Vype ePen 3 Review

The new Vype ePen 3 is Vype’s main single use pod vaporizer; Vype claims the ePen 3 offers simplicity, superior build quality and flavours when compared to its competition but how does it actually perform?

Vype ePen 3 – What is the vPro?

The Vype ePen 3 offers a vPro variant which refers to the vPro refill pods containing nicotine salts rather than Vype standard e liquid. Nic salts are said to boast better flavour and an overall more satisfying experience. Both ePen variants cost the same. With the vPro you receive the vPro nic salt pod refills whereas the standard ePen uses Vype standard e liquid.

The ePen is a closed pod system which means you can not refill the tank with your own e liquid. It is not competing with similar devices such as V2 Cigs vape pens which are “open” systems. Beyond this closed system it has a few other differences which might cater for your vaping experience. On the other hand might detract from it.

Slightly larger than most pods but the ePen is well designed

ePen aesthetics and ergonomics

The Vype ePen 3 is slightly bigger than other vape devices and pod devices on the market which could be related to its larger battery, I will cover that later in the review. This could make it feel uncomfortable if you have small hands or prefer the feel of a vape pen that is cigarette like. For context it feels almost like an apple TV remote in the hand, and has a similar curve to the apple remote. However, the Vype ePod which uses Vype ePod cartridge refills is a somewhat smaller device.

The build quality of this product feels slightly cheaper than a lot of vaporizers as it is constructed from plastic. However, where you do get higher quality than you might expect at this price, is with the mouth piece which is constructed from a Delrin material and offers a premium feel. This also keeps the high temperatures in the device away from your lips. The mouth-piece is slightly wider than many vape pens. This could feel strange at first but after a while it should feel more natural.

ePen battery and ease of use

The Vype ePen 3 offers a battery that is over triple the power of the Juul, at an impressive 650 mAh. For a device at a cheap price point (£17.99) this is impressive and is one of the key features and reasons you should consider the Vype ePen. However, the more powerful (1100 mAh) and versatile iQ One will take some beating. It is notable however that the ePen isn’t as small as many of its competitors due to this larger battery, but if you are happy to make this trade off, the extra battery goes a long way.

The ePen has a very simple set up system and is very much plug and play. It has a single button on it, which you click quickly three times to turn it on and off. The LED power indicator will ensure you can keep track of the vaporizers status. The ePen 3 requires you to hold down the firing button while inhaling which feels a little bit reluctant for a pod based vape. Many devices have an auto-draw system built in such as the Vaptio Solo Flat Mini (under £15!!), but this doesn’t put you off the overall vaping experience which is simple and easy.

ePen 3 performance

The performance of a vaporizer should be the most important part of the product. With so many other pod based vape devices on the market and so much choice, why should you buy this one? Well, the Vype does have a larger battery than most pod devices so will last longer between charging. Vype also offers 7 different vPro flavours and 20 standard flavours which you may enjoy. The flavour production feels about the same as the considerably less able Juul. If you get the ePen 3 you need to get the vPro variant for maximum benefit.

ePen 3 vPro cartridges

One of the key features of the ePen 3 is its compatibility with vPro cartridges, these are pod cartridges that contain nicotine salts, and these salts are made in the UK from premium ingredients, Vype claim they offer a faster absorption of nicotine than your every day e liquid. Nicotine salts offer more of a punch than regular e-liquids, and this can often satisfy cravings a bit sooner after taking your fist draw. Nicotine absorption is faster from nic salts than e liquid but once you start vaping and you have started the absorption process there really is no discernible difference. Nicotine salts also provide a less harsh, smoother draw as conventional e-liquids contain more of the liquid form of nicotine and when this is vaporised it is a little harsher. Many of those who have tried both suggest that e liquid is more like smoking because it has more of a “hit” when inhaled while nicotine salts are too “smooth”. However, I do know that some prefer the smooth feel of nic salts. It will come down to your personal preference so you need to try both.

With the vPro cartridges and nicotine salts you have next to no negative influence on flavour, your favourite flavours should feel more pure, more flavourful and more enjoyable. The vPro cartridges are ideal for someone who vapes with the goal of quitting smoking cigarettes, but if you have been vaping for a while and crave more of a punchy nicotine experience the ePen 3 may just feel too weak.

How long will the ePen 3 cartridge last?

The pod cartridge holds 2 ml of liquid which will last the average smoker (20 a day smoker) nearly a day, a better estimate would be 3 cartridge pods should last 2 days. Vype quote “… over 200 puffs in laboratory testing. But the number of puffs depends upon your vaping behaviour“. It may seem low but a cigarette is less than 10 puffs so that would indicate the refill should last all day but in practice it simply does not.

If you are an average to heavier smoker or are used to a stronger cigarette brand, the Vype pod refill cartridge will last you even less time. You will struggle to get the nicotine hit you need from these as the maximum nicotine content is 18 mg and you will over-draw in an attempt to get the hit needed to satisfy. If you have ever tried a Silk Cut Ultra you will know what I mean, puff away trying to get something out of it. “Over vaping” will cause greater use of e liquid so it will not last as long.

Ideally you would need a device that allows 20 mg or has sub ohm functionality

Similarly I found that the battery would require charging 3 times over a two day period, one charge did not last me a day. This is a little awkward if you are using the Vype as a cigarette substitute. You really need 2 ePen devices or the iQ One!

Portability of the ePen

The ePen 3 is quite a lot larger than much of its competition (123 mm x 18 mm x 27 mm), but as previously mentioned it makes up for this with its 650 mAh battery life. By comparison the iQ Air vape pod is considerably smaller. However, the ePen is still portable and can fit in your pocket or bag. But keep in mind that you may also have to carry replacement pods with you.

The ePen 3 is quite a bit bigger than say the iQ Air

ePen 3 accessories

This product is only £17.99 and I wouldn’t expect much in the way of accessories; you will receive exactly what you might expect; one Vype ePen 3, one micro USB charging cable and a user guide. The ePen vPro kit also contains two cartridges, the Master Blend (tobacco flavoured) and the Crushed Mint flavour. These pods are 2 ml, note they are not refillable so you won’t be able to use your own e-liquid.


Overall the ePen 3 is a good choice for someone quitting smoking if you can look past a few of its shortcomings. It is a good entry level product due to its low price and range of flavours. The ePen also offers you a large battery, nicotine salt cartridges and an easy set up. They are convenient as many larger supermarkets carry some stock. For me its lack of an auto draw system and plastic build are what lets it down. However, I would totally recommend this as someone’s first vaporiser as it will help to quit smoking.

If you are still not convinced, I would buy the V2 EX series starter kit if you like a smaller cigarette shape or the iQ One for a slightly larger premium device. At slightly higher price points both vape pens have fewer shortcomings. Both also offer the choice between manual button and an auto-draw system and/or refilling with your preferred e liquid.

ePen dimensions

Dimensions of the ePen in mm