How Nic Salts Can Help You Quit Smoking

Woman Vaping Nic Salts

When an innovation arrives on the vaping scene, it’s easy to be sceptical. After all, it isn’t always easy to tell which refinements will meaningfully improve vaping and which changes will… well, prove to be mere fads. However, it looks like nic salts could be here for the long haul. What exactly are nic salts?

Alternatively known by its full name “nicotine salts”, they aren’t – unlike what the name might have led you to believe – crystals. Instead, they represent a change to the familiar nicotine formula and could provide you with your smoothest vaping yet.

How Nic Salts Differ From Freebase Nicotine

If you are familiar with smoking, you probably also know about nicotine… or so you think! You might not have realised that the pure, freebase nicotine in standard cigarettes does not grow in tobacco leaves, which instead harbour only nicotine salts, as Vaping Daily explains.

In those leaves, the nicotine bonds with particular acids, resulting in a significantly more stable molecule: a nicotine salt. Nic salts come in various forms, depending on the type of acid to which the nicotine bonds – whether that acid is citric, lactic, malic or something else.

None of those salts appear in either conventional cigarettes or standard vape juice. Freebase nicotine is formed through the addition of ammonia to the nicotine to make it more addictive – a recipe upon which tobacco companies stumbled as long ago as the 1960s.

How it Emerged in the Vaping Industry

The re-emergence of nic salts into the mainstream can ultimately be attributed to PAX. This is the company responsible for conceiving the JUUL pod vaping system. In 2015, PAX was marketing JUUL pods to people seeking to quit smoking. The firm had an interest in replicating the smoking experience.

Therefore, PAX bonded nicotine to benzoic acid to produce a nic salt that. As confirmed by research, rivalled freebase nicotine in its ability to maximise nicotine’s concentration in blood plasma.

Interestingly, this form of nicotine also had the side effect of lowering the vapour’s PH value. It therefore enables a significantly smoother vape. This meant that vapers of this nic salt could enjoy a strong e-liquid that wouldn’t leave them with coughing fits.

How should you vape nic salts?

Nic salts in their vape-ready form give vapers a strong nicotine hit while they used small, portable devices. Indeed, the JUUL system is such a device. Nevertheless, you don’t strictly need a JUUL to effectively use these nic salts. Any lower-power device and tank setup will suffice.

If you are an avid smoker looking to quit, the 20MG limit is just what you need. After giving up cigarettes. you need convenience. Nic salts act faster than freebase to enjoy nicotine. Even flavoured nic salts are available!

Taken from the tobacco leaves like traditional nicotine, nic salts plus a variety of organic components enters the bloodstream at a quicker rate. Merging with other chemicals, adding benzoic acid makes the difference. It drops the PH level, meaning it’s not as harsh on the throat, leaving you feeling satisfied when vaping.

How to Get Nicotine Satisfaction Without Nic Salts

nicotine satisfaction without nic salts

Nicotine satisfaction. If you vape or smoke, a predominant feature of your experience is going to be down to satisfy that craving for nicotine.

Whether you’re a veteran vaper seeking more satisfaction, or a seasoned smoker looking to quit smoking and start vaping, understanding how to get excellent nicotine satisfaction should be a top priority. If you’re serious about becoming smoke-free, then this blog is for you.

Staying Satisfied and Smoke-Free

As traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes vary in their nicotine strength, it’s only logical that the nicotine-based products that you use with your vaporiser should provide you with a similar experience, right? But what happens when your expectations aren’t met, and your vape experience leaves you wanting more?

Check out our Ripstick scores compared to other vapes here >>

The likelihood is that you may actually end up vaping more to satisfy your needs, or in the worst-case scenario, return to the highly toxic cigarettes that you’ve been trying so hard to resist.

Until recently, nic salts have been a go-to for vapers or ex-smokers of stronger tobacco cigarettes, seeking a satisfying hit of nicotine to stay smoke-free. Using natural nicotine salts from the tobacco plant, nic salts use a concentration of benzoic acid to simulate the throat hit that you get when you smoke. While in most cases, this provides vapers with a satisfactory hit of nicotine, due to the properties of tobacco, the distillation process means that there will always be some impurities that remain. However, now there’s a new kid on the nicotine block, which will provide you with both a satisfying hit of nicotine as well as the throat hit to match – free from the impurities found in nicotine including benzoic acid that is extracted from tobacco. Our Riptide Ripstick review shows it to be the best performing small scale vape there is.

Ride the Wave with RipTide Ripstick

Let us introduce you to the RipTide UK and their incredible device, the RipStick. Using RipStick that features NicTech – a revolutionary synthetic non-tobacco based e-liquid that is 99% pure nicotine – the RipStick ensures that you can stay satisfied for longer, without vaping more than you actually need to and without the need for benzoic acid.

Curb Cravings and Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

Since vaping is all about staying smoke-free and leading a healthier lifestyle, it makes sense that the e-liquid you use should keep you satisfied for as long as possible. Staying satisfied should mean that you vape less and subsequently reduce your nicotine intake. If you’re vaping an e-liquid that doesn’t keep your nicotine cravings in check, it’s highly possible that your nicotine intake may actually go up. If your body gets used to more nicotine in its system, then you may fall foul to a perpetual cycle of vaping more to stay satisfied.

If you intend to be smoke-free, then being free of nicotine and free from addiction should be a shared ambition. Because Riptide’s RipStick Pods, used together with the RipStick itself provide vapers with a hit of 99% pure nicotine, an independent study has revealed that vapers are likely to be twice as satisfied using a RipStick Pod filled with synthetic nicotine than they would be using leading competitors products.

In Short: Staying satisfied means vaping less, which will lead to less nicotine in your body.

If you’ve been used to smoking strong cigarettes, rolling tobacco or are simply not getting the nicotine hit you crave, why not give the RipTide Ripstick a try? You may well end up leading a significantly healthier lifestyle sooner than you thought.

The Ripstick – Maximum Nicotine – Next-Gen vaping

Voom Pod Mod Review – the Ideal Disposable Vape Replacement? 

The Black Voom Pod Mod Vape Kit

The vape industry is at a crossroads. Does it continue down the path of disposable vapes, which are convenient but waste millions of batteries every week? Or could manufacturers turn their attention towards a more sustainable future with more innovative pod kits? Voom has an answer to the end of disposables and hopefully cigarette use with the Voom Pod Mod kit.  

In this review, we will explain how the Voom Pod Mod bridges this gap with its key features, including an overlook of the appearance, different flavours and whether it’s value for money. Read on to discover everything you need to know! 

Key Specifications

  • Up to 600 puffs per non-refillable pod 
  • 12 different flavours 
  • Rechargeable 500mAh battery capacity 
  • 20mg nic salt content with mesh coils 
  • Fixed wattage device with 1.2 Ohm resistance 
  • Created for mouth-to-lung vaping 
  • Charges to 100% in roughly one hour 

How Does the Voom Pod Mod Kit Perform?

It’s actually a surprisingly smooth delivery of high nic salt (20mg) vapour that produces more vapour than you would expect. Not all but most of the 12 flavour options are sweet and satisfying (check out our flavour review below for our top picks). It’s a very easy-to-use pod kit and even though it’s called a ‘pod mod’, there is not too much to modify.  

This is because it’s auto-draw with prefilled non-refillable flavoured pods. There is a fixed wattage too, with no adjustable airflow, so the draw is easy and consistent thanks to a high 1.2 Ohm mesh coil preinstalled. It’s a very nice loose MTL draw, or a slightly restrictive direct lung (although we don’t recommend it for the best results).  

Can it Be Used as a Transitional Device for Smokers?

The point of this website is to provide reviews and information that help smokers quit, and we believe that vaping is one of the best tools to reduce nicotine levels and give up cigarettes for good. With the Voom Pod Mod, it’s exactly the type of compact vape kit that’s required to make the switch, but it also depends on your habit as a smoker.

What most smokers seek is a device that provides a similar throat hit, different flavour options, and most importantly enough nicotine to get a similar satisfaction, while hopefully reducing the levels to eventually quit both. 

However, the Voom Pod Mod in our opinion is only a worthwhile recommendation for a heavy smoker who smokes more than a pack of cigarettes a day and is used to a high level of nicotine. This is because of its high strength 20mg nicotine salts content.  

