Oxva Xlim Review – a Compact Reliable Device

Oxva Xlim Green Device

Many vapers switch from smoking with the hope that they can still get their daily nicotine habit through inhalation in a compact format. For a few years now, one brand that shows those how to vape right with minimum fuss beginner-friendly devices is Oxva.

Recently they have addressed this need with a range of new kits such as the Oxva Oneo and even their range of e-liquids called Oxva Passion, but the top device collection must be their legendary ‘Xlim’ collection.

With a pocket-shaped design and stylish screen display, the Oxva Xlim pod kit is one of the most user-friendly and impactful vapes we have seen. Let’s review all its main features, who the device is a perfect fit for and how much it costs when combined with their Xlim cartridges.

Key Specifications 

  • 900mAh battery capacity
  • 5 – 25W adjustable wattage
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 2ml refillable side fill pods with pre-installed mesh coils
  • Removable mouthpiece
  • Fixed coils
  • Inhale activation
  • MTL and RDL vaping
  • 0.6, 0.8 and 1.2 coil resistance options
  • Smart coil detection
  • LED battery indicator
  • Ergonomic airflow control
  • Side fill pods

What Do You Get With the Kit?

  • 1 x OXVA Xlim Pod Device
  • 1 x OXVA Xlim Pod (0.6 Ohm – Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x OXVA Xlim Pod (0.8 Ohm – MTL)
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

How Does the Oxva Xlim Perform?

A lot of vapers are happy to have this device in their arsenal because it’s not only easy to use but super compact to fit in the pocket comfortably. There is a lot of praise and desire to get this device because of the performance of the Oxva Xlim pods.

They offer a comfortable curved mouthpiece and are draw-activated – meaning a straightforward switch from smoking because you don’t need to press a button as you do with some devices.

It provides a smooth draw, with a medium to tight MTL draw. Plus, if you close the airflow all the way, there is a nice tight classic MTL draw. In addition, a medium warmth is particularly pleasant from the 0.8 Ohm Oxva pods. A top tip is to adjust the wattage gradually to find the right spot for you.

Can it Be Used as a Transitional Device for Smokers?

With a generous 900mAh battery capacity, it’s certainly handy for beginners fresh from quitting smoking. It charges quick and supports the new vaper because 900mAh should last the entire day. Plenty for MTL vaping, especially if vaped at a lower wattage! The easy setup highlighted below means minimal fuss for a new vaper and no great understanding needed to tweak the performance how you like it.

How to Use the Oxva Xlim Pod Kit: Quick Setup Guide

  1. Adjustable airflow is on the side with a simple switch tab.
  2. Take the sticker off the Oxva pods.
  3. Fill up the e-liquid by snapping off the cap and adding vape juice to the membrane.
  4. Add pod to strong magnetic connection from the top of the device.
  5. Five clicks to turn on the device and off when done.
  6. Three clicks to activate the wattage change. Then single presses to change the wattage in 5W.increments up to the highest output of 25W. (13 or 18W only with pods with the kit).
  7. The puff counter resets every time the device turns off.

Appearance and Best Layout Design Features

The device is stylish but simplistic. Nothing too flashy or outlandish about how the device looks because it’s aimed at beginners – those switching from smoking.

If there are very few features on the device, it’s small enough and discreet, this will help smokers stop because they won’t feel overawed by something new.

The Oxva Xlim has a cool speckled-coloured look, which is available in a range of colours including shiny gunmetal, shiny black red and silver black.

What E-Liquid is it Best Paired With?

The Oxva Xlim can be paired with a range of high PG e-liquids, including nic salts. And more recently, there has been the announcement of Oxva’s very own e-liquids, which many vape kit manufacturers seem to be following in 2024. This as a guess is to take advantage of the huge gap left by the likes of Elf Bar, Lost Mary and Geek Bar once disposables are banned in the UK (expected by April 2025).

Oxva OX Passion e-liquids will be available in lots of exciting flavours, including strawberry melon, mixed grapes, mint mix and berry lemon, so there is a combination of fruity, menthol and exotic fruit tastes to appeal to all.

