How Online Vape Stores Helped Create China’s First Vaping Billionaires

With vape stores lining high streets and online vape stores surging in popularity, it comes as no great surprise to learn of vaping first billionaires. With an unending choice of electronic cigarettes, vape pens, e-liquid and accessories for vapers to choose from, we look at how popular vaping has become as well as why it’s become a priority to buy your vape products from a trusted vendor. 

China’s Vaping Billionaires

There’s no escaping vaping. From petrol stations to dedicated online vape stores, vaping products are now a familiar sight. It’s almost hard to imagine a time when vaping didn’t exist, but alas vaping only became a readily available product no-less than 20 years ago. And like the vape products themselves, their growth in popularity has been slowly heating up ever since. 

The recent announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that saw shares in Smoore International Holdings more than double their value meant the company had a total valuation of almost $23 billion. Yielding not one but two billionaires in an instant, CEO Chen Zhiping now holds a stake in the company worth a whopping $8 billion. At the same time, executive director Xiong Shaoming saw his stake increase to $1.2 billion. 

Founded in 2009, the Chinese vaping company Smoore International have made their fortune by supplying vaping devices such as e-cigarettes and vape pens, as well as the devices’ components. With international customers that include British American Tobacco, American Tobacco, NJOY, RELIX, Reynolds and Japan Tobacco, Smoore’s revenue has been exponentially increasing year on year. 

Vaping in Numbers

Here in the UK, there are an estimated 3.2 million vapers, and around the world, vaping popularity continues to increase. The research group Euromonitor found that there has been a massive increase in the numbers of people vaping in the space of seven years. From around seven million vapers in 2011, in 2018 there were an estimated 41 million people around the world who were vaping as a way to stay smoke-free. The same study predicts that this upward trajectory will continue resulting in an estimated 55 million vapers by 2021. Economically, the popularity in vaping means that the industry had grown from £5.5 billion in 2014 to £15.5 billion in 2019. 

The Growing Popularity of The Online Vape Stores

Online vape stores have become a great way to shop for all your vape essentials in one place. With the ability to save money bulk buying e-liquid or refillable tanks, online vape stores have a range of benefits designed to make your life easier. 

Visiting a vape shop can be great if you’re looking to have a conversation with a real person. However, it’s always with bearing in mind that sales reps may be incentivised to sell certain products or brands to you. This could lead you to overspend on buying products that you didn’t want or need, which may provide you with the experience you need to stay smoke-free. 

Online vape stores provide a fuss-free way to view products in easily identifiable categories. From e-liquid’s to vaping hardware, vape stores will often display real-time reviews of products made by fellow vapers, which means you can get impartial advice from those who might be in a similar position to yourself. With a massive range of devices aimed at enabling vapers to customise their vaping experience, online vape stores will typically have online assistants that can help answer any burning questions you have. 

While the accessibility and fuss-free nature of an online vape store are undoubtedly beneficial, you will find that many online stores will also offer reward schemes. With coupon codes rewarded for your custom, loyalty schemes are well worth looking out for as they are a great way to save money on some of your favourite vape products. 

One of the best things about online vape stores is that you don’t need to leave your house in order to get your hands on some of the best vaping equipment. Online vape stores like V2 Cigs and Pure E-Liquids offer a next day delivery service as long as you order before 4 pm, Monday to Thursday. 

Is it Safe to Buy Vapes Online?

Buying your vape essentials from an online vape store is probably one of the safest ways to purchase vaping products. With the bonus of a hassle-free shopping experience, whether you’re looking for a new device or want to bulk buy your e-liquid and save money if you’re going to purchase vapes online, there are just a couple of things to be wary of. 

Due to the popularity of vaping, together with the fact that the industry has just produced its first billionaires, it’s safe to say that not every vaping vendor may be in it for the right reasons. Sure, everybody needs to make some money to have a profitable and functional business. However, there will be the inevitable vape cowboy’s looking to make a quick buck to two. 

Do some research and shop with online vape stores that are well-reviewed and well stocked with reputable brands that can be trusted. Ideally, online vape stores will proudly promote their allegiance to a vaping alliance such as UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association). Alternatively, they will make known that their products are TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant and registered with the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).  

What Is The Best Online Vape Store

Similarly to the early days of high street vape stores, online vape stores are becoming more and more popular with new ones appearing on a nearly day-by-day basis. But how can you tell who’s trustworthy from those that aren’t? 

While there are several reputable online vape stores, there are two stores that really tick the boxes when it comes to quality products and trusted brands. V2 Cigs and Pure E Liquids both sell products that are TPD compliant and appear on the MHRA register. With health at the heart of everything they do, they believe that vaping is a key tool for helping smokers quit smoking to lead smoke-free lives. While they might not sell the cheapest products, both V2 Cigs and Pure E Liquids have a distinct focus on e-liquids that only contain the best ingredients and vaporisers that are well built with the best components. Selling brands such as Vapour2, Innokin, SMOK, XEO, VSAVI and RipStick, whether you’re new to vaping or are a veteran vaper, if you’re looking for the best vape products and the best vape experience, these online stores will provide you with all you need. 

Quit Smoking and Vape to Stay Smoke-Free

Back in the 70’s the number of smokers in the UK was almost half the population. Ever since, the nation, and indeed the world, have become ever more aware of the dangers that cigarettes present to our health. 

Responsible for 80,000 deaths every year, smoking-related diseases account for 16% of all adult fatalities in the UK and is the single most significant preventable cause of death. With one in two smokers’ deaths likely to be as a result of smoking cigarettes, quitting smoking can immediately lessen the risk of contracting several debilitating diseases. 

While quitting smoking is known to be a notoriously tricky task, vaping has proved to be a useful tool for helping smokers stay smoke-free and quit smoking successfully. In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) published groundbreaking scientific evidence that found e-cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and that vaping also had the potential for smokers to quit smoking. This evidence was more recently backed up by research conducted by Queen Mary University London that found vaping to be twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacement aids such as sprays, patchers and gums. 

If you smoke or know someone that smokes, quitting with the help of vaping might be one of the best things, you can do. With a simple starter vape kit such as Vapour2’s e-liquid starter kit, vaping couldn’t be easier. An excellent device for newbies looking for a gentle introduction to vaping, all you need to do is choose a flavour that you think you might like, choose a strength of nicotine that corresponds with your current nicotine habit and away you go. Ordering from online vape stores like V2 Cigs or Pure E-Liquids means that you’ll be buying from a reputable vape vendor who sells regulated and safe vape products.

Whether you’re looking for premium flavoured e-liquids or are searching for the latest and greatest vape pods or vape mods, online vape stores will enable you to discover some of the best products created to provide you with some of the very best vape experiences.