While it’s smoother than freebase nicotine, as benzoic acid is added to reduce the PH level and therefore, the throat hit harshness, 20mg with the Voom Pod Mod would be too high for a social smoker that doesn’t smoke as many cigarettes. However, for heavy smokers, we believe this is the perfectly little affordable device. Or for those who initially used disposable vapes to quit smoking but are seeking something more sustainable and better value long term, because you don’t need to constantly buy a new battery, but fast charge instead! 

How to Use the Voom Pod Mod Kit: Quick Setup Guide

As we have come to expect from Voom, the packaging is on point and highly professional when delivered to your door, with a nice plastic sealant around the device to keep it protected, in addition to the individual pod that comes with the device.  

There is also a lanyard too, which you can attach to the pod mod, and then around your neck for easier accessibility.  

Once you have opened all the packaging, setup is super simple. Just remove the bung from the pod and slot it into the contacts on the top of the device. It should have some charge already but there is a type-c slot at the bottom for a full charge when needed.  

The battery indicator is also located at the bottom, which flashes white when vaping and fully charged, blue as a half charge and red as a warning when in need of a battery refresh. 

Because it’s auto-draw with a fixed wattage and no adjustable airflow, it’s so straightforward to use and aimed at beginners. Just inhale on the mouthpiece when you’re ready to vape and once the pod is empty, simply swap for another flavour or keep your favourite! 

Appearance and Best Layout Design Features

We love the layout – it’s no thrills but beautifully designed, with a smooth texture on the outside and a bunch of stunning colour themes, which are different based on the flavour you pick.  

The strong contact from the pods ensures there is no wiggling or rattling while you vape, which is handy! And it’s very small at 72mm in height, 40mm in width and 17mm in depth, weighing just 44mg! So it’s super light and easy to hold in the hand. Perfect for vaping comfortably and discreetly on the go! 

Review of the Best 12 Prefilled Pod Flavours:

Voom offers an interesting mixture of fruity flavours to try something different from tobacco after you switch from smoking. Because the pods are so cheap and you get one with the kit anyway, it’s a great way to experiment and see which flavours you prefer. The list below is in no particular order, other than alphabetical: 

  1. Blackcurrant Lemon – Bit of a soapy taste with this one, more like a medical throat sweet taste of flavours than juicy blackcurrants and tangy lemons. A weird combination but something that vapers may like. 
  2. Blueberry – A little hint of ice with a nice loose MTL draw, that’s smooth and not very restricted. 
  3. Cherry Ice – An uber-sweet vape sensation that tastes a little like cherry and apple candies. A little synthetic in its taste, but something you would expect from a prefilled vape pod.  
  4. Cola Lime – More of an icy throat hit just like disposables. Plenty of vapour and a mixed balance of cola and lime flavour. 
  5. Grape Ice – Not so much a synthetic mixture of grape flavours, actually quite close to the juicy fruit. Think it’s more like dark grapes than green ones. 
  6. Lemon Lime – An acidic burst of citrus flavours as lime and lemon combine well. I would say more of a lemon tang than lime, but a lovely mix nonetheless. 
  7. Mix Berry – A tiny amount of ice with a dark berry fruit-inspired taste. 
  8. Pink Lemonade – Fantastic flavour that’s very close to the summer fizzy drink. 
  9. Sour Apple – An awesome kick of apple flavours which is very close to the real thing. Sweet and crisp notes. 
  10. Sour Blue Raspberry – A decent textured vape that’s not too sweet, and not too sour either. Just the right blend of fruit and tangy taste! 
  11. Strawberry Ice – Gentle cooling effect with a very sweet strawberry taste that is close to candy flavours more than the summer fruit. 
  12. Watermelon Ice – Tastes a little like watermelon but is not the best one we have had to try. A nice icy throat hit though.  

Advantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Awesome value 
  • Better for the environment than disposables 
  • Lovely feel in the hand 
  • Compact design with a smooth finish 
  • User-friendly vape kit – ideal for beginners 

Disadvantages of the Voom Pod Mod

  • Shame you can’t refill the pods 
  • Battery capacity isn’t huge at 500mAh but generous considering the size 
  • Would be great in different strengths other than 20mg, aimed more at heavy smokers like most disposables 
  • Nearly impossible to see the battery level when vaping as the LED indicator is based at the bottom 

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a lovely starter kit device or one for advanced vapers who need a trusty backup. Considering the prefilled level of nicotine salt, it’s advised for heavy smokers only but a super useful device if you wish to switch from smoking and need something with very little setup required. It looks stylish and needs no maintenance whatsoever, thanks to the nature of the prefilled pods. The 1.2 Ohm mesh coils deliver fantastic flavour which is generous and consistent throughout, so you have a very useful vape kit that creates a smooth switch from smoking or disposables for a fraction of the price! 

Voopoo Argus Z Review: Compact and Practical 

Blue Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit

Voopoo is a brand predominantly known for two juggernaut series of vape kits that redefined the industry.  

You have the Drag series, the first kind which gave us fantastic mods like the Voopoo Drag X and S with their push-fit PnP coils.  

And then you have the Argus range, which is now a complete set of six different types! For the purpose of today’s review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Voopoo Argus Z and what it can do for vape enthusiasts looking to drop their nicotine levels.  

What to Expect From the Device and Brand 

The brand itself has been around since 2017 and truly innovated the industry with its PnP coils. While the Drag series focused on more advanced vaping with Sub-Ohm cloud technology, the Argus series is your quintessential pod kit for beginners.  

The Argus Z itself is a versatile and reliable device that is compatible with the Argus P1 pods, so you can transfer them between the other Argus vape kits such as the Argus Pod, the Argus Pod SE, the Argus G and the Argus P1. 

What separates the Argus Z from the rest is the unique U-shaped airflow design, which although fixed offers a very smooth vape experience from start to finish.  

Key Features

  • U-shaped airflow  
  • ITO atomisation technology  
  • Auto-draw  
  • Side fill method 
  • Max 17W  
  • 900mAh battery capacity 
  • Compatible with Argus pods 
  • Side fill leakproof refillable 2ml pods 
  • Type-c charging 
  • Weight: 38g 
  • 92mm x 27mm x 15mm 

How Does it Vape? 

After using it for some time, we can say that the Argus Z is geared towards mouth-to-lung vaping and is a perfect fit for beginners. There is not too much to point out from a negative point of view, as there are lots of bonus points to using this device. 

The Argus Z coils ramp up really quickly upon auto-inhale activation super fast thanks to the airflow, so the warm-up time is reliable.  

In addition, the flavour from your chosen e-liquid will always be consistent in taste, so that’s a great bonus. This is because of the unique airflow design, which ensures the same delivery time after time. 

Plus, the vapour production is a nice amount. Not too much that it’s overbearing (because of the low 17-wattage maximum output) but still kicks out a generous volume for vaping MTL.  

It’s more of a smooth loose MTL than a traditionally old-school tight MTL draw in our opinion! 

Overall, there are no complaints in terms of performance. The delivery is great, the flavour is nice, and there is a comfortable contoured mouthpiece for standard MTL inhalation. 

Appearance and Practicality 

There are lots of things to like and appreciate about the design of the Argus Z from Voopoo.  

As we have come to expect from the brand, the appearance is of a high quality, with a nice finish and smooth textures. It’s produced with zinc alloy material for a strong and yet surprisingly light pod vape kit.  

Not much more in weight than a disposable! 

It fits in the palm of the hand comfortably and the colour schemes look lovely.  

Another great bonus is the pods being completely transparent, which allows you to see your e-liquid levels at all times. Ideal especially for beginners who are unaware of how much they are vaping! 

Better yet, the position of the USB type-c charger port means you can do pass-through vaping, meaning it can stand up and you can vape at the same time.  

How to Operate the Device 

Operating the device is pretty straightforward, as we would all hope for with a device aimed at beginners! 

Because it’s auto-draw, there is no button to activate and no menu or grand features means you don’t have to worry about any setup, other than filling the e-liquids. To do so, simply: 

  • Take the pod out of the battery once it’s empty/before first use 
  • Remove the silicone stopper from the side of the pod 
  • Squeeze the dropper from your e-liquid bottle into the pod and reseal the stopper securely 
  • Allow the vape juice to sit for 10 minutes before vaping! 