Advantages of the Oxva Xlim Vape Kit

  • Device is sturdy
  • It is small in shape, so pocket-friendly but it still provides a big battery capacity
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Nice small display
  • Airflow adjustment on the pod kit
  • Nice tight restriction MTL vape or loose MTL when the airflow holes are covered

Disadvantages of the Oxva Xlim Vape Kit

  • The Oxva pod cap can be difficult to remove to fill. Although it’s a top fill device which makes it more convenient than side fill, there could be a bit more wiggle room for a more efficient experience
  • The puff counter should be possible to keep after turning off the device to track over a longer period

Final Verdict

This is a great little device for anyone, regardless of the level or stage of the smoking cessation journey. It’s a low-powered device focusing on efficiency and simplicity, so the more advanced who like to experiment more may find it’s a bit too straightforward with not as much room to test whether you like a restrictive direct lung etc.

However, if you seek something compact, lightweight, affordable and practical, the Oxva Xlim delivers in abundance. We would highly recommend it as a first kit, or a secondary option while out and about. You can find it below for a great price with the link below.

Voom Pod Mod Review – the Ideal Disposable Vape Replacement? 

The Black Voom Pod Mod Vape Kit

The vape industry is at a crossroads. Does it continue down the path of disposable vapes, which are convenient but waste millions of batteries every week? Or could manufacturers turn their attention towards a more sustainable future with more innovative pod kits? Voom has an answer to the end of disposables and hopefully cigarette use with the Voom Pod Mod kit.  

In this review, we will explain how the Voom Pod Mod bridges this gap with its key features, including an overlook of the appearance, different flavours and whether it’s value for money. Read on to discover everything you need to know! 

Key Specifications

  • Up to 600 puffs per non-refillable pod 
  • 12 different flavours 
  • Rechargeable 500mAh battery capacity 
  • 20mg nic salt content with mesh coils 
  • Fixed wattage device with 1.2 Ohm resistance 
  • Created for mouth-to-lung vaping 
  • Charges to 100% in roughly one hour 

How Does the Voom Pod Mod Kit Perform?

It’s actually a surprisingly smooth delivery of high nic salt (20mg) vapour that produces more vapour than you would expect. Not all but most of the 12 flavour options are sweet and satisfying (check out our flavour review below for our top picks). It’s a very easy-to-use pod kit and even though it’s called a ‘pod mod’, there is not too much to modify.  

This is because it’s auto-draw with prefilled non-refillable flavoured pods. There is a fixed wattage too, with no adjustable airflow, so the draw is easy and consistent thanks to a high 1.2 Ohm mesh coil preinstalled. It’s a very nice loose MTL draw, or a slightly restrictive direct lung (although we don’t recommend it for the best results).  

Can it Be Used as a Transitional Device for Smokers?

The point of this website is to provide reviews and information that help smokers quit, and we believe that vaping is one of the best tools to reduce nicotine levels and give up cigarettes for good. With the Voom Pod Mod, it’s exactly the type of compact vape kit that’s required to make the switch, but it also depends on your habit as a smoker.

What most smokers seek is a device that provides a similar throat hit, different flavour options, and most importantly enough nicotine to get a similar satisfaction, while hopefully reducing the levels to eventually quit both. 

However, the Voom Pod Mod in our opinion is only a worthwhile recommendation for a heavy smoker who smokes more than a pack of cigarettes a day and is used to a high level of nicotine. This is because of its high strength 20mg nicotine salts content.  

While it’s smoother than freebase nicotine, as benzoic acid is added to reduce the PH level and therefore, the throat hit harshness, 20mg with the Voom Pod Mod would be too high for a social smoker that doesn’t smoke as many cigarettes. However, for heavy smokers, we believe this is the perfectly little affordable device. Or for those who initially used disposable vapes to quit smoking but are seeking something more sustainable and better value long term, because you don’t need to constantly buy a new battery, but fast charge instead! 

