cartridges will with liquid that sometimes contains nicotine (but can also contain flavoured nicotine-free liquids). I’m sure that you have seen the television adverts or even the e-cigs that you can buy over the counter in supermarkets, newsagents, garages or even in small shops of all types. If you need help on getting the right e cigarette, take a look at our guide on the best e cigarettes that you can buy in the UK.

Safety First

If you do decide to use ecigs as a way of stopping smoking there are several things to consider. Do you want to start with one that contains nicotine (there have been reports of pets being killed when they have chewed a nicotine cartridge such as this one on the BBC or this one from Australia. These articles would suggest that you need to keep the cartridges away from pets (and probably children as well) but any responsible smoker would do the same thing with their cigarettes and matches anyway.


There are lots of ways to stop smoking if you are determined to do so. The NHS offers a lot of support which is freely available and should be used in conjunction with your quest to stop using your vape pen.

Vaping: What We’ve Learnt for 2020

It’s been quite the year for the vaping industry. As more and more smokers understand the benefits that vaping affords, let’s take a look at some of the year’s top research studies and what we’ve learnt in 2019. 

Vaping Twice as Effective as Patches and Gums

If you vape, you’ll be aware of how effective e-cigarettes have been in your quest to become smoke-free. However, without any scientific research to back the wishful thinking up, the opinion had been very much limited to the vaping community. But at the beginning of 2019, the beliefs of the vaping community became scientific evidence when the (UK) National Institute of Health Research and Cancer Research UK funded a groundbreaking study that revealed just how effective e-cigs are. Led by a team of researchers from several UK based universities, the study found that e-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as other nicotine alternatives such as patches and gums in enabling a smoker to become smoke-free. 

By choosing to use e-cigarettes and e-liquids such as XEO vaporizers and Vapour2’s premium e-liquid, the journey to becoming smoke-free can be viewed as a much more effective way to give up smoking than it was before. The perceived hurdles and cravings that are traditionally so synonymous with smokers trying to quit are close to becoming a thing of the past.

E-Cigarettes Help 50,000 People Quit Smoking Each Year

If you were ever in doubt that vaping is a useful tool that helps smokers quit, then a recent study led by University College London has revealed some hugely positive news. Funded by Cancer Research UK, the study found that, since 2011, smokers using e-cigarettes to help them quit coincided with the success rate of smokers actually quitting. It might sound straightforward, however many critics of e-cigs debate whether vapers are simply swapping addictive cigarettes, for supposedly addictive e-cigarettes.

As we know, vaping is a healthy lifestyle choice that smokers undertake on a relatively short-term basis, as an aid to become smoke-free. Available in 4 different concentrations of nicotine (o%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%), vapers can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine that is in their e-liquid, which means that in time, smokers can become both smoke and nicotine-free. 

Less People Smoking, More People Vaping

In July, more good vaping news came via the NHS’s ‘Statistics on Smoking’ Report 2019. The report detailed that, as suspected, the most common reasons for vapers choosing to vape is because they want to quit smoking. Quickly becoming the go-to tool for people trying to quit smoking, the report found that the number of smokers continues to decline. 19.8% in 2011, the current percentage of smokers in the UK has since reduced to 14.4%, which is down from 14.9% in 2017. The numbers equate to around 1.8 million smokers quitting since 2011. What makes the report such fascinating reading, is that since 2011 the number of smokers quitting is mostly within the younger age groups of 18-24 with numbers exponentially decreasing the older the age group. Compared with the underage vaping epidemic that the US is currently experiencing, the latest figures show us that despite claims made by various media outlets, juvenile vaping in the UK remains relatively problem-free.

Update 2020. ASH (Action on smoking and health) have now confirmed in their recent press release on Vaping: “In 2019 around half as many Britons now vape as smoke, and the majority are ex-smokers

CDC Say Vaping is Safe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the US vaping industry has become a focal point for scrutiny in recent months. From the controversy surrounding JUUL marketing their products to those under age to the outbreak of a mysterious vaping related illness that hospitalized thousands, the question of whether vaping is safe has been a prevalent one. While no specific ingredients have been mentioned as a cause, the understanding is that e-liquids containing THC has caused the illnesses. Furthermore, it is thought that the e-liquids in question may have been bought illicitly. 

