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 Welcome to Lets Stop Smoking. The best unbiased information on the internet on realistic ways to quit smoking, especially for people who have found difficulty in quitting using standard methods such a patches, gum or even going “cold turkey”. Keep up to date with the blog on the latest news; how I quit; how to quit; smoking cessation techniques etc, and find out loads of information about electronic cigarettes such as:
  • What is in Eliquid?
  • Is it safe?
  • Why are companies so vague about what is contained in E-Liquid?

Many people do not realise that the regulations on testing e-liquids and listing the ingredients is such a grey area. A lot of companies batch test an initial set of liquid, publish this and then continue to use this report on the batch for all subsequent batches no matter what changes are made. The majority of e-liquids are produced in China or India and are then exported around the world – production is unregulated, do they care what you are inhaling?

What are you paying for your e-liquid – health-wise and price-wise?

Do you know or care what you are inhaling? It is very important to know what you are inhaling (I have used e-cigs to quit smoking and really I couldn’t have done it without them as I have tried everything else over the years). I want to know that what I’m putting into my body is the purest e-liquid available. I also don’t want people trying poor quality e-liquids when moving over to E-cigs and then giving them up as a bad job and sticking with real cigarettes. Much has changed more recently, the UK Government has intervened along with other EU countries and rightly or wrongly there is now a proposal to licence e-cigarette products in 2016. In theory this will ensure the whole electronic cigarette industry upgrades their product quality.  Some companies have already done this and already lead in regards to quality and purity – one example being V2 and another being VSAVI ECOpure. Many UK based e-cigarette companies will not go through the costly and time consuming process of becoming licensed and will probably not exist in this market after the proposed 2016 legislation.

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