How to Use the Voom Pod Mod Kit: Quick Setup Guide

As we have come to expect from Voom, the packaging is on point and highly professional when delivered to your door, with a nice plastic sealant around the device to keep it protected, in addition to the individual pod that comes with the device.  

There is also a lanyard too, which you can attach to the pod mod, and then around your neck for easier accessibility.  

Once you have opened all the packaging, setup is super simple. Just remove the bung from the pod and slot it into the contacts on the top of the device. It should have some charge already but there is a type-c slot at the bottom for a full charge when needed.  

The battery indicator is also located at the bottom, which flashes white when vaping and fully charged, blue as a half charge and red as a warning when in need of a battery refresh. 

Because it’s auto-draw with a fixed wattage and no adjustable airflow, it’s so straightforward to use and aimed at beginners. Just inhale on the mouthpiece when you’re ready to vape and once the pod is empty, simply swap for another flavour or keep your favourite! 

Appearance and Best Layout Design Features

We love the layout – it’s no thrills but beautifully designed, with a smooth texture on the outside and a bunch of stunning colour themes, which are different based on the flavour you pick.  

The strong contact from the pods ensures there is no wiggling or rattling while you vape, which is handy! And it’s very small at 72mm in height, 40mm in width and 17mm in depth, weighing just 44mg! So it’s super light and easy to hold in the hand. Perfect for vaping comfortably and discreetly on the go! 

Review of the Best 12 Prefilled Pod Flavours:

Voom offers an interesting mixture of fruity flavours to try something different from tobacco after you switch from smoking. Because the pods are so cheap and you get one with the kit anyway, it’s a great way to experiment and see which flavours you prefer. The list below is in no particular order, other than alphabetical: 

  1. Blackcurrant Lemon – Bit of a soapy taste with this one, more like a medical throat sweet taste of flavours than juicy blackcurrants and tangy lemons. A weird combination but something that vapers may like. 
  2. Blueberry – A little hint of ice with a nice loose MTL draw, that’s smooth and not very restricted. 
  3. Cherry Ice – An uber-sweet vape sensation that tastes a little like cherry and apple candies. A little synthetic in its taste, but something you would expect from a prefilled vape pod.  
  4. Cola Lime – More of an icy throat hit just like disposables. Plenty of vapour and a mixed balance of cola and lime flavour. 
  5. Grape Ice – Not so much a synthetic mixture of grape flavours, actually quite close to the juicy fruit. Think it’s more like dark grapes than green ones. 
  6. Lemon Lime – An acidic burst of citrus flavours as lime and lemon combine well. I would say more of a lemon tang than lime, but a lovely mix nonetheless. 
  7. Mix Berry – A tiny amount of ice with a dark berry fruit-inspired taste. 
  8. Pink Lemonade – Fantastic flavour that’s very close to the summer fizzy drink. 
  9. Sour Apple – An awesome kick of apple flavours which is very close to the real thing. Sweet and crisp notes. 
  10. Sour Blue Raspberry – A decent textured vape that’s not too sweet, and not too sour either. Just the right blend of fruit and tangy taste! 
  11. Strawberry Ice – Gentle cooling effect with a very sweet strawberry taste that is close to candy flavours more than the summer fruit. 
  12. Watermelon Ice – Tastes a little like watermelon but is not the best one we have had to try. A nice icy throat hit though.  

Advantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Awesome value 
  • Better for the environment than disposables 
  • Lovely feel in the hand 
  • Compact design with a smooth finish 
  • User-friendly vape kit – ideal for beginners 

Disadvantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Shame you can’t refill the pods 
  • Battery capacity isn’t huge at 500mAh but generous considering the size 
  • Would be great in different strengths other than 20mg, aimed more at heavy smokers like most disposables 
  • Nearly impossible to see the battery level when vaping as the LED indicator is based at the bottom 

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a lovely starter kit device or one for advanced vapers who need a trusty backup. Considering the prefilled level of nicotine salt, it’s advised for heavy smokers only but a super useful device if you wish to switch from smoking and need something with very little setup required. It looks stylish and needs no maintenance whatsoever, thanks to the nature of the prefilled pods. The 1.2 Ohm mesh coils deliver fantastic flavour which is generous and consistent throughout, so you have a very useful vape kit that creates a smooth switch from smoking or disposables for a fraction of the price! 