Tasked with investigating the outbreak, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have since revealed that they do not believe the explosion of illnesses are linked to long-term vaping.

While the vaping epidemic in the US has dominated the headlines in recent months, the wealth of positive vaping news, research and study that took place in 2019 is something to give a hearty cheer about. Bring on 2020 and a smoke-free future for all.

Vaping Is Safe Despite What’s Happening In The US, CDC State

If you’ve heard about the recent outbreak of a mysterious vaping related illness that is making its way across the US, then you may be wondering whether or not it’s safe to vape and if you might be affected. Let’s take a look at the details and provide some reassurance that it is safe to vape in the UK despite what’s happening in the US

What is happening in the US?

First reported in September, the e-cigarette news that has been occupying the headlines around the world is the outbreak of a serious lung disease that has been sweeping across the US. With over 1,500 cases reported from 49 states, the disease has sadly accounted for 38 deaths to date. The high number of cases and fatalities speak volumes about the severity of the disease, though the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) who are investigating, have said that the illness is confined to a specific group of people. 

With the majority of patients identified as young males (70% male with an average age of 24), the predominantly common theme is that patients with the lung illness had been vaping products that contained THC. `While this may be a regular theme among the illnesses, the team at the CDC who have been investigating the case say there isn’t a specific substance that they can conclusively identify as the cause. Additionally, it appears that the THC containing products that may be responsible had been sourced illicitly from street dealers or from friends and family who may have obtained those products from the black market. Confusingly, while no specific chemicals have been attributed as the cause, the CDC says that it is not clear whether all the cases are even the same kind of lung disease. 

The illicit nature of e liquids potentially vaped by many of the patients has led to a US-based study of illegal e-liquids. Of 12 illicit e-liquid cartridges tested, 9 contained dangerously high levels of Vitamin E – a substance banned by the TPD and not found in UK or EU made e liquid cartridges. Worryingly, of the 12 THC vape cartridges, all contained pesticides, including myclobutanil, which breaks down into the highly poisonous hydrogen cyanide when vaped and inhaled. 

Due to the sudden outbreak of illnesses, states across the US have begun to ban and limit the sales of various e-liquid flavours, while the US administration explores the idea of a nationwide ban. But what does this kind of legislation mean for those who value vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco products, who use e-cigarettes to stay smoke-free?

Outbreak Not Associated to Long Term Vaping

An item of information that may provide US vapers with some hope is that the CDC, do not believe that the current outbreak of lung-illnesses is related to long-term vaping. With an estimated 9 million US vapers currently enjoying the benefits that e-cigarettes afford, the danger of vilifying the vaping industry and banning e cigarettes could mean that the millions of US vapers may be warned off vaping entirely and consequently return to smoking tobacco cigarettes to satisfy their cravings for nicotine.  

E-Cigarettes Still Far-Less Harmful Than Smoking

It should come as no surprise that the illegal drugs market is a global market, which means that any harmful products in the US have the potential to make their way to UK shores. While the threat of illicit e liquids finding their way to the UK remains, the advice for vapers is to stay vigilant and avoid the temptation of vaping e liquids if you’re uncertain about where the e liquid has been sourced from. 

Ensure that what you’re vaping is safe and always buy your e-liquid from a reputable brand that has good reviews to back it up. E liquids from companies such as Vapour2 will use only the best ingredients and are lab tested for your safety per the Tobacco Product Directive.  

The advice of Public Health England (PHE) is that e-cigarettes are still far less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes and that vaping has the potential to provide smokers with a route to becoming smoke-free. An independent study conducted in 2015 and published by PHE says that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking, while more recent research indicates that vaping is up to twice as effective as other nicotine replacement products such as patches and gums. 

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Affable, affordable and a great introduction to dry herb vaping, the Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer at £49.95 is one of most cost-friendly dry herb devices to be found on the market. Compact and convenient, let’s take a look at and review the Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer in all its glory.  

