STOPtober: How to Stop Smoking and with what Devices?

Ready to rid yourself of the smoke-chain shackles that keep weighing you down? Ready to finally quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how to stop smoking this Stoptober and how vaping might help you overcome that hurdle-like habit you’ve been struggling to overcome.

Smoking Kills

It doesn’t take a genius to work out, that smoking kills. In fact, smoking-related diseases account for a staggering 16% of all adult deaths in the UK. Responsible for numerous ailments and diseases including lung cancer, tuberculosis, stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, and more – even second-hand smoke will increase the risk of non-smokers suffering from smoking-related diseases. As a result, it’s not good for those loved ones of yours who regularly have to inhale your surplus smoke, by quitting smoking you’ll not only enhance your quality of life but those nearest and dearest to you too.

How Vaping Can Lead to Smoke-Free Life

Did you know that research published by Public England shows that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco products? More importantly, the same research also indicates that vaping can help smokers become smoke-free, and consequently lead a healthier lifestyle than the one which they have been used to.

A more recent study conducted by Queen Mary University London found that vaping e-cigarettes were up to twice as effective as nicotine patches and gums used by smokers trying to quit.

Get Rid of Cravings

By replacing cigarettes with a vaporizer and a nicotine-based e-juice, smokers can curb their cravings to light up and avoid all the nasty accompaniments that come with smoking. Because vaping heats the e-liquid as opposed to burning tobacco, all the carbon monoxide and tar that is released every time you smoke is removed from the equation. Free yourself from the odorous tobacco smoke that clings to your clothes and your every being. In other words, smell better and save the time and hassle of excusing yourself every time you need a ‘breath of fresh air’.

From traditional tobacco flavourings to sweet and fruity offerings, the e-liquid used are available in a range of flavours which provides vapers with an added extra when it comes to the taste of their vape. As well as flavours, you can also choose from a range of nicotine strengths, which means you can gradually reduce the strength of nicotine you use and become both smoke-free and nicotine-free. Win. win.

The Best Device for First-Time Vapers

For first-time vapers, the myriad of devices and accessories that lie in wait can seem dizzying. Quitting smoking is hard enough without having to sift through the assortment of options that are presented to you right? With that in mind, keeping your vaping equipment as straightforward as possible is the key to a successful switch from smoker to vaper.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

While there are numerous devices at your disposal, starting with a simple e-cigarette should be your first port of call. Devices with multiple functions such as high-end vape pens and box mods are great, but they can be tricky to work out for first-time vapers. Get to grips with the basics and sub-ohm box mods can be something to look forward to once you’ve become accustomed to vaping.

For a completely fuss-free experience, Vapour2’s Standard Starter Pack provides everything you need to get started. Enjoy a standard cigarette styled re-chargeable battery and USB charger, together with your choice of flavoured nicotine-based e-liquid cartridges. Prefilled, simply screw the cartridge onto the end of your fully charged and vape away. No buttons, no-refills – just happy vaping.

How to Break the Smoking Habit

For those who may be used to rolling their cigarettes, the ritualistic habit of rolling your own can essentially be replaced by refilling your e-liquid tanks with a quality e-liquid like Vapour2’s Premium E-Liquid. A far more environmentally friendly alternative to the aforementioned disposable screw-on cartridges, shisha style tanks like Vapour2’s EX Blanks series produce great flavour and vapour and can be refilled up to 15 times before you’ll need to replace them. Simply fill your tank with e-liquid and screw onto Vapour2’s standard e-cigarette battery and away you go.

Those with a serious smoking habit and who may be used to strong tobacco or cigarettes with a throat hit to match, a device that may be worth thinking about is a POD vape. Similar in style and ease-of-use as an e-cigarette, PODS use a nicotine salt e-juice stored in a pod, rather than e-liquid in a tank. The nicotine salts are an alternative form of nicotine that provides a similar throat hit to cigarettes and a kick of nicotine that’ll leave you satisfied for some time. 

Vape Pods ideally suited to newbies are devices such as the Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit or the iQ Air. Simply fill a blank pod, which are included with both devices, with VSAVI’s range of flavoured nicotine salts; inhale, exhale and curb the craving for a cigarette.

Save Money and Vape

Vaping isn’t just a healthier alternative to smoking – it’s also a far more affordable way to go about getting your hit of nicotine. Whether you opt for the simple e-cigarette style device or go for the big hit provided by the Pod Vape both types of devices can be bought for under £20. While a bottle 10ml e-liquid or nic salts might cost £5.99, that one bottle will provide the equivalent of up to 3 packs of cigarettes.

Depending on how much you smoke, by switching from smoking to vaping, you could soon be making some significant savings. With more money in your pocket, you could go on that holiday you always wanted to or treat your partner out to a regular date night. Whichever way you wish to spend your extra cash, the benefits of vaping mean that both your health and lifestyle will begin to reap the rewards.