There is no battery indication, which is not ideal. But there is an LED which illuminates green when in use. When charging, the LED will be solid blue and turn green once it’s fully charged, which takes roughly 90 minutes for a full charge. 

Are the Pods Refillable? 

Yes, the pods are refillable, and designed with a leakproof system, which is ideal if you’re switching from disposables because you will be saving tons of money with longer coil use. And because the coil is fixed inside the pod, you can not change yourself for another one. Unfortunately, when the flavour quality diminishes, this is a sign that you’ll need to get a new pod. 

How Long Do They Last? 

The pods should last at least a week with regular but not-so-frequent mouth-to-lung use. You can vape this device with a restrictive direct lung, but the performance is not intended for this style, so the battery will reduce faster and the e-liquids will go faster too. 

It all depends on your habits and how much you need to vape during the day.  

What is the Best E-Liquid for the Pod Kit? 

For the Voopoo Argus Z, we recommend high PG e-liquids or nicotine salts for the best experience. This is because the thinner e-liquid consistency will prolong the life of the Argus coils, in part thanks to the airflow. The choice of flavour though is completely up to you! 

Advantages of the Voopoo Argus Z 

  • Clear e-liquid pods so you’re always aware of how much is left 
  • The unique U-shaped airflow system is great for getting a consistent vape 
  • Nice flavour and just the right amount of vapour for MTL 
  • Its compact and lightweight nature, which is easy to carry around (will barely notice it’s there) 
  • Pass-through vaping capability 
  • Leak-proof pods thanks to the four airhole inlet design at the bottom 
  • Comfortable mouthpiece for regular MTL use 

Any Disadvantages? 

  • Voopoo states this device will last two days on a full charge, but this depends on personal use 
  • 90 minutes may seem a bit long for some people to charge, but pass through vaping sidesteps this issue 
  • Could do with a battery indicator notifying how much is left of its charge 
  • Subjective but only really suits loose mouth-to-lung enthusiasts 


Overall, the Voopoo Argus Z will certainly deliver excellent flavour and reliability for beginners and those seeking a trustworthy MTL compact vape. Its size, level of cloud production and features such as the airflow and visible pods will certainly please those seeking minimal fuss. Best of all, the consistency is there from the beginning to the end of the coil. You get true value and production with this device and pod combination. So, kudos to Voopoo and the Argus Z!  

How Many Cigarettes Are There in a Disposable Vape  

Woman Holding Two Pink Disposable Vape Puff Bars

Each year we know that roughly 76,000 people die from cigarette habits. Organisations like the NHS are trying to put a stop to that by offering services and alternative products that can help smokers quit. One of those recommended products is e-cigarettes, which also contain nicotine (an addictive substance) like cigarettes.   

But there has always been a real curiosity about how much nicotine is actually in each vape kit. Compared to cigarettes, which are not only bad for your health but always have a distinctive smell and taste (impacting the senses of humans who smoke), vaping is available in different flavours and formats.   

Recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of disposable vaping. But with a TPD regulations maximum capacity set of 2ml per disposable, just how much nicotine is inside each puff bar?  

The Amount of Nicotine in a Cigarette  

Studies over the years have varied with results regarding nicotine levels within each individual stick contained in an average 20 pack of cigarettes. Generally, the consensus is that most cigarettes contain between 11.9 mg and 14.5 mg per stick, but not all of that is absorbed.   

This is because the concentration is diluted due to varying factors, such as the nicotine content itself, how a person puffs a cigarette, individual frequency of smoking and the design of the product. So in fact, it’s typically closer to 1-1.5mg of nicotine actually inhaled and absorbed per cigarette.  

It’s important to know this so we can figure out as close an estimate as possible in comparison to absorbing nicotine through vaping. What’s important to note between the two is the other chemicals absorbed into the body.   

While there is still limited research into long-term use, we know that e-cigarettes contain a mixture of nicotine, flavourings, vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol. Whereas cigarettes contain up to 5,000 different toxins and chemicals, many of which are dangerous to the body, including combustible tobacco and other carcinogens.   

Nicotine derived from the tobacco plant is the addictive substance that keeps somebody smoking or vaping. Importantly, with an e-liquid compared to a cigarette, it’s much clearer what the nicotine level is per vape juice, and even more importantly, you can reduce that level yourself by selecting a reduced nicotine strength or even zero percent nicotine.  

How Much Nicotine in E-Liquids and How is This Measured?  

The mathematics is simple to work out how much nicotine is in a vape juice bottle. As stated previously, it’s illegal to sell a vape juice bottle containing nicotine of a quantity larger than 2ml. You can buy 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottles, where you can add a nicotine shot yourself, but the larger bottle does not contain nicotine.   

As a rule of thumb, nicotine with e-liquids is measured per millilitres. Therefore, with a maximum limit of 20mg nicotine strength, whether traditional freebase nicotine or using a nicotine salt formula, 20mg/ml vape juice equates to 40mg of nicotine in a 2ml bottle.   

Other strengths include 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg and 18mg per ml, so you always multiply by two to get the total nicotine concentrate per bottle.  

If a smoker puffs between 1-1.5mg of nicotine per stick, the maximum amount of nicotine that person will inhale is 30mg per pack.   

Complete levels of absorption research on nicotine from vaping are at early stages but highlight increased absorption compared to smoking. Rough estimates show that vaping a 2ml e-liquid at 20mg strength equates to smoking one or two packs of cigarettes.  

A Disposable Vape Comparison to Cigarettes 

With disposable vapes, they are often sold in 2ml capacity with 20mg nic salts (aimed at heavy smokers). But you can also find them in 10mg options, which is better for social smokers looking to quit.   

What you get is a higher concentration of nicotine with a 20mg disposable, and because it’s created with the nicotine salt process, that means quicker absorption into the bloodstream and smoother delivery.   

Because the equivalency of a 20mg nic salt is one to two packs of cigarettes, you get roughly the same level of nicotine in one compact device and nowhere near the dangerous chemicals and toxins in your system.  

In mathematical terms, if you puff on a cigarette between 10-15 times before discarding it, even at the maximum amount of 15 puffs for a disposable, with an average disposable vape allowing 600 puffs, that’s equal to two packs of cigarettes.  

With disposables from the likes of Elf Bar, Elux and Geek Bar, they’re considered convenient entry-level devices with sweeter e-liquid flavours that acts as a transitional device between smoking and vaping a more cost-effective pod kit or vape pen in the future.   

You’ll still get a like-for-like nicotine habit, with less of the dangerous toxins and sweeter flavours to match (with it more than likely your senses will begin to return after quitting smoking).   

For a cheaper price than a packet of cigarettes and a safer alternative for your health, it’s a win-win switching from smoking to vaping, with equal amounts of nicotine available for a fraction of the price.  

How to Stop Smoking – Pick the Right Devices for Stoptober

Ready to rid yourself of the smoke-chain shackles that keep weighing you down? Excited to lead a healthier lifestyle? Let’s take a look at how to stop smoking this Stoptober. Vaping may be the tool you need to overcome that hurdle-like habit that’s proved too difficult in the past.

Smoking Kills

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that smoking kills. In fact, smoking-related diseases account for a staggering 16% of all adult deaths in the UK among the one in seven adults who smoke. Responsible for numerous ailments and diseases including lung cancer, tuberculosis, stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, and more – even second-hand smoke will increase the risk of non-smokers suffering from smoking-related diseases. As a result, it’s not good for those loved ones of yours who regularly have to inhale your surplus smoke. By quitting smoking you’ll not only enhance your quality of life but those nearest and dearest to you too.

Did you know that research published by Public England shows that e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco products? More importantly, the same research also indicates that vaping can help smokers become smoke-free, and consequently lead a healthier lifestyle than the one which they have been used to.

A more recent study conducted by Queen Mary University London found that vaping e-cigarettes were up to twice as effective as nicotine patches and gums used by smokers trying to quit.

How to Stop Smoking and Get Rid of Cravings

By replacing cigarettes with a vaporizer and a nicotine-based e-juice, smokers can curb their cravings to light up and avoid all the nasty accompaniments that come with smoking. Because vaping heats the e-liquid as opposed to burning tobacco, all the carbon monoxide and tar that is released every time you smoke is removed from the equation. Free yourself from the odorous tobacco smoke that clings to your clothes, smell better and save the time and hassle of excusing yourself every time you need a ‘breath of fresh air’.