Voopoo Argus Z Review: Compact and Practical 

Blue Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit

Voopoo is a brand predominantly known for two juggernaut series of vape kits that redefined the industry.  

You have the Drag series, the first kind which gave us fantastic mods like the Voopoo Drag X and S with their push-fit PnP coils.  

And then you have the Argus range, which is now a complete set of six different types! For the purpose of today’s review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Voopoo Argus Z and what it can do for vape enthusiasts looking to drop their nicotine levels.  

What to Expect From the Device and Brand 

The brand itself has been around since 2017 and truly innovated the industry with its PnP coils. While the Drag series focused on more advanced vaping with Sub-Ohm cloud technology, the Argus series is your quintessential pod kit for beginners.  

The Argus Z itself is a versatile and reliable device that is compatible with the Argus P1 pods, so you can transfer them between the other Argus vape kits such as the Argus Pod, the Argus Pod SE, the Argus G and the Argus P1. 

What separates the Argus Z from the rest is the unique U-shaped airflow design, which although fixed offers a very smooth vape experience from start to finish.  

Key Features

  • U-shaped airflow  
  • ITO atomisation technology  
  • Auto-draw  
  • Side fill method 
  • Max 17W  
  • 900mAh battery capacity 
  • Compatible with Argus pods 
  • Side fill leakproof refillable 2ml pods 
  • Type-c charging 
  • Weight: 38g 
  • 92mm x 27mm x 15mm 

How Does it Vape? 

After using it for some time, we can say that the Argus Z is geared towards mouth-to-lung vaping and is a perfect fit for beginners. There is not too much to point out from a negative point of view, as there are lots of bonus points to using this device. 

The Argus Z coils ramp up really quickly upon auto-inhale activation super fast thanks to the airflow, so the warm-up time is reliable.  

In addition, the flavour from your chosen e-liquid will always be consistent in taste, so that’s a great bonus. This is because of the unique airflow design, which ensures the same delivery time after time. 

Plus, the vapour production is a nice amount. Not too much that it’s overbearing (because of the low 17-wattage maximum output) but still kicks out a generous volume for vaping MTL.  

It’s more of a smooth loose MTL than a traditionally old-school tight MTL draw in our opinion! 

Overall, there are no complaints in terms of performance. The delivery is great, the flavour is nice, and there is a comfortable contoured mouthpiece for standard MTL inhalation. 

Appearance and Practicality 

There are lots of things to like and appreciate about the design of the Argus Z from Voopoo.  

As we have come to expect from the brand, the appearance is of a high quality, with a nice finish and smooth textures. It’s produced with zinc alloy material for a strong and yet surprisingly light pod vape kit.  

Not much more in weight than a disposable! 

It fits in the palm of the hand comfortably and the colour schemes look lovely.  

Another great bonus is the pods being completely transparent, which allows you to see your e-liquid levels at all times. Ideal especially for beginners who are unaware of how much they are vaping! 

Better yet, the position of the USB type-c charger port means you can do pass-through vaping, meaning it can stand up and you can vape at the same time.  

How to Operate the Device 

Operating the device is pretty straightforward, as we would all hope for with a device aimed at beginners! 

Because it’s auto-draw, there is no button to activate and no menu or grand features means you don’t have to worry about any setup, other than filling the e-liquids. To do so, simply: 

  • Take the pod out of the battery once it’s empty/before first use 
  • Remove the silicone stopper from the side of the pod 
  • Squeeze the dropper from your e-liquid bottle into the pod and reseal the stopper securely 
  • Allow the vape juice to sit for 10 minutes before vaping! 

There is no battery indication, which is not ideal. But there is an LED which illuminates green when in use. When charging, the LED will be solid blue and turn green once it’s fully charged, which takes roughly 90 minutes for a full charge. 

Are the Pods Refillable? 