Vie’s Vital Statistics

  • Build Quality:7
  • Ease Of Use: 7.9
  • Heat Chamber Size: 8.5
  • Multiple Heat Settings: 9.2
  • Value For Money: 9.7


  • Affordable
  • 2 airflow options
  • 3 heat modes
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Herb capsules create 3600even heating of herbs
  • Use for dry herbs and wax concentrates
  • Dry herb capsule stores 0.3 grams
  • 200 vape puffs per charge


  • Vaporizer heats up in 1 minute
  • Not suitable for e-liquids

Vie Heating Chamber & Capsules

First things first, the Vie is not to be used with e-liquids. This is a device for those seeking an alternative to the conventional e-liquids that have become so popular. While you may be content with loosely packing your leaves directly into the heating chamber, Vie provides a designated dry herb capsule that stores 0.3g of herbs. Perfect for those on the go, pre-prepare capsules that are mechanically and thermodynamically designed to evenly heat your herbs to 3600to create a great tasting flavourful vape. 

Variable Heat Settings

For those looking to truly take control of their vaping experience, the Vie will offer you quite the range of temperature settings to suit your tastes. 

Depending on what you’re vaping will determine which heat setting you will need. Whether you’re going to load dry herbs directly into the chamber, use herb capsules or even use concentrates or wax capsules, the Vie will afford you multiple heat modes and temperature settings to provide the optimum heat necessary to create the best vaping experience. 

To adjust the heat settings suitable for what you want to vape, you’ll need to press and hold the temperature level button, which can be found on the bottom of your Vie. Then to change the heating mode, simply tap the power button. A blue light will indicate the low heat mode suitable for loading your herbs directly into the heating chamber, a red light signals the correct temperature for dry herb capsules and a purple light indicates the heat mode required for concentrates and wax capsules. 

In addition to the various heat modes that you’ll be able to select, you can also apply alternative temperature settings. Once you’re in your desired heat mode, simply select the temperature level by pressing the button found on the bottom of your device. With each press of the button, you’ll be able to navigate through four variable temperature settings, which will be indicated via the LED bars found on the front of your device. One bar indicates 1700C/3380F, two bars for 2000C/3920F, three bars will provide heat of 2200C/4280F and finally, four bars will create heat of 2500C/4820F.

Vie Battery Life

Considering the tech that has gone into this powerful bit of kit, the battery life of the Vie is comparable to some of the far more expensive devices available on the market. With a charging time of approximately one to two hours via a designated USB cable, a fully charged Vie will provide you with up to 200 puffs to enjoy before having to re-charge. Keen to know how much power you have remaining? The light found near the micro USB port will let you know what kind of charge you have left on your device. A green light represents 50-100%, an orange light 30-49%, while a red light means that you have 5-19% left. If you’re seeing a red flashing light, it means that you’ve got less than 5% left and you’ll need to get yourself to a charging point pronto.

Want to vape but think you can’t whilst your device is charging? The Vie has a unique Safe Pass-Through feature, which will let you vape even whilst your device is plugged in. 

Vie Design

Sleek, stylish and unassuming, the jet-black coloured Vie is ergonomically designed to fit discreetly into the palm of your hand to let you sit back and vape dry herbs with ease. While you might find similarly designed vaporizers on the market, the Vie includes some unique design features that leave you feeling suitably impressed. 

Airflow is an important attribute of any vape. Determining how hot or cool the vapour you inhale is can be the difference between a sweet or sour experience. Contributing to further control in the temperature department, the Vie has a small silicone insert that can be found underneath the mouthpiece. On one side of the insert, you’ll see a maze and on the other just a single hole. For dry herbs, the side of the insert with a maze will help to cool the vapour by spreading the surface area of the vapour before you inhale. The single hole will provide a direct airflow, which is good for products like concentrates and wax. 

Essential Accessories

If want to venture into the world of dry herb vaping, the key to experiencing the perfect vape will be the quality, coarseness and consistency of the herbs that you’re packing into the chamber. Investing in a robust herb grinder such as the Vapour2 PRO Grinder that will finely cut your herbs to the correct consistency will ensure that none of your herbs goes to waste. Always make sure to add dry herbs to your grinder.

A few simple twists should be all that is required to produce the kind of final consistency that you’re looking for. If you grind your herbs too much, your mixture may be too fine which means that your chambers contents may be too dense to vape effectively. If your herb mixture is too fine, you’ll ultimately reduce the airflow and limit the surface area of the herbs that you’re trying to vape. Avoid attempting to grind any moist or damp leaves, as these will clog up your grinder. 

