A Guide to Mixing E-Liquids to Create Bespoke Flavours

Mixing E-Liquids

Every vaper’s experience will be different, as will their journey to finding the right equipment and accessories. Some start off with a clear idea of which device they want to use and which e-liquid they like the taste of, while it takes others a longer period of experimenting with different options. Whether this process is long or short, the beauty of it is that it’s completely personal to the user and will result in them fine-tuning their vaping experience to their own preferences.

There are no rules when it comes to which device you should use or which e-liquid you should vape, which makes experimenting all the more fun. With vape juice, there are so many different options and flavours to choose from, you could probably have a different one for each day of the year! But, if you’ve tried a lot of different flavours, you’re likely on the search for something new and exciting. If that’s the case, have you ever considered mixing e-liquids?

Combining two different flavours of vape juice to create a unique and bespoke flavour is the next step in experimentation. You may not be able to find that perfect pre-existing flavour or feel like something is missing from tastes you’ve tried before. That’s where mixing comes in, opening up a whole new world of taste combinations to reignite your passion for juicy flavours!

What to Consider When Mixing E-Liquids

Mixing e-liquids to create new flavours has become popular amongst vapers looking to further customise their experience. Experimenting with different combinations allows vapers to find a custom flavour that they otherwise would not have been able to try. This can help bring back the excitement of trying new flavours and for those who can’t find a liquid which they like, a combo may just deliver that perfect taste. However, when it comes to mixing flavours, you can’t jump in blind without considering a few things first.

One of the things which you have to take into account is the balance of the liquids you’re mixing. This requires some careful thought into the e-liquids that you mix, and adapting your ratios depending on which flavours you’re using. Getting the balance right is key, as different flavours have different strengths and, depending on the volume of flavours you’re adding, certain e-liquids could overpower your other flavours. Doing some research into the ingredients in different juices and exploring how various flavours can complement each other is a good place to start.

E-Liquid Dropper

Another important factor to consider is the PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) ratio and the volume of each e-liquid you choose to mix. The PG/VG ratio of the liquid you use will differ depending on which style of vaping you opt for. For example, if you’re a sub-ohm vaper,  you are likely to be vaping a high VG e-liquid with low nicotine content. If you were to then mix this with a high PG e-liquid that had a higher nicotine content but continued to use your low resistance vaping device, you could produce an unpleasant throat hit, and hamper your ability to create large clouds of vapour. This is why it’s crucial to know the properties of each liquid you’re mixing and how they will react with the type of device you use.

How to Mix E-Liquids

It’s best to start small and work your way up to larger quantities once you get the hang of it. Make sure to keep a record of which juices you’ve used and the quantities that you’ve added, as this will allow you to adapt your recipe and recreate it. When choosing your liquids, check their PG/VG ratios before you begin mixing otherwise you risk contaminating batches and creating a poor match. Next up is choosing your flavours and deciding on the best combos for mixing.

Once you’ve picked your different e-liquids and mixed them, give the bottle or container a shake to make sure they’re mixed properly. When the combination is fully mixed, it’s time for the taste test. To begin, only insert a small amount into your tank to make sure you like it, the last thing you want is a full tank coated with a liquid which you hate the taste of. Once it’s in the tank, take a few puffs to see if you like it. If so, fill the rest of your tank up or if not, you get the opportunity to explore more flavours.

Mixing the Right Flavour Combinations

The key to combining e-liquids is choosing flavours that complement each other. Here’s some vape juice recipes we would recommend:

Chocolate & sweets – Chocolate goes well with zesty, fruity flavours when creating food, so have a go at translating this across. Typically chocolate and orange, strawberry or raspberry all make a great combination.

Vanilla & coffee – Vanilla is a great base flavour due to its subtle but sweet flavour, it does a great job at accentuating other stronger flavours. For example, it’s the base flavour of most ice cream, so it’s a great one to build upon. By choosing a coffee flavour to pair with vanilla, you get a much sweeter version of that bitter coffee bite.

Banana & caramel – Some of the best e-liquid mixes are ones that recreate delicious desserts and take advantage of a range of flavours. By mixing banana and caramel you can recreate banoffee pie! Or, swap the caramel flavour for a nutty-tasting juice, to recreate the flavour of banana bread.

Tobacco & cherry – Using the classic tobacco flavour as a base and pairing it with various sweet fruits such as cherry can create a very nice tasting liquid. Make sure to use sweeter fruit flavours though, as tangy fruits such as lemon or lime won’t balance out the bitterness of the tobacco flavour.

Peach & green tea – By pairing green tea flavours with various fruity tastes, you can recreate various flavours of tea. By mixing peach with green tea you can create a refreshing summer flavour that resembles peach tea.

Mint & chocolate – Mixing minty and chocolatey flavours is a classic and has been a favourite combination of many for years. Mint choc chip ice cream is a popular choice, so why not attempt recreating it in vape juice form?

Fruit & fruit – There are no strict rules to mixing juices, just rough guides that can point you in the right direction. While you can choose flavours that subtly enhance one another, there is also the option to go all out and create a fruit smoothie. Combining rich, fruity flavours could be a one-way ticket to a taste sensation and a pure explosion of flavours, but you won’t know until you try.

Strawberry & lemon – Some of the best flavour combinations are the ones that produce a pleasant, refreshing taste and what’s more refreshing than strawberry lemonade? By mixing these two, you could have a juice which becomes your brand new summer favourite!

Choosing the Right E-Liquids to Mix

There really are endless flavour combinations when it comes to mixing e-liquids and there are a variety of flavours to experiment with when searching for that perfect blend. Taking separate standalone flavours and using them to create a juice with an exciting flavour profile is one of the best parts of the vaping experience for lots of users. Trying everything from minty flavours to dessert flavours and various other options in between allows you to work your way through a long list of potential flavour combinations.

Refilling a Vape Tank

However, you must always remember, while giving your taste buds a treat is ticking one box, the liquid must work with your device and the nicotine strength can’t be too strong if you have a low resistance coil. If these other factors aren’t considered or your measurements are incorrect it can result in an extremely unpleasant vaping experience. It’s also important to note that this isn’t a green light to create a DIY e-liquid as this can be very dangerous. You should always use vape juice that has been created by a reputable brand in line with safety guidelines. Because of these safety measures being so important, be sure to use only high-quality e-liquids.

If you’re using vaping as a tool to quit smoking, the more enjoyable the experience is, the more likely you are to kick the habit for good. You need to look at finding the right device, the right e-liquid strength to match your current nicotine intake, and flavours that you will enjoy. These are all key factors to your own successful vaping journey. Mixing e-liquid flavours allows you to create the flavour profiles you will enjoy the most. Whether it’s chocolate with a kick of mint, or fruits and caramel, you can experiment to match your tastes as you need. You could also try using different amounts to add subtle hints of flavours rather than just having a 50/50 blend. Make sure to keep a note of your favourite mixes so you know how to create them again.

If you’re looking for the latest advice to help you quit smoking for good, be sure to check out our Stop Smoking Blog.