From traditional tobacco flavourings to sweet and fruity offerings, e-liquids are available in a range of flavours which provides vapers with an added extra when it comes to the taste of their vape. As well as flavours, you can also choose from a range of nicotine strengths, which means you can gradually reduce the strength of nicotine you use and become both smoke-free and nicotine-free. Win-win.

The Best Device for First-Time Vapers

For first-time vapers, the myriad of devices and accessories that lie in wait can seem dizzying. Quitting smoking is hard enough without having to sift through the assortment of options that are presented to you, right? Keeping your vaping equipment as straightforward as possible is the key to a successful switch from smoker to vaper.

Alternatives to Cigarettes

Many question how to stop smoking, which continues to prove a challenge worldwide. While there are numerous devices at your disposal, starting with a simple e-cigarette should be your first port of call. Devices with multiple functions such as high-end vape pens and box mods are great, but they can be tricky to work out for first-time vapers. Get to grips with the basics and sub-ohm box mods can be something to look forward to once you’ve become accustomed to vaping.

For a completely fuss-free experience, look for a simple V2 Vsavi Starter Pack that provides everything you need to get started. Enjoy a standard cigarette styled re-chargeable battery and USB charger, together with your choice of flavoured nicotine-based e-liquid cartridges. Prefilled, simply screw the cartridge onto the end of your fully charged and vape away. No buttons, no-refills – just happy vaping. The latest craze among new vapers and those seeking the easiest e-cigarette is the disposable option. Brands like GeekVape, SMOK and many more top brands produce some ready-made devices (disposables) set up before packaging. Just open up, inhale till empty and dispose of sensibly when finished.

How to Stop Smoking – Break the Habit

A far more environmentally friendly alternative to the aforementioned disposable screw-on cartridges, shisha style tanks like V2 Vsavi’s EX Blanks series produce great flavour and vapour and can be refilled up to 15 times before you’ll need to replace them. Fill your tank with e-liquid and screw onto V2 Vsavi’s standard e-cigarette battery and away you go. For those used to rolling their cigarettes, refilling your e-liquid tanks with a quality e-liquid is the next step. Examples such as V2 Vsavi’s Premium E-Liquid replicates the effort of rolling in an easier fashion.

Those with a serious smoking habit may be used to strong tobacco or cigarettes with a throat hit to match. A device that may be worth thinking about is a POD vape system to replicate that experience. PODS use a nicotine salt e-juice stored in a pod, rather than e-liquid in a tank. Nicotine salts offer an alternative form of nicotine that provides a similar throat hit to cigarettes. In addition, they offer that kick of nicotine that’ll leave you satisfied for some time. 

Vape Pods ideally suited to newbies are devices such as the RipTide RipStick, Voom Pod Kit or the iQ Air. Simply fill a blank pod with VSAVI’s range of flavoured nicotine salts; inhale, exhale and curb the craving for a cigarette. Alternatively, you can pick from a range of prefilled nic salt choices. They produce the smooth texture, multiple flavour options and stronger hit of nicotine to curb those cravings.

Save Money and Vape

Vaping isn’t just a healthier alternative to smoking – it’s more affordable too. You can opt for the simple e-cigarette style device. Alternatively, many go down the route of a Pod Vape – either for under £20 works for new vapers. While a bottle 10ml e-liquid or nic salts might cost £5.99, that one bottle will provide the equivalent of up to three packs of cigarettes.

Depending on how much you smoke, by switching from smoking to vaping, you could soon be making some significant savings. Whichever way you wish to spend your extra cash, the benefits of vaping mean that both your health and lifestyle will begin to reap the rewards.

Voom Pod Kit Review

Woman Holding Voom Pod Kit

The reason behind this blog is to provide a source of informative content that helps people quit smoking, by using vaping as a safer cessation tool without combustible tobacco or the buildup of tar in the lungs. While we know that the motive is often there for smokers to give up cigarettes, the actual task is much harder unless you have the right kit. A large number of factors make a huge difference when you start; getting the right e-liquid, understanding coil technology, getting a similar throat hit to cigarettes and much more. The list goes on and the challenge is difficult to quit smoking if you don’t have the right vape in place. It needs to mimic smoking and remove all the nasty toxic chemicals (up to 7000 unknown chemicals in each cigarette). Today we look at the Voom pod kit to see if it’s hit the nail on the head as a vape kit for smokers looking to quit.

Voom Pod Kit Key Features

  • Compatible with Voom nic salt pods or can be prefilled with any e-liquid
  • Auto-inhale meaning no buttons or complications!
  • Unique coil technology
  • Two USB charger types – one with a cable and another that slots straight into your laptop or USB port without a cable
  • Charges fully in less than an hour

Voom Pod Kit Performance and Design

This is one of the closest pod vape systems you will use that mirrors the familiarity of a cigarette. Sleek and thin with a sturdy plastic casing, it resembles a larger handheld USB stick that fits comfortably in the hand. With a 320mAh battery, this explains the compact size of the vape pod. How long it lasts depends on how often you vape. It can last up to a day without charging if you use it less frequently.

Factor in the handy portable Voom charger case which houses the battery to charge when you place the Voom inside highlights its practicality as a kit alongside the charger. This device will perform well for anyone looking to quit smoking because of the reasonably restrictive mouth to lung draw which resembles a cigarette but gives a smooth intake and exhales, thanks to the 20mg nic salt pods. You get the right delivery of nicotine, more than enough per hit to satisfy any cravings and certainly smoother than traditional nicotine you’ll find in most devices. 

The flavour is fantastic, with nine options to choose from including traditional flavours such as tobacco and mint. In terms of colour, you are a little more limited with gold and grey to choose from. Nonetheless, both look great in the hand while out and about.

How to Use the Device

Unlike more advanced vape mods with adjustable settings such as power, wattage, voltage or temperature, the Voom is straightforward and set up for beginner vapers. All you do is take the device out of the packing, which should have a pod preinstalled, with the intricate coil technology already designed inside so you don’t need to concern yourself with that. It’s auto-draw so all you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece like you would a cigarette. The pod once empty removes with ease thanks to the magnetic attachment. Once you click the new pod back in, the LED indicator will light up.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions – 110mm x 75mm x 21mm
  • Weight – 16.2g
  • 1.2ml pod capacity
  • 320mAh battery
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overtime protection for smoking
  • Low-voltage protection
  • Blowback protection



This is a fantastic little device. An ideal kit for any beginner vaper or even a smart backup for someone with more experience behind the vape. You’ve got a generously tight draw when you vape, as well as a 320mAh battery that can easily charge. Whether that’s with the case on the go or under an hour with the cable. You also have heavily protected safety functions listed above, for peace of mind. In addition, it’s lightweight for a portable option – whatever your level. With so many flavours to choose from and it offering magnetic nic salt pods or a refillable choice for vapers, the Voom delivers on multiple counts.

Juul Labs UK JUUL Review. Designer Vape Pen or Menace?

First things first; the JUUL’s popularity appears to be driven by addiction as the USA version of the JUUL Pod contains 3 times as much nicotine as allowed by the UK regulators. It has been a double-edged sword for the Juul brand – success at a cost to users. The USA version is 59 mg/ml nicotine, the UK version is a fraction of that at 20 mg/ml.

The JUUL has potentially too many discreditable issues for this site, which promotes stopping smoking, to recommend the use of the JUUL as a device to help quit smoking. There is no doubt that you would be far better of with something fit for purpose like the Ripstick reviewed here.

Whilst the USA version of the Juul offers a hefty 59 mg/ml nicotine and does therefore deliver a nicotine hit, the very small coil and battery does not deliver enough vapour to make the UK’s 20 mg/ml nicotine feel anything like smoking. However to ensure our readers get the full picture, we have reviewed the Juul because of its popularity and notoriety in the USA and the fact it is now available in the UK albeit in a different low spec guise. Is the JUUL a menace or just a designer vape pen?