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Contents

Considering the Vie costs just under £50, you get a lot of brilliant stuff for your bucks. In addition to the Vie Herb Vaporizer, the kit contains two herb capsules, a wax concentrate capsule, USB cable and a whole host of cleaning goodies to keep the device free from any build-up of excess herbs.

  • 1 x VIE Vaporizer
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Advanced User Manual
  • 1 x 20cm/12inch USB/Micro Cable
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Carrying Tube
  • 2 x Herb Capsules
  • 1 x Concentrate/ Wax Capsule
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit & Parts
  • 1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Thick Brush
  • 1 x Thin Brush
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Screens
  • 1 x Large Pick Tool
  • 1 x Portable Pick Tool
  • 1 x Herb Auto-Packing Spring
  • 1 x Sim Card extractor tool


Priced at just under £50, it’s hard to find any faults with the Vie Even if there were any qualms or queries, finding a dry herb vaporizer that’s as affordable and multi-functional as this is hard to come by. If you’re looking for a simple, yet highly capable dry herb vaporizer for the home then choosing the Vie would be a wise move to make. 

MigVapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Known as the ‘powerhouse of vaporisers’, MigVapor’s recent Khan model has taken the market by storm. Offering phenomenal performance and a small form-factor, the Khan is a dry herb vaporizer designed to provide an optimal vaping experience for users of all stripes. 

So, how does it stack up against some key criteria and is it worth considering as an upgrade or a solid first step into the world of herbal vaping?

Battery life: One of the main draws of the device is its powerful 2500mAH battery. Able to fit in the device’s slim housing, the powerpack ensures long-lasting use and enables a range of variable temperature settings; giving you a staggering range of 150-240°C for the device.

The high capacity battery goes from empty to fully charged within 2-3 hours, locking the device into charge mode and preventing it from accidentally being turned on whilst plugged in. While it can be a little frustrating waiting between charges, a portable battery pack can easily help you top-up on the go with no fuss. 

Usability: The Khan solely deals with loose-leaf products and is top loading, letting users avoid the finicky changing mechanisms that come with hybrid vapes. Five short clicks on the device’s button activates the heating mode and a built-in vibration function means that you can be quietly informed that your device is ready to go without being forced to ‘clock watch’. 

The Khan’s housing is made from elegant aluminium that has been branded by the device’s signature snake motif, packing a lot of bite in a small frame. The device also enjoys a smooth draw through an isolated air path, ensure that your vape always operates at maximum efficiency. Marry this with a colossal 0.5g capacity chamber and you have a device that can make sure your chosen supplement lasts as long as you need it to. 

Variable heat settings 

Settings: As with many of MigVapor’s products, usability is of the utmost importance. The device is controlled by a central button that powers on in three seconds, allowing you to quickly access your temperature control mode and other options. This is all presented through a neat smart screen that allows you to make key adjustments with ease, whether it’s a burst of power for a strong smoking session or a gentle heat to make the most of your herbal product. 

This also allows you to tweak your overall battery settings and find the perfect balance between longevity and performance, letting you easily switch your settings as needed – even on the move. While the device may take some initial getting used to, checking through its fantastic user manual can have your tailoring the settings and making it your vape in no time at all. 

Value for money: As with many V2 products, the Khan comes with a wealth of accessories to keep your vape going for as long as possible. This includes an additional glass mouthpiece and a range of maintenance and cleaning tools at no additional cost. Chief among these useful extras is the dry herb bubbler that comes as a free piece of additional kit and has become a massive USP for the item.

Made from balanced, graded Pyrex, the bubbler cools the smoke leaving your vape. This reduces the ‘burn’ that often accompanies other products and creates a smooth, clear draw that can only be replicated through much larger, non-portable devices. While the bubbler is robust, it’s always advisable to take extra care of your product and picking up a case can help ensure that your items stay safe and intact. 

