Voom Pod Kit Review

Woman Holding Voom Pod Kit

The reason behind this blog is to provide a source of informative content that helps people quit smoking, by using vaping as a safer cessation tool without combustible tobacco or the buildup of tar in the lungs. While we know that the motive is often there for smokers to give up cigarettes, the actual task is much harder unless you have the right kit. A large number of factors make a huge difference when you start; getting the right e-liquid, understanding coil technology, getting a similar throat hit to cigarettes and much more. The list goes on and the challenge is difficult to quit smoking if you don’t have the right vape in place. It needs to mimic smoking and remove all the nasty toxic chemicals (up to 7000 unknown chemicals in each cigarette). Today we look at the Voom pod kit to see if it’s hit the nail on the head as a vape kit for smokers looking to quit.

Voom Pod Kit Key Features

  • Compatible with Voom nic salt pods or can be prefilled with any e-liquid
  • Auto-inhale meaning no buttons or complications!
  • Unique coil technology
  • Two USB charger types – one with a cable and another that slots straight into your laptop or USB port without a cable
  • Charges fully in less than an hour

Voom Pod Kit Performance and Design

This is one of the closest pod vape systems you will use that mirrors the familiarity of a cigarette. Sleek and thin with a sturdy plastic casing, it resembles a larger handheld USB stick that fits comfortably in the hand. With a 320mAh battery, this explains the compact size of the vape pod. How long it lasts depends on how often you vape. It can last up to a day without charging if you use it less frequently.

Factor in the handy portable Voom charger case which houses the battery to charge when you place the Voom inside highlights its practicality as a kit alongside the charger. This device will perform well for anyone looking to quit smoking because of the reasonably restrictive mouth to lung draw which resembles a cigarette but gives a smooth intake and exhales, thanks to the 20mg nic salt pods. You get the right delivery of nicotine, more than enough per hit to satisfy any cravings and certainly smoother than traditional nicotine you’ll find in most devices. 

The flavour is fantastic, with nine options to choose from including traditional flavours such as tobacco and mint. In terms of colour, you are a little more limited with gold and grey to choose from. Nonetheless, both look great in the hand while out and about.

How to Use the Device

Unlike more advanced vape mods with adjustable settings such as power, wattage, voltage or temperature, the Voom is straightforward and set up for beginner vapers. All you do is take the device out of the packing, which should have a pod preinstalled, with the intricate coil technology already designed inside so you don’t need to concern yourself with that. It’s auto-draw so all you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece like you would a cigarette. The pod once empty removes with ease thanks to the magnetic attachment. Once you click the new pod back in, the LED indicator will light up.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions – 110mm x 75mm x 21mm
  • Weight – 16.2g
  • 1.2ml pod capacity
  • 320mAh battery
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overtime protection for smoking
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Blowback protection



This is a fantastic little device. An ideal kit for any beginner vaper or even a smart backup for someone with more experience behind the vape. You’ve got a generously tight draw when you vape, as well as a 320mAh battery that can easily charge. Whether that’s with the case on the go or under an hour with the cable. You also have heavily protected safety functions listed above, for peace of mind. In addition, it’s lightweight for a portable option – whatever your level. With so many flavours to choose from and it offering magnetic nic salt pods or a refillable choice for vapers, the Voom delivers on multiple counts.