Yes, the pods are refillable, and designed with a leakproof system, which is ideal if you’re switching from disposables because you will be saving tons of money with longer coil use. And because the coil is fixed inside the pod, you can not change yourself for another one. Unfortunately, when the flavour quality diminishes, this is a sign that you’ll need to get a new pod. 

How Long Do They Last? 

The pods should last at least a week with regular but not-so-frequent mouth-to-lung use. You can vape this device with a restrictive direct lung, but the performance is not intended for this style, so the battery will reduce faster and the e-liquids will go faster too. 

It all depends on your habits and how much you need to vape during the day.  

What is the Best E-Liquid for the Pod Kit? 

For the Voopoo Argus Z, we recommend high PG e-liquids or nicotine salts for the best experience. This is because the thinner e-liquid consistency will prolong the life of the Argus coils, in part thanks to the airflow. The choice of flavour though is completely up to you! 

Advantages of the Voopoo Argus Z 

  • Clear e-liquid pods so you’re always aware of how much is left 
  • The unique U-shaped airflow system is great for getting a consistent vape 
  • Nice flavour and just the right amount of vapour for MTL 
  • Its compact and lightweight nature, which is easy to carry around (will barely notice it’s there) 
  • Pass-through vaping capability 
  • Leak-proof pods thanks to the four airhole inlet design at the bottom 
  • Comfortable mouthpiece for regular MTL use 

Any Disadvantages? 

  • Voopoo states this device will last two days on a full charge, but this depends on personal use 
  • 90 minutes may seem a bit long for some people to charge, but pass through vaping sidesteps this issue 
  • Could do with a battery indicator notifying how much is left of its charge 
  • Subjective but only really suits loose mouth-to-lung enthusiasts 


Overall, the Voopoo Argus Z will certainly deliver excellent flavour and reliability for beginners and those seeking a trustworthy MTL compact vape. Its size, level of cloud production and features such as the airflow and visible pods will certainly please those seeking minimal fuss. Best of all, the consistency is there from the beginning to the end of the coil. You get true value and production with this device and pod combination. So, kudos to Voopoo and the Argus Z!  

How to Get Nicotine Satisfaction Without Nic Salts

nicotine satisfaction without nic salts

Nicotine satisfaction. If you vape or smoke, a predominant feature of your experience is going to be down to satisfy that craving for nicotine.

Whether you’re a veteran vaper seeking more satisfaction, or a seasoned smoker looking to quit smoking and start vaping, understanding how to get excellent nicotine satisfaction should be a top priority. If you’re serious about becoming smoke-free, then this blog is for you.

Staying Satisfied and Smoke-Free

As traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes vary in their nicotine strength, it’s only logical that the nicotine-based products that you use with your vaporiser should provide you with a similar experience, right? But what happens when your expectations aren’t met, and your vape experience leaves you wanting more?

Check out our Ripstick scores compared to other vapes here >>

The likelihood is that you may actually end up vaping more to satisfy your needs, or in the worst-case scenario, return to the highly toxic cigarettes that you’ve been trying so hard to resist.

Until recently, nic salts have been a go-to for vapers or ex-smokers of stronger tobacco cigarettes, seeking a satisfying hit of nicotine to stay smoke-free. Using natural nicotine salts from the tobacco plant, nic salts use a concentration of benzoic acid to simulate the throat hit that you get when you smoke. While in most cases, this provides vapers with a satisfactory hit of nicotine, due to the properties of tobacco, the distillation process means that there will always be some impurities that remain. However, now there’s a new kid on the nicotine block, which will provide you with both a satisfying hit of nicotine as well as the throat hit to match – free from the impurities found in nicotine including benzoic acid that is extracted from tobacco. Our Riptide Ripstick review shows it to be the best performing small scale vape there is.

Ride the Wave with RipTide Ripstick

Let us introduce you to the RipTide UK and their incredible device, the RipStick. Using RipStick that features NicTech – a revolutionary synthetic non-tobacco based e-liquid that is 99% pure nicotine – the RipStick ensures that you can stay satisfied for longer, without vaping more than you actually need to and without the need for benzoic acid.