Mig Vapor Torpedo kit contents 

  • Torpedo dry herb vaporizer -2200 mAh
  • 5 Mesh filters
  • 2 long black silicone mouthpieces
  • 3 silicone mouthpieces
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Torpedo user guide

In Conclusion

The Khan is a genuinely surprising package that fits a lot of options into an elegant piece of kit. Unlike many multi-use vapes that deal with e liquids, the device focuses on doing one thing <i>excellently</i> and provides a best-in-show herbal vaping experience. While it may sit at the higher end of the market when it comes to its price point, the device unquestionably delivers for the casual user and seasoned professional alike; offering functionality, durability, and a reliable performance, charge after charge. If you’re serious about enjoying your herbal vaping, it’s well worth taking the time to invest in a product that not only lasts, but is guaranteed to deliver time and time again. 

If you want to learn more about the Khan you can view it in our online store and review the specifications. 

STOPtober: How to Stop Smoking and with what Devices?

How to Stop Smoking

Ready to rid yourself of the smoke-chain shackles that keep weighing you down? Ready to finally quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how to stop smoking this Stoptober and how vaping might help you overcome that hurdle-like habit you’ve been struggling to overcome.

Smoking Kills

It doesn’t take a genius to work out, that smoking kills. In fact, smoking-related diseases account for a staggering 16% of all adult deaths in the UK. Responsible for numerous ailments and diseases including lung cancer, tuberculosis, stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, and more – even second-hand smoke will increase the risk of non-smokers suffering from smoking-related diseases. As a result, it’s not good for those loved ones of yours who regularly have to inhale your surplus smoke, by quitting smoking you’ll not only enhance your quality of life but those nearest and dearest to you too.

How Vaping Can Lead to Smoke-Free Life

Did you know that research published by Public England shows that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco products? More importantly, the same research also indicates that vaping can help smokers become smoke-free, and consequently lead a healthier lifestyle than the one which they have been used to.

A more recent study conducted by Queen Mary University London found that vaping e-cigarettes were up to twice as effective as nicotine patches and gums used by smokers trying to quit.

Get Rid of Cravings

By replacing cigarettes with a vaporizer and a nicotine-based e-juice, smokers can curb their cravings to light up and avoid all the nasty accompaniments that come with smoking. Because vaping heats the e-liquid as opposed to burning tobacco, all the carbon monoxide and tar that is released every time you smoke is removed from the equation. Free yourself from the odorous tobacco smoke that clings to your clothes and your every being. In other words, smell better and save the time and hassle of excusing yourself every time you need a ‘breath of fresh air’.

From traditional tobacco flavourings to sweet and fruity offerings, the e-liquid used are available in a range of flavours which provides vapers with an added extra when it comes to the taste of their vape. As well as flavours, you can also choose from a range of nicotine strengths, which means you can gradually reduce the strength of nicotine you use and become both smoke-free and nicotine-free. Win. win.

The Best Device for First-Time Vapers

For first-time vapers, the myriad of devices and accessories that lie in wait can seem dizzying. Quitting smoking is hard enough without having to sift through the assortment of options that are presented to you right? With that in mind, keeping your vaping equipment as straightforward as possible is the key to a successful switch from smoker to vaper.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

While there are numerous devices at your disposal, starting with a simple e-cigarette should be your first port of call. Devices with multiple functions such as high-end vape pens and box mods are great, but they can be tricky to work out for first-time vapers. Get to grips with the basics and sub-ohm box mods can be something to look forward to once you’ve become accustomed to vaping.

For a completely fuss-free experience, Vapour2’s Standard Starter Pack provides everything you need to get started. Enjoy a standard cigarette styled re-chargeable battery and USB charger, together with your choice of flavoured nicotine-based e-liquid cartridges. Prefilled, simply screw the cartridge onto the end of your fully charged and vape away. No buttons, no-refills – just happy vaping.

How to Break the Smoking Habit

For those who may be used to rolling their cigarettes, the ritualistic habit of rolling your own can essentially be replaced by refilling your e-liquid tanks with a quality e-liquid like Vapour2’s Premium E-Liquid. A far more environmentally friendly alternative to the aforementioned disposable screw-on cartridges, shisha style tanks like Vapour2’s EX Blanks series produce great flavour and vapour and can be refilled up to 15 times before you’ll need to replace them. Simply fill your tank with e-liquid and screw onto Vapour2’s standard e-cigarette battery and away you go.