See the Juul and similar vape pod kits

Juul success

The JUUL vape device has been popular in the US, and it is the extreme nicotine content available in the USA version that has been highlighted as the reason for its popularity. JUUL have been heavily criticised for this and for marketing their device to a much younger audience. Juul has become the target of the likes of the FDA and other regulatory bodies in the US in recent months, who believe the company has been intentionally targeting sales to teens. In January 2019 CNBC reports on the “epidemic” and sites Juul as a significant culprit while the article goes on to say how the “FDA is exploring ways to help wean teenagers off nicotine”.

In early 2018 the New Yorker reported: In April, eleven senators, including Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, sent an open letter to Juul Labs … asserting that Juul’s products are “putting an entire new generation of children at risk of nicotine addiction and other health consequences.”  Adding: Jonathan Winickoff, the former chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium, which is trying to end youth smoking, told me in March. “Juul is already a massive public-health disaster—and without dramatic action it’s going to get much, much, much worse.

The issue of Juul knowingly selling and marketing to underage consumers continues to plague both Altria and Juul. As recently as March 2021 fraud claims surrounding this issue continued in US courts. Added to this, in April 2021 the Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaints case against both companies for violation of antitrust laws.

The UK version of the JUUL is subject to the UK TPD which has severely restricted the JUUL’s marketability. The UK JUUL does not have anything like the nicotine level contained in the USA version (the USA Juul at 59 mg/ml contains almost 300% more nicotine than the UK version at 20 mg/ml) so is unlikely to appeal to kids looking for a “hit”, or those serious about using vape devices in order to stop smoking.

JUUL: A Deep Dive Into The US’s Popular E-Cigarette

Lately, there’s been plenty of back-and-forth conjecture about nicotine vaporizers in the press and amongst the public. If there’s a current poster child for the controversies surrounding vaping, though, it’s JUUL. The name alone is enough to set off a contentious debate between legislators, parents, vaping enthusiasts and those who view vaping as the next burgeoning health crisis.

Regardless of the side of the debate you’re on, the JUUL is without a doubt one of the most popular vaping options in the United States. In just a few short years, it has come to be a major player in the American e-cigarette market. It’s easy to see why. Offering non-smoking youngsters, a “nicotine high” and current smokers a higher nicotine delivery system than smoking a cigarette. This would make it an extremely saleable commodity, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Extreme nicotine levels in the USA version

First and foremost, it packs a huge amount of nicotine (USA only) – the JUUL is also a sleek, modern device that resembles a USB flash drive – and that’s part of why it has become so controversial in recent months. There are many that claim the small USB like design coupled with the high nicotine levels make it a target for teens. The high nicotine addiction becomes a problem to the new dependent user but JUUL’s sales increase. Of course Juul denies the allegations about marketing to the youth but the FDA disagree and are investigating. The recent FDA paper, ‘Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new enforcement actions and a Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan to stop youth use of, and access to, JUUL…’ names only the Juul brand and is self-explanatory.

What’s missing amidst the uproar, however, is an objective look at the product itself. To cut through some of the confusion surrounding JUUL, here’s an impartial look at the device itself, including its positive attributes and potential drawbacks. Let’s dive right in.

What is a JUUL?

At its core, the JUUL device is a very small nicotine vaporizer that relies on a closed, non-refillable cartridge system and a heating system designed to aerosolize (vaporize) the content of the cartridges with minimal combustion. Its size limits its usable battery capacity to 200 mAh which for most vapers translates to a few hours of vaping. It is 1 cm longer and around 3 times as wide as a traditional cigarette, with a lightweight design.

Juul Kit Content

  • Rechargeable JUUL device
  • USB Charger
  • Four JUULpods (Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Golden Tobacco, and Glacier Mint)
  • Price: £29.99

See the Juul and similar vape pod kits

The device itself draws power from a lithium-ion polymer battery, which holds a charge enough for approximately 100 puffs (as tested) depending on the user (JUUL claim 200 puffs). Users can recharge the device using the supplied USB dock in any standard USB port on a computer or wall charger (if the port allows for an upright charging position). The battery is not user-replaceable, and JUUL provides no guidance on expected battery life. It’s worth noting that similar types of lithium-ion polymer batteries will typically survive between 300 and 500 complete charge cycles before beginning to show evidence of lost capacity or failure to hold a charge.

The cartridges that work with the JUUL device are known as JUUL pods, and they are arguably the most important (and in the USA controversial) part of the JUUL system. Each JUULpod is roughly equivalent to 10 cigarettes although JUUL optimistically states 20 traditional cigarettes, and they are available in the UK which only has one tobacco and three flavours:

JUULpod Strength

• Juul USA Pods: 59 mg/ml
Juul UK Pods: 20 mg/ml

JUULpod Flavours (UK)

• Mango Nectar
• Glacier Mint
• Golden Tobacco
• Royal Creme

The Pros of JUUL

The JUUL device has a few things going for it on the positive side of the ledger. Although many argue its popularity stems solely from its excessive nicotine content, the first and most obvious positive attribute of the JUUL is its simplicity. Juul has followed in the steps of the older e cigarettes regarding keeping things simple. The sleek, simplistic design makes it easy for anyone to adapt to with little difficulty. That’s not an accident, either. JUUL’s inventors, former smokers themselves, built the whole device around replicating the simplicity of traditional cigarettes. With a JUUL, you insert a JUUL pod and you’re ready to go – provided you’ve remembered to charge the unit beforehand.

The simplicity doesn’t end there, of course. The JUUL has no physical buttons, eschewing them in favour of a single multipurpose LED that indicates both the charge state of the device as well as pull-strength when the device is in use. The only removable part of the unit is the JUULpods, which are sealed and eliminate the possibility of error compared to refillable nicotine vaporizers. That’s a plus for novice users that don’t have experience with more complex and customizable vape mods. To be fair, there are similar sized and more powerful “cigarette like” options available many with double the battery capacity.

This concept is not new as the clear majority of small scale closed system e cigarettes follow a very simple design. A point here is that some competitors have retained the cigarette shape to ease the transition from smoking to vaping, to replace the psychological factors involved with smoking. These factors include the rituals associated with smoking cigarettes including the shape, feel and size. While the JUUL is relatively small, the square shape simply lacks the shape and feel of a cigarette. See our blog, The Psychological Side if you want to know more.

Last, but not least, in the UK the four available JUULpod flavour varieties contain quality nicotine salt-based e-liquids with a good flavour balance and faithful taste profile replication. The UK version however comes in with one nicotine strength at 1.7 % by weight and only three flavours and one tobacco flavour. If you don’t like their tobacco taste, then you can’t use any alternative e-liquid as the pods are sealed.

The Cons of JUUL

JUUL has positive traits, but it is far from perfect. Oddly, one of its biggest strengths also doubles as one of its greatest weaknesses. The JUULpods, while well regarded by some, are also a target of plenty of criticism and controversy. To begin with, in the USA they’re currently only available in a single high nicotine strength. That means that they’re not particularly well suited to individuals trying to wean themselves off traditional cigarettes. Critics contend that this isn’t a bug, but coupled with the high strength nicotine content, a feature intended to keep JUUL’s users addicted to the product.

The uproar about JUULpods doesn’t end there, either. The company has been facing growing scrutiny from the likes of the media, the FDA and other regulatory bodies in the US in recent months, who believe the company has been intentionally targeting sales to teens. The issue centres around the fact that JUULpods contain a nicotine concentration that is more than triple that found in other, similar vaping products in the UK. The high concentration of nicotine found in JUULpods is believed by some to be the primary reason that the JUUL has become so popular, so quickly among teenagers, who are developmentally more susceptible to nicotine addiction.

Critics have also found fault with the marketing of JUUL products, which they claim don’t make it clear that JUUL is a nicotine delivery system. A recent study indicated that as many as 63% of individuals aged 15-24 that reported using JUUL weren’t aware that all JUULpods contained nicotine. That confusion raises the possibility that JUUL users may unintentionally become nicotine-addicted by using the product. In fact, some users have already started to sue JUUL Labs, the maker of JUUL, claiming that the product was deceptively marketed to appear safe when it carried the real risk of causing nicotine addiction. For their part, JUUL Labs has (conveniently?) responded to the complaints by announcing that they will soon be manufacturing a lower-nicotine version of some of their most popular JUULpods.