Curb Cravings and Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

Since vaping is all about staying smoke-free and leading a healthier lifestyle, it makes sense that the e-liquid you use should keep you satisfied for as long as possible. Staying satisfied should mean that you vape less and subsequently reduce your nicotine intake. If you’re vaping an e-liquid that doesn’t keep your nicotine cravings in check, it’s highly possible that your nicotine intake may actually go up. If your body gets used to more nicotine in its system, then you may fall foul to a perpetual cycle of vaping more to stay satisfied.

If you intend to be smoke-free, then being free of nicotine and free from addiction should be a shared ambition. Because Riptide’s RipStick Pods, used together with the RipStick itself provide vapers with a hit of 99% pure nicotine, an independent study has revealed that vapers are likely to be twice as satisfied using a RipStick Pod filled with synthetic nicotine than they would be using leading competitors products.

In Short: Staying satisfied means vaping less, which will lead to less nicotine in your body.

If you’ve been used to smoking strong cigarettes, rolling tobacco or are simply not getting the nicotine hit you crave, why not give the RipTide Ripstick a try? You may well end up leading a significantly healthier lifestyle sooner than you thought.

The Ripstick – Maximum Nicotine – Next-Gen vaping

iQ One Review

Introducing the iQ One from Hangsen

The iQ One is the hybrid pod system vaporizer released by the popular e-liquid manufacturer Hangsen under their iQ brand and the device ranks in our three best e cig vape devices. Hangsen have also brought out the successful ultra-thin vape pod, the iQ Air. Hangsen have been operating in the e-liquid industry since 2009 and are very well known so I was interested to see how their attempt at a crossover into hardware would turn out. Hangsen produce e-liquid for many companies who then re-brand it with their own label.

iQ One pod and coil features

This vape pen or vaporizer is referred to as a hybrid pod system because it can be used for vaping a variety of e liquids, both traditional e-liquid, nicotine salts and CBD vape oil. You simply select the appropriate coil. The tank or pod is magnetically connected to the iQ One so there is no fiddling around with screw threads which also helps to ensure leaking is minimised.

The iQ also has comes with two coil types which screw into the bottom of the pod and can be replaced. The refill port in the pod is large enough to be filled with ease and while refilling slowly you should encounter no issues, however if you fill it too quickly you might encounter an airlock problem. Once filled, the pod tank is sealed by a rubber plug, this is secured so don’t worry about it getting lost. Looking into the transparent pod allows you to easily see how much e-liquid you have. However once it is inserted into the iQ one body there is no viewing window so you need to be aware of how much e liquid you have, simply pop the tank out and look! When you start out you will need to make sure to check on the pod frequently, you soon get a feel for how long it takes to use up 2 ml of your favourite vape juice.

With this vaporizer you have two coil options, 0.6 and 0.8 ohms, which are both very similar looking but are marked accordingly to avoid confusion. They both have an integrated airflow control ring at their base which allows you to adjust the amount of airflow to your exact requirement. How much airflow you will like is a personal preference as it affects flavour and vapour thickness. The 0.6 ohm coil is ideal for your regular e liquids whilst the 0.8 ohm coil works extremely well with both CBD vape oil and nic salts.

iQ size and ergonomics

Like most hybrid pod systems this vaporizer is intended to be highly portable; it weighs around 112 grams and feels substantial in the hand but it is still comfortable in a pocket, and is not as chunky and as heavy as a vape mod or box mod si it wont be an annoyance to carry around. However you will know that you’ve got it on you due to its weight and size. Part of the weight of this vaporizer comes from its polished zinc alloy main chassis which gives it a solid body and premium feel. In combination with the various finishes (resin, leather, plastic, silver charcoal, gold charcoal) it makes for a visually pleasing vaporizer.

