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Keep up to date with the blog on the latest UK vape news; how I quit; how to quit; smoking cessation techniques and the best vaping products, buyers guides and reviews. Find out all you need to know about electronic cigarettes and vaping such as:

Many people do not realise that the regulations on testing e-liquids and listing the ingredients is such a grey area. A lot of companies batch test an initial set of liquid, publish this and then continue to use this report on the batch for all subsequent batches no matter what changes are made. The majority of e-liquids are produced in China or India and are then exported around the world – production is unregulated there, do they care what you are inhaling?

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Where can I get support to quit smoking?

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths according to NHS statistics. In addition almost half  of UK hospital admissions for cancers that can be caused by smoking, were estimated to be attributable to smoking. Most smokers are aware that they need to do something but often feel a bit overwhelmed. However there are 7 free NHS services that can help you quit or offer support in your quest to stop smoking. In addition the NHS  recognises the value of vaping and using e cigarette or a vape pen to help you quit.

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Breaking the habit

We understand that that the quitting process is not just about dealing with a nicotine habit, there is also a physiological battle too that must be won. There is no “one method suits all” but understanding the nature of the habit is very useful in understanding how to overcome it. We have put together a quit smoking guide and also a guide on the psychological side of quitting smoking. Used in conjunction with a high quality vape pen kit and proper e juice, these guides will help you move away from smoking and the start of a healthier life.

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How can vaping help you quit smoking?

There are many different vaping devices ranging from the small cigarette like e cigarette to the larger vaporizer and mods. You can find out what is the best vape pen UK compliant device for your needs by reading our selection of e cigarette and vape pen reviews. E cigarettes, vaporizers, pods and vape pens are becoming increasingly more popular as more people discover the benefits of vaping. See our take on the Juul. Our guide on the benefits of electronic cigarettes will answer all of your vape device related questions.

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The best e-Juice, the fuel behind successful vaping

Getting the best vape device is important, reliability, size and effectiveness are all significant factors when choosing your e cigarette kit. However, what is more important is getting the best e juice or e liquid. E liquid flavours vary a great deal and trying to stop smoking means getting your e juice right. Many e liquids have a “chemical aftertaste” when vaped, you might try 3 or 4 e liquids and if all of them don’t feel right you may just give up trying and revert to your old habit. We have selected a range of the best quality e juice and best tasting e liquids that will give you the right taste, getting this part right is fundamental when transitioning from smoking to vaping.

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Do you know or care what you are inhaling? It is very important to know what you are inhaling (I have used e-cigs to quit smoking and really I couldn’t have done it without them as I have tried everything else over the years). I want to know that what I’m putting into my body is the purest e-liquid available. I also don’t want people trying poor quality e-liquids when moving over to vape pens or e-cigs and then giving them up as a bad job and sticking with real cigarettes. Much has changed more recently, the UK Government has intervened along with other EU countries and rightly or wrongly there is now TPD regulation that covers very basic rules on e-cigarette and vape products. In theory this will ensure the whole electronic cigarette industry upgrades their product quality. Some companies have already done this and already lead in regards to quality and purity – one example being V2 and another being VSAVI. However at the time of writing, on sites such as Ebay and Amazon, many vaping products are being sold that are NOT UK TPD compliant!

Getting the right strength of e liquid is paramount, too weak and there can be a tendency to “over vape” – “Vapers may inhale more toxins with lower-strength e-cigarettes”. See the NHS Vape report which highlights the issue. Don’t forget, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, going for the cheapest e juice is not a good idea!

“It’s perhaps not surprising that low-strength e-cigarettes were found to be less satisfying than the higher-strength versions, and interesting that the low-strength vapers compensated with their puffing, potentially exposing them to more toxins.”

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