The UK version of the Juul

The much lower-nicotine UK version will no doubt significantly and adversely reduce demand. Without the huge nicotine levels, the JUUL with its small capacity battery simply reverts to being a “designer vape pen” with limited use for serious vapers. Vapers require a reliable all-day vape device to stay away from smoking. If “designer” is what you want, then there are a lot more powerful pod vape devices now that look almost identical to the Juul, but with the advantage of a battery that will last all day. The new Voom for example has almost double the battery capacity, looks and feels better than the Juul and Voom vape reviews show that it is simply a better device for serious vapers. Voom pods have a larger capacity and work out a lot cheaper than the Juul pods when you work out the actual cost per ml.

Aside from the nicotine controversy, the other notable downsides to the JUUL is its limited availability outside of the US market, and the relative difficulty that users (outside of major cities) have when trying to locate JUULpods for sale at local outlets. That means that travellers must be sure to order refills for the JUUL with sufficient foresight to keep themselves from running out in the middle of a trip.

Apart from the major criticisms other cons include: The pod units are sealed and so do not allow other e liquid brands to be used. JUUL users are limited to one strength and one tobacco flavour. You cant replace the battery, you will need to buy a new device complete.

In reality you would need two or three JUUL devices to ensure you have an all-day vape.

See the Juul and slim vape pod kits

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, JUUL is a well-manufactured, reliable nicotine vaporizer that is a good combination of both style and substance. It is not however suitable for the dedicated vaper as it cannot offer the user an all-day vape. Like most of the good quality vape brands, for the duration of the battery charge it provides a consistent, reasonably enjoyable experience for casual or social smokers looking to move to vaping. Unlike some of the better vape brands the JUUL battery is limited.

In that capacity, the UK JUUL version is, at worst, a healthier alternative for casual smokers that are trying to kick the habit, but the lack of varied nicotine options make it of dubious value as a cessation aid. The current USA version of the JUUL with extreme nicotine and alleged youth targeting is, at worst, a lot more worrying!

Of course, JUUL’s announcement regarding the coming availability of lower-nicotine JUULpod options is an encouraging sign that might go a long way to solving what is, for now, the biggest drawback of the JUUL product. The added regulatory scrutiny that has thus far attended the controversy surrounding JUUL does, of course, raise the possibility that the company will be forced to make changes to their product in the near future, which is anathema to some users. Note, these changes would appear to be forced upon the brand because of the adverse publicity surrounding its antics and not part of a planned expansion programme for the purpose of making profit. Bad PR is not good.

But for the UK market at least, a JUUL without high nicotine is simply a low powered good looking vape pen.

The bottom line is that because of its high addictive qualities, in the USA, JUUL is a singular product in the nicotine vaporizer market that has been extremely successful. By law in the UK it cannot have this (USA legal but morally dubious) “advantage”, it is just another small scale vape pod device.

JUUL: Duelling with the competition

Some very similar looking vape pens have 1000+ mAh power packs and will last all day and all night, easily overshadowing the JUUL at 200 mAh.

Updated: 2021-04-04

e-Cig Reviews 2021

There is a plethora of different brands & designs of e cigarettes, vape pods and vape pens. So what is the best e-cig and vape pen out there?

The vast majority of e cigarettes and vape pens are being produced in China and simply re-branded for sale in the UK – many are very poor quality. When I first started with e cigs I had problems finding one that is well made and reliable – Something that’s essential when making the move from smoking to vaping.

There are about *250 independent suppliers of e cigarettes in the UK.

Jump to best vape pen reviews below >>

Buying the best e cigarette to stop smoking

This page reviews 4 of the best vape devices, which are the only four that I can fully recommend as the best e cigs to stop smoking. Our #1 vape pen style is the ideal if you are looking to quit smoking, it is considerably smaller and more familiar ie. cigarette like which will help the transition.

For heavier smokers take a look at our best vape for heavy smokers

Whilst many vape reviews on other sites seem to review “Best 10 e-cigs UK” or “best vape pen UK” or review even more e-cigs, I would suggest that many simply copy each other and second – why would anyone want to know what the 9th or 10th best e-cig is in any event. You want to know what is the best of the best e-cig surely! The reason for my recommending these 4 e-cigarettes is that I like them, find them reliable, safe and fit for purpose. They also offer you a bit of variation which may help, depending on your preferences. These are the best 4 e-cigs available. While other brands come and go or develop “designer vape pens”, like the controversial Juul, to attract buyers, I favour simple, high build quality cigarette-like vape devices. To my knowledge and from what I have read there are only 2 or 3 e-cig vape companies that either have dedicated production plants or own their manufacturing facilities as an integrated aspect of the business – this is a huge advantage. It ensures end-to-end control of the supply chain and product integrity and also leads to hands on innovation  and product improvement and development. The vast majority of vape companies are re-sellers – re-branding generic, mostly Chinese made electronic cigarettes with little if any input by them into quality control or innovation.

Our best 3 vapes

One of these e-cig manufacturers is V2. V2 are the USA’s top on-line brand outselling any other US brand and are now available in the UK.

V2 operate in America, Europe (as Vsavi) and also in the UK. They ensure end to end management of all their products to ensure it is of the highest quality.

V2 provide 12 e liquid flavours which is sufficient for the vast majority of vapers. Every flavour is made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all tested. There is also an excellent number of e-cig accessories in their range.

For everybody new to vaping I would highly recommend starting with a cartomizer or pod option – what is it? Well a pod or cartomizer is the straightforward vaping option which involves no hassle, no mess, a bit like smoking regular filter tip cigarettes as opposed to having to roll your own. You simply attach the the eliquid refill pod onto the battery and vape away until the cartridge is exhausted. With an atomizer coil or mod type you have to refill them with e liquids yourself, this can be slightly messy, the toxic liquid can get on your skin – not recommended. You will also get drops of e-liquid in your mouth from time to time – little bit like when you get a bit of tobacco in you mouth if you roll your own. V2 also offer refillable vape pens that are compatible with their e cigarettes should you want to try one of their better quality vape pen and add your own e liquid.

                                                     See the Full Range of V2 Vape Kits 

With pod or cartomizer refills you must get a sampler pack of e-liquid strengths and flavours to ensure you establish exactly what is best for you. This is an important part of the stopping smoking process. Wrong taste or wrong strength can easily give you the wrong impression.

A V2 sampler pack with 10 cartridges to get you started

Plus lets be honest, we want to make the transition between regular cigs and vaping worthwhile and as hassle free as possible, in the early days if you have to refill and mess around with e-liquid your going to be far more tempted to reach for your standard cigarettes!

What type of e-Cig should I buy?

Apart from the standard e cigarette there are several other derivations.

Ego e-cigarettes (older generation) and box mods. These are much larger, with a longer battery life, but they are awkward (people call them tanks for good reason :)), they can produce more vapour than poor e cigs but they are awkward and have far more moving parts and require far more maintenance. It is beyond the scope of this review site to specifically review the likes of box mods and vape mods, we have however highlighted a selection of the best vape mods and there are also many good mod review sites out there that will help you find the best vape mod if that is what you are looking for. I think they mainly came about because of the early problems with battery life and the performance of earlier mini-E-Cigs which were unreliable. As you can see by clicking the ecig image below this was taken to ridiculous proportions both size and weight-wise, the biggest e-cig here is like carrying 10 packets of 20 cigs around with you! The E-Cig market has now advanced and you simply don’t need these huge things, especially if your trying to quit smoking. You need something small and reliable which can give you a similar throat hit like smoking.

Next generation Vaping

The newer vapes and pod devices from quality e-cig manufacturers now match up with the battery life, and the vaping production of these monsters. For example the V2 EX Series is totally unmatched in innovation, price and quality. You simply need something which is easy to use, small and powerful enough to give you a good throat hit so you can replace regular smoking. The British Medical Journal report, January 2018 on Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation concludes; “The technology used in e-cigarettes has evolved considerably over time, and newer devices are typically better at delivering nicotine… .

You can also get a quality “Shisha Pen” and pod devices (similar to the 2 iQ pods listed below) which are smaller, and simpler than mods, which deliver as much vapour production and throat hit, and use E-Liquid. With this type you fill the “mini-tank” or pod  with eliquid ie. some are not pre-filled like a cartomizer. These are also known as mini-tank e cigs or pod vape devices. This is down to preference but in my opinion when starting out a classic good quality E-cig and cartridges (or cartomizer/pod) is the best option.

