Stoptober: a Collective Effort

The month of October is upon us and you know what that means – Stoptober, Public Health England’s annual campaign alongside the NHS. They implore cigarette and tobacco smokers across the country stop smoking, beginning with the 28 day challenge. PHE report doing so means you’re five times more likely to quit for good, especially when turning to vaping as a safer alternative. Designed as an initiative to help people quit cigarettes permanently, it needs not just individual mental strength. In addition, it requires the collective power of thousands coming together to help each other out. The task can be achieved individually without any assistance – through pure will power, persistence and determination. Nonetheless, it always helps to get moral support too.

Two Million Stoptober Quits and Counting

In its 9th year, Stoptober shows no signs of slowing down, yielding or losing popularity. More than two million have signed up already, following the government’s announcement for UK society to go smoke-free by 2030. However, withdrawing from cigarettes will come with its fair share of niggling cravings, anxious feelings, and irrationality. In some cases, people have been smoking more than a pack a day for years. This means it can take multiple attempts to shake off that habit for good, regardless of whether you complete the challenge.

You’ll need all your resolve to not reach for a pack of cigarettes, even after Stoptober. That’s where e-cigarettes enter the equation, to use not just during the campaign but once you’ve completed Stoptober. Whether you go for an easy to use vape pen, or try your luck with something more advanced, it’s proven as an excellent cessation tool.

The nature of a national campaign such as Stoptober ultimately means that you will not be going it alone in your quest to become tobacco-free. With more than six million still smoking in the UK, chances are you know someone looking to quit. The Stoptober website has a host of tips, tricks to support you as well as a great list of products to aid you on your journey to becoming smoke-free. Listen to real-life accounts from people who have been in exactly the same position as you and track your progress throughout the month with the Stoptober app.

Get Support From Friends and Colleagues

Don’t go it alone. Instead, why not take the time to ask your fellow smoking friends if they fancy taking the challenge with you? It doesn’t matter at what point during October that you start the challenge. Heck, you can even start it in November or December 2021 – better late than never. Watch your health improve dramatically within a few days.

It’s essentially all about making the most of the resources available.  If you smoke at work, fellow smokers you meet at regular intervals during the day could also be up for the challenge. People power is a remarkable force to behold and with a little help from your friends, you may just find that by the end of 28 days you’ve achieved your objective of becoming smoke-free. Converse, communicate and cry on each other’s shoulders if needed.

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