There is the main function button in the centre of the vaporizer which activates the product and the iQ logo is embedded into the body of the vaporizer, both these looked solid in my opinion and the placement of the button fits in the hand nicely. On the left of the vaporizer there is both a small LED and a micro USB port that is used for charging. The LED is used to display the battery life of the vaporizer, red is less than 30%, blue is 30% – 70%, and green is anything above 70%, this light is also used to show different error messages. Visually the whole product looks solid, slick and has a really good build quality to it, there are the usual safety signs and “Hybrid Vapor System” written in large letters which I do not particularly like but assume much of it has to be included so is something that you will get with any other vaporizer.

iQ One battery life

The IQ One vaporizer has a relatively solid 1100 mAh battery life which is very good for a portable vaporizer, however it is slightly heavier than some of the competition in the field of portable vaporizers. You cant have 1100 mAh of battery life and a feather-light vape. The weight adds to the presence of the device and if you don’t mind that extra weight this is an excellent choice, as the battery will last for a long time and the pods are a sufficient for extended use without refills. If you spend a lot of time on the go and, despite its large battery, still worry about the iQ One vaporizer running out of battery, you can always just carry the included micro USB charging cable which is really convenient as it can plug into laptops, computers, USB hubs, in fact virtually any device. The combination of having a large battery and a convenient charging solution ensures that wherever you go, you’ll never be without battery. Another good factor is that vaping while the device is charging is supported ie “pass-through”. To achieve a full charge, it takes around one and a half hours which is good if you are on the go and stopping off In a café or hotel room. However, most of the time people charge their vaporizers over night so this is not a major factor.

So to sum up, this device has an impressive battery life for a small portable vape and the pass through facilitates all day (and night) vaping and at £29.99 it is impressive.

The iQ One vape kit contents and accessories

Out of the box, the iQ One will include the iQ One itself, the charging cable I mentioned, the pod along with a pre-installed coil, the two coils and the micro USB to USB charging cable. There are no replacement mouth-tips which is disappointing, but they are not usually included in products under £50.

  • 1 x Hangsen iQ battery pod device
  • 1 X iQ pod refill tank
  • 1 x Mini USB charger
  • 1 x 0.6 ohm coil
  • 1 X 0.8 ohm coil
  • 1 x iQ One user manual
  • 1 X iQ One drip tip mouth piece

The iQ One performance

The most important part of the product is how it performs; the iQ pod device delivers an excellent flavour and with the sub ohm coils you get considerable vapour which really helps in nicotine absorption. Other pod devices simply will not compete, you would need a larger scale (read awkward) vape mod to get this level of vapour and flavour.

The custom air flow controls allows for a range of air flows so you can customise your experience to match your preferences, however if you are someone who enjoys a super tight MTL draw this might not be the product for you. Part of the performance is also the experience of the product; its excellent build quality and classy finishes allows for a premium look and comfortable user experience.

Things to bear in mind

The iQ One is not like your average pod. This device gives you freedom to choose your e liquid, nic salts or CBD brand and with its sub ohm functionality is more a kin to a new-gen small scale vape mod, a pod-mod perhaps – but with an all day battery!  Your standard pod device uses sealed non-refillable e liquid pods and will not give this level of vapour, typically requiring a recharge 2 -4 times a day – not the iQ One though. But before buying the iQ One be aware that you will have to buy additional packs of coils and you might have to buy a replacement e liquid pod if you lose or break your previous one. This will save you money compared to buying a pod device that is prefilled. The iQ accessories are reasonably priced (the coils are £3.99 for a pack of three and the pods are available at £4.99 and include a 0.8 ohm coil) the drip tip is not available to buy which is a shame as it could become damaged through extended use.

Hangsen iQ One maintenance

With anything that requires maintenance you need to think about the future and whether these pods and coils will be sold long term. Many companies bring out new vape devices all the time and you want to be sure you have the ability to continue using your device and replacing coils is part of that, Hangsen is an established vape company so there should not be any issues.

I would also point out here that some people have said they’ve struggled with slight condensation under the drip tip so to prevent this I would suggest that you clean everything with a paper towel before and after refilling the pod. Ensure the red rubber stopper is securely pressed into place.

The iQ One conclusion

The iQ One is a solid product, it has a premium look and feel, good battery life and a decent number of accessories. It is an excellent all-round vaporiser, there is always a slight trade of between battery life and weight and the iQ One balances that perfectly.