Best vape UK recommendations

#1 V2 Vape review

The ideal start for anybody wanting to quit smoking is the V2 Ex series. Most reputable and good e-cig review sites feature V2 in their best e-cigarette picks as the best vape UK brand. This e-cigarette features 3rd generation technology, a superior build quality, a contained e-liquid cartomiser. All new design – a proper modern vape device for 2021. It also features a sleek design with a range of options, and if you enjoy holding it, and it feels comfortable – surely that’s going to help you prefer to use it over a traditional cig. It does take a couple of days to get used to though.

The new liquid-only pod (ie no cotton/material filler involved) are around 10-20% more expensive than many e cig cartridges which contain cotton/filler – however without all the cotton filler this results in the Ex-Cartridge producing at least 33% more vaping which actually means your saving money and get a better vape. With the new style pod refills I did notice that initially they got quite warm – I was drawing too hard because the 12 mg strength was lower than I was used to – I got the 18 mg and all is well.

The Ex-Series e cig will deliver the optimum throat hit and a great vaping experience. Perfect for those wanting to stop smoking and simply the best vape pen out there.

                                                     View the V2 Ex-Series Range 

If you are on a budget or prefer even smaller cigarette-sized vape or e-cig then the V2 Classic Starter Kit Range is the best alternative, the basic kit comes with everything you need for as little as  £21 to get you started. Included is 1 x rechargeable battery, 5 cartridges of your choice (each cartridge is around a standard pack of cigs – so you are getting around 4 to 5 packs of cigarettes which would cost over £45) and a smart charger. You still get the same build quality and pure tested e-liquids but without the Ex Range designer option. The Classic range maintains the balance and feel of a cigarette which helps to keep things simple which greatly assists the psychological side of quitting. You can also get a disposable e cigarette so you can try both variants.

                                                     View the V2 Ex-Series Range 

#1. V2 Ex Series
95.0 Total Score
  • Incredible build quality
  • Good Value For Money
  • Perfect for quitting smoking
  • Familiar cigarette feel
  • Our best e cigarette choice to quit smoking
  • Cons
  • A couple of extra colours would be good!
  • Battery Life 90
    Build Quality 100
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 95

    #2 iQ Air Vapers Kit

    Whilst we prefer the basic cigarette shaped e-cigarettes for a few key reasons, we can not ignore the rising popularity of the small flat pod systems that have recently come to market. Many of them are not fit for purpose, the liquid pods and battery are simply too small for those serious about making the transition away from smoking to vaping. After a few hours you will need to recharge the pod device which will take an hour or two, and also refill with e liquid. If you are a smoker trying to quit this just can not work! What do you do for an hour or two while recharging?

    What we do like however, is their small form which makes them discreet and easy to carry around.

    So is there a solution?

    Introducing the iQ Air Vapers Kit

    After trying well over a dozen or so pod devices the only one we could recommend is the iQ Air Vapers kit. It is very slim BUT in full kit form it does offer you the ability to have a modern pod e cig and all day vaping. In practice we prefer the iQ One shown below, but if you want discreet the iQ Air is ideal.

    With double the battery life of something like the Juul and a larger liquid pod the iQ Air is without doubt the best pod kit you can get. It is worth mentioning it is still as slim as the Juul yet the kit has 100% more battery life and 30% more e liquid volume so is fit for purpose.

    iQ Air Vapers Kit content

    2x Slim iQ Air Pod Battery Devices

    1x USB Magnetic Charger for Home

    1x USB Magnetic Charger for Office/Car

    5x Refill iQ Air Pods

    2x Tobacco + your 3 Flavour Pack

    1x Instruction manual

                                                        Find out more about the iQ Air 

    #2. iQ Air Pod. Full Kit
    81.7 Total Score
  • Discrete slim Vape design
  • 2 of everything you need to quit
  • Excellent quality
  • Very simple to use
  • Nic Salts especially good!
  • Cons
  • Make sure you dont lose them
  • The iQ is small
  • Only one colour
  • Battery Life 80
    Build Quality 85
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 80

    #3 Hangsen iQ One Pod Kit

    The new iQ One is different! First, unlike your usual pod vape device it is refillable! The iQ One also combines the best features of a vape mod (maximum vapour using sub ohm technology, freedom to use any e liquid OR Nic salt and interchangeable coils) with the best features of a small scale e cigarette (familiarity, comfortable and easy to use).

    See the full iQ One review

    The iQ One: Clean solid look and feel

    iQ One features

    The iQ One is extremely well made and features a real leather feel on polished stainless steel look (or gold) body. Like most modern vape pens and  vape pods the iQ One is small, compact and fits neatly in your hand. It also produces a lot of vapour. There are two coils which differ in their resistance, one is 0.6 ohms and the other 0.8 ohms. This feature allows what Hangsen call the “Hybrid Vapour System”. This is the ability to vape almost any traditional e liquid and with the 0.8 ohm switch out and use your nicotine salts.

    This vape device also has advanced safety protection modes to prevent overheating and  short-circuiting. It also features a helpful LED that indicates the charge level of the battery by colour.

    The 1100 mAh battery will last even heavy smokers all day and the UK TPD compliant 2 ml tank is easy to fill and fits magnetically to the iQ to avoid having to fiddle around with doing and undoing screw parts, the magnetic fitting also helps avoid leakage.

    If you want a more powerful vape pen or pod device with the a refillable pod this my be a better option that the iQ Air, although much smaller than most mods it is larger than our top 2 vape devices..

    iQ One Kit content

    • 1 x 1100 mAh battery
    • 1 x 2 ml easy-fill tank (Empty)
    • 1 x Mini USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x 0.8 ohm Coil
    • 1 x 0.6 ohm Coil
    • 1 x iQ One User Guide

    iQ One specifications

    • Polished Zinc Alloy body with leather feel outer
    • Battery – 1100 mAh
    • Resistance – 0.8 ohm/0.6 ohm
    • Tank Capacity – 2 ml
    • Voltage – 3.7V
    • Charging – 5V
    • Removable Top Cap
    • LED battery Indicator

                                                        Find out more about the iQ One 

    #3. Hangsen iQ One
    88.0 Total Score
  • The iQ has excellent build quality
  • Hybrid vaping; nic salts or e liquid
  • Excellent vapour and flavour
  • Features include the best of mod and small scale e cig design
  • Cons
  • Not as familiar as a cigarette when first transitioning away from smoking
  • Battery Life 86
    Build Quality 90
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 88

    Worth a mention: Jac Vapour e-cig review

    A good supplier of E Cigs based in Scotland. They are a somewhat behind the USA manufacturers V2 in many ways but they do have a nice design about them. The best e-cig option here would be their V1P starter kit. A good start to vaping for those looking to transition away from smoking. The basic vape kit at around £51 contains a PCC, charger (Note. PCC now no longer available), two batteries, 5 refills in either tobacco or menthol and 5 flavour refills.

    They have 12 e liquid flavours which you can choose for their e cigs but do not choose their cheaper option e-liquids. (see e-liquid info. here) They have an average of 16 ingredients – this compares to 4 or 5 ingredients of some of the purist liquids, full ingredient information is not listed on their packaging.

    Vape kit content

    2x V3i Batteries (White 65mm Only)

    2x LED Tips for the Batteries

    1x Pack of 5 Tobacco or Menthol Cartomisers (12mg or 18mg Only)

    5x Mixed Coloured Bungs

    1x USB Charger

    With the introduction of the V2 Ex-range it is currently difficult to find any current e cigarette in the UK that can compete with V2.

    Visit the V2 e-Cigarette Range

    #4. Jac Vapour e cig
    73.3 Total Score
  • Nice design
  • Comes with charging case
  • Good Value
  • Cons
  • Not the best smoke production
  • Some reports of battery life issues
  • Cartomizers are push in rather than screw in - more likely to fall apart/leak
  • Battery Life 70
    Build Quality 80
    Nicotine Hit/ Smoke Production 70

    Best electronic cigarettes and vaping – The basics

    Most of you will have heard of e cigarettes. A simple e-cig is a battery device consisting of:

    • A heating element or atomizer:
    • An e-liquid refill cartridge pod or tank.
    • A battery.

