Aspire Cleito Pro Review

The Aspire Cleito Pro Tank is a redesigned and upgraded version of the much-loved Aspire Cleito vape mod tank, so it comes with big shoes to fill. The original Aspire Cleito is easily recognised as one of the best vape mod tanks in the UK.

The new Cleito Pro is even more user-friendly and comes with some new and interesting unique features. The Pro is intended for advanced vapers, cloud-chasers and those who dream of intense flavour. It comes with the next-gen mesh coils and a full colour range: Silver-grey, black, rainbow and gold.

Is the Cleito Pro Still up there with the Best Vape Tanks?

The vast majority of tanks on the market are typically designed to fit a particular vape mod. For example, the Innokin Scion tank is made with the Innokin Proton in mind (the Proton is our favourite vape mod and you can see the full Innokin Proton review here). The SMOK Rigel comes with the SMOK TFV9 Tank. You can buy them separately for your compatible vape mod but they were originally manufactured by the brand to fit the vape mod in question.

Cleito Pro Features

This is where the Aspire Pro tank differs. It is made by Aspire specifically as a tank separate to any vape mod. This makes it bespoke. The manufacturer’s full focus is dedicated to making a stand alone tank, a tank with brilliant features that works exceptionally well and will compliment any compatible mod.

Get The Aspire Cleito Pro Here with full Aspire warranty

For example, one of the practical features being highlighted on this mod tank is the top side-fill slot, which, with no need to unscrew, should make the device easier to fill. All you need to do is slide up the top ring and look for the filling slot marked with three dots. Then top up your favourite e-liquid. For maximum nicotine absorption you must try Vsavi’s best nicotine salts with the Cleito Pro in MTL mode! The Vsavi range of flavours are probably the best available.

Aspire Pro: intuitive e juice filling

Inside the Cleito Pro Kit

  • 1 x Cleito Pro tank
  • 2 x Coil Heads (0.5 Ohm & 0.15 Ohm Mesh Coil)
  • 6 x O-rings
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
Cleito Pro Mesh Colis

Cleito Pro Coil Replacement & Air Flow

Similarly, installing Aspire Cleito mesh coils is made easier by just removing the drip tip and top cap and inserting the new coil in from the top. The airflow is adjustable depending on your preference. All that you need to do is rotate the airflow control ring on the base of the tank to open or close the three inlet slots. These small design features demonstrate Aspire’s attention to detail. It is the detail that makes vaping a pleasure, vaping simplified. If it’s clouds you’re looking for, having the airflow slot fully open will work best for you, but if you’re an ex-smoker or someone who’s trying to quit, fully closing the airflow will give you more of a restrictive hit.

Cleito Pro’s Unique Air-flow

Cleito Pro; Pros

A huge benefit of the Aspire Cleito tank has to be the mesh coils. By spreading the heat more evenly. This allows you to get a lush flavour and huge vape clouds – which is exactly what you expect from the Cleito range. What’s more, you can use a number of coils in this tank, including the old Cleito coils. This interchangeable nature is a real benefit to find your ideal setting.

A gripe that many people found with the Cleito Exo Tank is that you couldn’t control the airflow. So if you’re craving a little variety, the Cleito Pro Tank will deliver that for you. The airflow is well-balanced and there’s no nasty heat that comes from the drip top, despite the device delivering a good amount of heat.

Cleito Pro components

The price is definitely a plus with this tank. It’s much cheaper than similar models but delivers on quality. You’ll find it for around the £20 mark, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you’d be happy to pay a little more because of how good it is. The construction is solid and once you’ve mastered taking it apart and putting it back together, it’s incredibly easy to handle.

Get The Aspire Cleito Pro Here with full Aspire warranty

The coils seem to last for a decent amount of time – even after around seven days, the flavour only starts to lack when the liquid level gets low and the tank needs refilling. Once refilled, you’re met with a nice, fresh flavour. Of course, your own experience will depend on how you use it.

It doesn’t get too hot which is a nice addition and we’ve had no leakage whatsoever – always a plus.

Cleito Pro: Cons

Glass tanks like the Pro are considered the cleanest and best vape tanks and some users of Mod tanks do suggest that the glass tanks can be fragile so you need to be careful. Non-TPD regions can buy a 3 ml or 4.2 ml glass cylinder. We found though, that if looked after properly, there shouldn’t be any issues. The Cleito Pro 2 ml tank complies with the UK’s TPD regulation so is considered safe.

The side fill will either be something you love or hate. We love it because it makes refuelling simple. If you’re clumsy or not good with your hands, you might not get along so well with it and you may even need to adjust the apparatus you use to refill your liquids. On Aspire’s website, they recommend keeping the three dots marking the location of the fill port as high as possible to avoid spillages and to make the whole process easier. Adding a top fill into this tank might’ve been a better for some users, but it’s not a game changer in this instance.

Cranked up to a higher wattage, you’ll find even more cloud, but it doesn’t handle extreme temperatures very well. Nor should it need to. The Pro is optimised to produce huge clouds and rich flavour. Too high a temperature and you are just burning through e juice for no reason. Low wattage work well for this tank and it’s ideal if you prefer smooth vaping.

Conclusion. Should I buy the Cleito Pro?

If you’re a fan of the original Cleito line, we doubt you’ll be disappointed with the Cleito Pro Tank. Although great on its own, there are several modifications that can be done to make it even more desirable. For seasoned vapers who love big clouds and even bigger flavour, it’s definitely one to get and it may just earn a place in your best all-day tank collection. There is no better vape mod tank.