Is the iQ One worth buying?

It does no one thing spectacularly but performs extremely well overall. For its £29.99 price point it visually looks and feels like it’s worth a lot more. There is no device currently, apart from the iQ One, that has successfully bridged the gap between the cumbersome but effective sub ohm box mod or vape mod and a pod device and that is why you want to buy the iQ One. I would recommend this for anyone who doesn’t already have a vaporizer as it does everything you need well and is excellent value for money.

Hangsen iQ One Detailed Review
88.0 Total Score
  • Features include the best of mod and small scale e cig design
  • Hybrid vaping; nic salts, CBD oil or e liquid
  • The iQ has excellent build quality
  • Excellent vapour and flavour
  • All day vaping, strong battery life
  • Cons
  • Spare drip tip would be handy
  • Battery Life 86
    Build Quality 90
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 88

    iQ One features and technical specification

    • Voltage – 3.7V
    • Resistance – 0.8 ohm/0.6 ohm
    • Size – 103.2 x 33.8 x 17.9 MM
    • Weight (Per kit) – 111.6 g
    • Body – Zinc Alloy
    • LED Light Indicator
    • Hangsen Battery – 1100 mAh
    • Tank Capacity – 2 ml
    • Charging – 5V
    • Two Colour Options – Silver / Gold
    • Removable Top Cap

    V2 Pro Series 3 – V2’s first 3-in-1 vaporiser

    The Pro Series 3 is the first of the devices after the Ex series which has a larger capacity liquid tank, it has a longer battery life and also is a larger device that is lightweight and has a portable design. What does it mean by 3-in-1? This means that this device can be used to vape e-liquid, wax and you can vape dry herbs. For those who want to quit smoking and advance their device to the next step up from the Ex-series e-cigarette, this is a highly suitable device for them.

    The PRO series 3 Kit contains:

    Getting Started with the Pro 3

    When you unpack the vape, be cautious and do not pull the USB charger out of the packaging.

    This will damage your USB charger. It’s recommended that you slide it out from the other side of the packaging. It’s really important that you read your instruction manual when you open up the packing. The fastest way to charge your device is to plug your USB into a wall charger plug rather than into a laptop or electric device.

    If your V2 Pro is not holding charge start at the wall:

    1. Check that the wall adaptor is working. You can use an iPhone plug as well.
    2. Make sure the magnetic USB charger is not faulty. When it is plugged in and fully functioning the tiny blue light on the magnetic section goes blue. It stays on the whole time it is plugged into a functioning wall plug. Please check this BEFORE you connect to the Vaporiser. You will not see this blue light if you have the V2 Pro connected.
    1. If the blue light on the USB charger does not come on and STAY on, it is the USB charger that is faulty and V2 will need to send you  another one (bare in mind you will have to send the product back to them along with everything in the box – charger, cartridge, battery so that it can be tested.)
    1. If the blue light  stays on connect the V2 Pro to the USB charger again.
    2. We recommend that you lock the device before charging. You do this by pressing the little button on the front 3 times.
    1. Around the base of the V2 Pro a red light will pulsate like a heartbeat monitor. If the red light is pulsing, that means that it is charging the charge.
    2. If the light around the base goes GREEN after a short period of time…leave it charging for a MINIMUM of 2 hours. An empty V2 battery Pro needs a minimum of 2 hours to be fully charged.
    1. If this does not resolve the problem then it is your Vaporiser that is faulty.
    2. Your V2 Pro Series 3 needs recharging when the white LED light at the bottom of the V2 begins a set of double blinks that dim off gradually.
    1. Make sure you change your liquid cartridge 15-20 refills. Overuse of the cartridge could damage your V2 Pro Series 3.
    2. Also change your Loose Leaf Cartridge every 3 to 4 months but please consult the V2 website for the complete instructions.

    Overall the pro series 3 is the cheapest of the V2 3-in-1 Vaporisers, it has the function to be used in different ways and is also lightweight.

    The text above goes into the nitty-gritty issues that people may rarely have with the products.