    The battery powers the atomizer or coil which applies heat to the e-juice to produce a vapour and this vapour is then inhaled and this acts as a nicotine delivery system in much the same way as a cigarette – ie via the lungs and into the blood stream. There is no combustion so there is no real smell, tar or ash. The vapour produced is not smoke and does not contain the many chemicals that are associated with cigarettes so that the health effects should not be as severe as smoking. The liquid that is vaporised is made of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, flavouring, nicotine and water and should contain no other harmful additives. You need to ensure you use good medical grade e-liquids and not any old e-liquid that is on sale, the market is almost totally unregulated. Inhaling and exhaling the vapour gives a very similar experience to that of smoking, nicotine from the solution is absorbed into the body rather than nicotine from the smoke. Vaporization not combustion. Use our electronic cigarette reviews to help choose the best electronic cigarette.

    Psychology of quitting smoking

    Smoking consists of two basic aspects, addiction to nicotine and the routine or habit of the act itself, the regular feel of something in your hand that you put to your mouth and inhale. This combination creates a significant  psychological addiction. One needs to remove triggers, avoid situations that may cause you to smoke and consider a number of other factors. Look to do something different, a new hobby or learn a new skill. See our guide and tips to help you understand these aspect, this should further help you kick the habit.

    Smoking and the how it effects your Health

    Over 80,000 people die in the United Kingdom from smoking related diseases. These include cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems and a host of other things that effect our overall health and fitness from gum disease to lowering sperm count in men. Find out more.

    Vaping – the future of smoking

    There is a lot of news around about vaping and much of it relates to what people see as the negative aspects. There are negative aspects; from the reliability of many of the devices which are cheap imported products designed to quickly fill a gap in the market and supply a needy audience with a solution to the problem of smoking. More importantly and often overlooked is the fact that no one is responsible for the safety of the e-liquids we are using. There is legislation in Europe and the UK, TPD, that came in 2016 that aims at some degree of regulation, final regulations came into effect May 2017. All negative aspects relating to vaping e-cigarettes need though to be set against the context of the more severe negative effects of smoking cigarettes.

    As vaping becomes more popular, more e cig and vape brands have come into this market, followed by greater numbers of people wanting to find information on good e-cig brands and the best vape UK brands, followed by more and more e-cig review sites. Be aware this is big business and in any big business there is a big PR expenditure which is all aligned to bias us into believing which is the best e-cig, Vype have spent well over £5 million in advertising – reason – to get you to believe that Vype is the best e-cig, but is it? See the Vype ePen review here. Their recent launch of a smart nic-salt pod, the ePen 3 vPro, brings Vype to the fore of vaping.

    Read our Vype ePen 3 review >>

    E-cig manufacturers can pay e-cig review sites commission and these commissions vary greatly thus biased e-cig review sites are popping up in greater numbers. For the record – the 2 e-cigs reviewed here do not pay the highest commission – this fact can be verified by going to the affiliate section on any of the e-cig sellers site and checking out their rates!

    Not Nice!

    Currently e-liquid and nic salt “sellers” make broad and imprecise claims about their e-liquid ingredients – some have no ingredients listed. Many research papers have found impurities that are harmful to people are contained in some e-liquids. Ideally for quality control and our health purposes,  every e-liquid flavour and every batch should be lab. tested for its ingredients and content – much like food – full information should be disclosed. All ingredients must be FDA (or similar organisation) approved. There are very few e-cig brands or companies that actually manufacture their own e-liquids – most is imported and re-branded. Both the V2 E-Liquid range and the VSAVI pure VG e juice range of e liquids DO offer full disclosure and it is essential that vapers use such e-liquids.

    With the likes of JUUL in the USA using excessive nicotine concentrations to attract would-be vapers the vaping industry needs firmer regulation. It is a good thing that the UK TPD regulations ban strengths over 20 mg nicotine in e liquid and nic salts.

    That said safe vaping is the future and at some stage smoking will – I hope – be a thing of the past.

    How to Overcome the Menthol Cigarette Ban

    menthol cigarette ban

    Smokers of menthol cigarettes are set for a significant change this year as the government introduces new smoking laws that are due to come into effect this coming May.

    Let’s take a look at why menthol cigarettes are being banned, as well as how you can overcome the challenge that it may bring to your daily routine.

    Why Are Menthol Cigarettes Being Banned?

    If you hadn’t already heard, 2020 started with the news that the government intends to ban menthol cigarettes. As well as a range of other tobacco products such as menthol rolling tobacco and ‘skinny’ cigarettes, the new laws are due to be imposed by 20th May this year.

    You may remember that back in 2017, smaller packs of rolling tobacco and packs of 10 cigarettes were outlawed. This latest move is a continuation of a four-year phasing out period in line with the new EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) laws, which became applicable to EU countries in 2016. While Britain may be negotiating their exit from the European Union, tobacco laws in the UK still fall under the guidance of the TPD.

    One aspect of the phasing out period is focused on deterring young people from smoking. While research shows that two-thirds of smokers start smoking before the age of 18, menthol cigarettes, in particular, are known to relax the airways, and their intense flavour acts to mask the harshness of the smoke.

    What’s the Alternative to Menthol Cigarettes?

    We all know that smoking is seriously bad for our health, which is why it might not be such bad news that the menthol ban is coming into effect. While you might decide to quit smoking and go cold turkey in protest of your favoured flavoured cigarettes no longer being available to you, fortunately, there is an alternative.

    Firstly, avoid at all costs, going down the route of cold turkey. Depending on how much you smoke and how much nicotine is in your system, you will more than likely experience some of the infamous withdrawal symptoms that so many dread. From feeling irritable, to cold sweats and feeling anxious and experiencing headaches – the mental and physical battle can be considerable.

    Smokers are Turning to Vaping

    To allay any such withdrawal, joining the estimated 3.2 million vapers in the UK is a path more and more smokers are taking in order to live a smoke-free life. Public Health England cites e-cigarettes and vaping to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking, which means you’ll be able to reduce your nicotine levels and eventually remove both smoke and nicotine from your body, slowly, safely and free from the typical withdrawal symptoms.

    To make a smooth transition from smoker to vaper, the key to your success will be down to the kind of equipment you use. Now, there are literally hundreds of e-cigarette and vaping brands to choose from, but what we’re looking for is something that simulates the icy blast that a menthol cigarette provides you.

    While there might be a range of menthol flavoured e-liquids and e-cigarettes to choose from, one particular device that is proving popular amongst ex-smokers is the RipStick vape device by RipTide, and it’s accompanying flavoured nicotine RipStick Pods. Available in 6 different flavours, choosing the mint flavoured pod will give you the menthol kick that you might soon be missing from your life.

    What Makes RipTide and the RipStick Different?

    E-cigarettes have proved to be an effective form of cessation for smokers seeking to be smoke-free. Yet, a common criticism is that the experience often lacks the throat hit that is associated with smoking. What sets the RipStick and RipStick Pods apart from its competitors is the technology they use to create the perfect vaping experience.

    Where conventional e-liquid products will use pharmaceutical grade nicotine that has been derived from tobacco, RipStick Pods contain NicTech – which is the trademarked name given to tobacco free nicotine created in a lab rather than extracted from the tobacco plant itself. This means that by using RipStick Pods, you’ll be vaping a tobacco-free e-liquid that is even purer than the pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which contains impurities that can’t be filtered. Since the nicotine is purer, you’ll find that the need to vape isn’t as frequent due to your nicotine cravings being satisfied more quickly.

    If you smoke, you’ll know that the smell of tobacco isn’t a hugely appealing one. NicTech is tobacco free nicotine and therefore doesn’t have the same impurities as conventional e-liquids, achieving incredible flavours is a much easier process. Nicotine derived from tobacco requires masking of the tobacco odour before flavours can be formulated. However, RipStick Pods containing this NicTech don’t, which means you’ll experience a more flavourful vape than you’ve experienced before.

    Some vapers opt to use nicotine salts in order to experience the throat hit they desire; however, this is achieved by adding benzoic acid to the nicsalts. The RipStick Pods don’t contain any benzoic acid, which means you’ll get the nicotine hit you crave delivered smoothly for your satisfaction. Put simply, if you’re looking for a smooth-tasting vape, then the range of RipTide products will be just what you need in your life right now.

    We hope our recommendation is of assistance in this time of change as you look to transition away from menthol cigarettes to vaping. Feel free to contact us for more help and advice. Together, let’s stop smoking.