Those with a serious smoking habit and who may be used to strong tobacco or cigarettes with a throat hit to match, a device that may be worth thinking about is a POD vape. Similar in style and ease-of-use as an e-cigarette, PODS use a nicotine salt e-juice stored in a pod, rather than e-liquid in a tank. The nicotine salts are an alternative form of nicotine that provides a similar throat hit to cigarettes and a kick of nicotine that’ll leave you satisfied for some time. 

Vape Pods ideally suited to newbies are devices such as the Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit or the iQ Air. Simply fill a blank pod, which are included with both devices, with VSAVI’s range of flavoured nicotine salts; inhale, exhale and curb the craving for a cigarette.

Save Money and Vape

Vaping isn’t just a healthier alternative to smoking – it’s also a far more affordable way to go about getting your hit of nicotine. Whether you opt for the simple e-cigarette style device or go for the big hit provided by the Pod Vape both types of devices can be bought for under £20. While a bottle 10ml e-liquid or nic salts might cost £5.99, that one bottle will provide the equivalent of up to 3 packs of cigarettes.

Depending on how much you smoke, by switching from smoking to vaping, you could soon be making some significant savings. With more money in your pocket, you could go on that holiday you always wanted to or treat your partner out to a regular date night. Whichever way you wish to spend your extra cash, the benefits of vaping mean that both your health and lifestyle will begin to reap the rewards.

Did San Francisco Just Ban Vaping?

Francisco Just Ban Vaping

You may or may not have heard that San Francisco recently became the first city in the United States to ban e-cigarettes. Home of the brave or have officials in San Francisco just put the potential for a smoke-free city up in smoke? Let’s find out more about the what, the why and the when, as San Francisco seeks to cease the sale of vaping products.

First City in the U.S. to Ban Vaping

It seems hard to believe, but yes San Francisco has become the first city to ban vaping in the United States. Known for their healthy living and forward-thinking community, it seems at odds with logic, that local government in the city have gone to such lengths that will see shops removing e-cigarettes and e-liquid from their shelves. Additionally, online sales of e-cigs in the city are also set to be banned, meaning that a seemingly healthy solution to combat smoking will be reduced to the depths and darkness of an illegal and illicit black market.

Why did San Francisco Ban E-Cigarettes

The unprecedented move by San Francisco is aiming to combat the rise in underage vaping, which comes in light of the US Surgeon General issuing an advisory at the end of 2018 describing underage vaping in the states to be at an ‘epidemic’ level. As vaping becomes more and more popular, it is estimated that more than 4.9 million American teens used e-cigs in 2018, which is an increase of 1.5 million teens in under a year.

What happened to Juul?

What is fascinating about this story is the fact that e-cig behemoths JUUL, who enjoy a 50% of the e-cig market share and who are the biggest producers of e-cigarette products in the U.S, have their headquarters based in the city. The incredible growth of JUUL even saw them purchase a new 29-story skyscraper to house its growing team on the very same day that the e-cig ban first passed the city’s committee.

While the vaping ban is yet to come into effect, San Francisco’s Mayor, London Breed has said she will sign the legislation with a ban expected to be enforced in early 2020 and shops asked to remove stock from their shelves. 

What Does The Ban Mean for Vapers

Public Health England cites e-cigs to be up to a staggeringly 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes as well as suggesting that vaping has the potential for smokers to achieve a smoke-free status. Additionally, research shows vaping to be almost twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacements such as patches and gums at helping smokers quit smoking. With approximately 3.2 million vapers and counting here in the UK, Public Health England estimates that vaping helps up to 20,000 smokers become smoke-free every year, though industry indicators suggest that the figure is much higher. With the U.S. boasting an estimated 10 million vapers, the move certainly comes as a smack in the face to those who vape to avoid cigarettes and endeavour to become smoke-free. 

Prediction for the Vaping Industry

As the six-month countdown begins, how will San Franciscan vapers respond to the impending ban? Unfortunately, the likelihood is, that many may turn to the black market of potentially unregulated products, which may pose a considerably higher health risk to those who simply wanted to live healthier lives by vaping and not smoking. Alternatively, residents may simply return to the toxic and carcinogenic cigarettes that they had successfully managed to avoid up until now. 

A story well worth keeping one eye on, we wonder whether this will be an isolated blip in vaping’s history or whether more cities and states in the United States will follow suit. Watch this space.